Modern Family Review: Fizbo and Fires

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Like a good neighbor, the Dunphy Pritchitt crew is there! In "After the Fire," the family pitched in to help out a neighbor who lost all of their belongings in a fire.

With Wonder Woman (Claire) at the helm, the family collected all of the essentials, which Gloria felt included a toy... how do you pronounce that again? When Luke and Manny took the helicopter for a joy ride, Luke ironically offered up one of his gems of knowledge. "Life can change in a second. You gotta grab what you can, when you can."

Jay Down!

But before we got to the point where everyone realized their gratitude and discussed what sentimental items they would save in a fire, we were treated to a lot of hijinx.

I have to agree with Jay, Cam's farm stories are getting a bit repetitive. That said, you all know how much I adore Cam and I could not have been happier to see Fizbo grace my TV. Even for a second. Talk about an Ambi-tripping situation!

Even though Jay needs to lighten up on Phil, we all know how badly Phil wants Jay's acceptance. Jay slipping out an "I Love You" to Phil during the text massage was equivalent to a wasted frat guy saying "I Love You" during a romp with a naive freshman. Only this time, Phil had something more important on his mind than to hear Jay utter those precious three little words.

Phil putting his work situation above the need for Jay's acceptance was a welcome first. It shows he's grown in their relationship and is feeling less needy about the little things. Claire, on the other hand, is going through major childhood regression. I love that she called herself out on the fact that she "runs to daddy." That entire exchange between Claire and a silent Jay was realistically hilarious. Anyone in a large family knows that after awhile people start to tune each other out.

Still, Alex Dunphy stole the show. When she shook down the nerds who were bothering Luke and Manny, she showed the world that there are all different types of sexy. Plus, she killed it with that line about Haley's fans working for her fans one day.

Check out our favorite Modern Family quotes from the week and don't forget to hit the comments. Were you happy to see Fizbo return or did you find him underused? What item would you grab with you in a fire? Let us know.


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I didn't like this one as much. I love the series though.
I feel this particular episode replayed too many plots that have been already dealt with in previous episodes. It lacked something new.
Alex was the star of this episode with her comment towards Haley on their fans.


Fantastic episode! This season has been perfectly hilarious.


I don't know - I think that moment between Claire and Jay was pretty nice. Also loved the Alex versus the awestruck nerds moment.


Love this show and this episode was great. I loved Alex's scene and of course Phil steals the show.


Loved this episode and Alex stoled the show, with her treatment of the nerds and that line that you mentioned!!!


Great episode but I still can't stand this show because it's so inconsistent. Last week was so stupid, then this was great. Maybe just not watch next week. Love Phil and Jay here, thank GOd Jay not an idiot like dancing buffoon last week.

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