Once Upon a Time Preview: A Sinking Feeling

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Once Upon a Time... fans of this fun new ABC series has t sit through their first Sunday night since it debuted without a new episode to watch. It's sad, but true.

We've tried to give viewers something to discuss during the mini-hiatus, posting TV Fanatic's debut edition of the Once Upon a Time Round Table, but we know you just crave your fairy tale-based drama.

So here's a look ahead to next Sunday, when the series will air "That Still Small Voice," an episode that places Henry's life in danger when he looks into the appearance of a sinkhole. We'll also learn a lot more about Jiminy Cricket. Return later this week for an interview with actor Raphael Sbarge and check out the official preview now:

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this one is a keeper!


My son, who's 7, and I love this show. I hope they don't get too sexual with this.


The show looks so promising. Hope ABC will ensure it gets a proper resolution and not axe shows mid-way if ratings don't hold up.


I love this show and cant wait for a new one next sunday


this show is brilliant!!! yet a kids fairy tale but yet intriguing for adults! well done...can't wait for every sunday!!!!


My daughter and i look forward to it every Sunday!!


I really hope they don't cancel this show. I look forward to watching it every Sunday!


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Once Upon a Time Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I didn't realize I was in Operation Cobra.


Archie: So all the crickets in Storybrooke, they're all people too.
Henry: There are no crickets in Storybrooke.