Confirmed: Christopher Meloni Cast on True Blood

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True Blood might soon drop a casting bombshell on the television universe.

Sources close to the HBO series tell Michael Ausiello that former Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni is being courted by the show to come on board season five in the "major role" of a powerful vampire.

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Meloni, of course, shocked fans of that long-running NBC drama when he announced his departure in May following 12 seasons as Detective Stabler. Who might he portray on True Blood?

Considering the recent news that the show was also casting for members of the Authority's council, combined with the season four finale development of Bill and Eric joining forces to take on the ultimate, blood-sucking higher up, might Meloni play the Authority himself?!?

UPDATE: It's official, says Alan Ball: Meloni will play "an ancient, powerful vampire who holds the fate of Bill and Eric in his hands" and is the "mastermind of the mainstream movement."


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Very excited about this!!


I loved Chris on LandO. Don't watch it anymore. He and Mariska were so good together that now it isn't the same. Will be excited to see him on True Bl;ood.


Godric was Eric's maker.... & he died in Season 2 episode 8!


He's gonna play Erics maker. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Law & Order sucks now without Christopher. I would like to check out this show that he's supposed to be in.


Don't watch law & order anymore either, they made a big mistake losing him...will certainly watch True Blood now.


I was so upset when he left SVU but considering I've read all Charlotte Harris' novels & love True Blood I am excited!


I was sad to see him leave law and order but I'm a huge true blood junkie so I'm stokes to see him in it this summer!


I don't know why Christopher would leave Law and Order but I will tune in to his new show just because of him.
Law and order is not the same without him, it's good but I don't watch anymore.

Ronald simkins

Wow! I can't even imagine.

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