Kissing Leighton: Gossip Girl Co-Stars Weigh in on Love Triangle

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Chuck and Blair. Dan and Blair.

The show's uber-popular duos obviously involve the same woman, and have polarized respective segments of the fan base. Does Chair still stand a chance after last night's episode? What about Dair?

Yes, we know she's still engaged to Louis. But come on now.

At last week's party marking the completion of the show's milestone January episode (check out these 100th episode spoilers), Leighton Meester shared her thoughts on B's relationships with each.

Now do her co-stars feel about the characters' progression?

Dan, Blair and Chuck

"I think they will always have feelings for each other in a certain capacity," Penn Badlgey says of Dan and Blair. "I can't really say where it is going to go, nor do I know...They have had plans for them since the beginning, only in the sense that they are a certain intellectual match for one another."

"I think Dan is unfortunate in the sense that he loves Blair and I think Blair is his soul mate - but he is not Blair's soul mate, because Blair and Chuck belong with each other, obviously. I think that the fans all love Chuck and Blair together, but you know, maybe you're wrong."

So is Penn upset, as Dan is, that he may not be Blair's soul mate?

"Well, that is my personal opinion, but my opinions are biased," he says. "They are an intellectual match for one another and even though it's not physical, it's this completely heady thing - which I think is fun because it's a show with heady, campy dialogue. I think they fit together well in that sense - that they don't fit together and all they do is bicker. I think that's fun for people to watch."

Ed Westwick, meanwhile, says Chuck is still "very much" in love with Blair.

The actor says he "no idea" what the future holds for Chair, but he, like many fans, personally hopes they find their way back to each other in the end. "Yeah, I like kissing Leighton," he says.

"She's so great. Leighton is gorgeous. I like working with her. She's very talented and she's fantastic to work with. Sure, why not?" As for what's coming up, he adds: "It’s difficult for me to speculate as to the opinions of fans ... but I don’t think they’re going to be disappointed, for sure."

Your thoughts? Who do you think belongs with Blair?

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Based on what the actors are saying, it's pretty obvious that Chair is endgame on the show and Dair is just there to pass the time and entertain us for the time beeing -I'd just wish that it was the other way around!Go Dair!!




I want DAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still love chuck

I love Ed! And I love him and Leighton even more as Chair. They are amazing actors and what makes me come back to GG every time I think: "I'm done." Do you even have to ask "Does Chair still stand a chance after last night's episode?" Please... of course they do! It will never be completely over for them.


has anyone else noticed blair's past relationships?
Nate. Marcus.. (that weird guy at the end of season 3)... Louis....
she is always going back to CHuck. in the end it is always them. even if dair happened she would still choose chuck in the end. dan and blair are more friends than bf/gf they dnt go together. (well they were friends but not really anymore) they are totally opposite and have nothing in common.
some people dont see it. dair fans are so desperate for the two of them to get together and they know from watching the WHOLE SERIES that CHAIR is meant to be.
Chair has been building up since season 1. Dair? they only started spending time together in season 4.. the show had not a lot of views last year when they became friends and have more views now when there are Chair scenes. Chair is meant to be together and are going to end up together in the end and everyone knows it...


Did anyone else find it strange that Chuck just now figured out that Dan is in love with Blair? Chuck is pretty intuitive to people's emotions, I could see how Blair and Serena would miss it in Dan's book but I thought that Chuck had picked up on it from the book and that is why he became friends with Dan (or at least partly).


i also want to add:
when GG writers centered the show around Serena/BlakeL in S1 and S2 none of her pairings did as well as Blair/Leighton's. when Blair/Leighton became/is the center of the show...she makes 3 different pairings gain fans/traction. i may not like Blair/Louis together but they are crazy cute. it's a lot of superficial fluff, but Leighton sells it. it threw me for a loop that when i watched access hollywood or extra yesterday i saw BlakeL as the only one showcased at the 100th anniversary press coverage! i have never understood why Leighton doesn't get any media love despite helping the show do so well.


as much as i love Dair the writers screwed the pooch on this one. Dan's soul mate=Blair
Blair and Chuck, soul mates so...where is Dan left? how is it even possible to realistically put him
back with Serena, or anyone after writing him in love w/ Blair.
someone he centered his novel around.
Serena is never going to be OK with being second choice. in the GG books, the triangle was Blair, Nate, Serena, up until the end.
on the show they could do Dan, Blair, Chuck. but they can't keep undercutting
Dair. they have to make them an actual pairing to balance out against Chair. the writers seemed to want to do this with Nate/Blair and Chuck/Blair in S1 and S2 but Nate/Blair
just didn't have chemistry to be on equal footing against Chuck/Blair. I also wish shows in general would give all characters two serious love interests instead of one.
The whole X character will only end up with Y takes the fun out of watching.
for me, each GG character would have two love interests that were opposite of each other.
one that was like them, and one that was different:
Serena-Dan and Nate
Dan-Serena and Blair
Blair-Chuck and Dan
Nate-Serena and ...Vanessa/Georgina/Jenny
Chuck-Blair and (girl from Paris?/Raina/someone) yes, the show should be about more than just who sleeps with who. but there is a lot of ways
to create subtle dynamics with relevant story lines. what iv'e liked about S4 is that
they're all growing up and making career and life choices that are testing their values and principles.


"but he is not Blair's soul mate, because Blair and Chuck belong with each other, obviously
haha finally penn knows what he is talking about
cant wait for chair scenes now! i feel like i have been waiting forever!!


Finally an interview of Penn that i liked and actually makes whole sense ;) Loving Chuck&Blair! Waiting for them to reunite and have lots of babies with bow ties and head bands haha

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