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I wouldn't have guessed that Sydney would be the "Sore Loser" on Parenthood this week, but Zeek was very concerned that she's heading down a path not meant for Bravermans. The old style way of thinking worked just fine for his kids, and they'll work for his grandkids. Lessons are learned the easy way or the hard way, but not the artificial way.

Inappropriate Kiss

The sore loser
I'm with Joel and Zeek on this one. Sydney needs to learn to lose. Joel said they never let her lose at anything, not even tic tac toe. Can you imagine thinking at any age that everything you set out to play, you would win? If you did, and you go through life winning most competitions, I can guarantee it's not because your parents let you win when you were actually the loser. It just doesn't work that way.

Joel tried to play a game with Sydney and won. She reacted as you can imagine, but Joel's was one that she had never seen. Beating a kid at Candy Land is harrowing enough, but her angry commotion was over the top. Julia's giant glass of wine while sitting outside the door as Sydney screamed "I hate you" was the perfect reaction. She had Joel's back. My expectation that she would cave was unfounded.

Joel found her later on the floor in front of Syd's door, drunk and full of regrets. The Grahams win my Parents of the Week award for standing their ground and enjoying the hell out of it.

I love everything about this place
Well, I've said that about jobs before but I didn't wear tube tops and throw myself at my happily married boss to get the point across. Could Adam and Crosby be any more lost? It makes sense that Crosby would want Rachel, and it's understandable that Adam would be attracted to her, but to act any way other than as a married man was unacceptable.

A producer said "you guys made some excellent changes" when he saw Rachel. Color me stupid, but that men would actually still have a conversation about that in front of the good looking girl defies logic. Be honest, guys - would you really behave that way?

Everything about The Luncheonette scenes this week skeeved me out and I want far more for the Braverman boys than they are allowing themselves to have right now. When Adam said he loved his wife, who was he telling?

They still have mathletes? The ultimate dorks of school. Of course, I remember watching our school represented at meets on the local television station, so they were admirable dorks. Now I wonder how many of the uber-intelligent kids in school might have had Aspergers. They're probably winning the game while I'm a few gumdrops short of landing at Candy Land. Kudos to Max and all the kids who suffer humiliation at the hands of others to grow up and put us "others" to shame.

Kristina's chat with the mathlete who made fun of Max's mathematical style was brilliant. I can't imagine any mother wouldn't want to say the same thing. She said just enough to make the kid think, but not so much as to make him complain. After all, he knew fully well what he was doing to Max. Check mate.

Share your thoughts in the comments. Did the Bravermans make the grade this week?


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Drew-How is it even when this kid gets time he still gets screwed? Here's my problem with Sara...her parenting is less than desirable. She has her priorities all out of whack and she rarely pays her kids an ounce of attention because she's usually so caught up in her own dramas. Out of the two, Drew has been the neglected one. She rarely even talks to the kid, because he's usually "the good one" and doesn't give her too much trouble. So it irritated me that she finally wanted to parent him out of the blue when he gets a D. Shouldn't she have seen that D coming? Shouldn't she have known how his studies were going? How about the fact that she hadn't even realized Drew and his gf were official or that he kissed her? She's completely out of the loop with him, so she swoops in and pulls the only thing thats making the kid happy at the moment, the only person (outside of his grandfather) who actually gives him the time of day, away from him as a punishment. Mark was right...the kid was finally breaking out of his shell, he's a bit socially akwward and off so he needs that interaction. Punishment shouldn't further hinder an area that he's struggling with as is. He never gives her trouble, cut the kid a break, don't take his gf away. So she annoyed me. And I hate it when parents disregard sound, rational, common sense like advice from others just because they're kidless. you might learn something. No surprise that Joel and Julia had a brat on their hands who can't lose. They spoil her a bit too much and let her get away with more because she's "bordering on genius". That's why I love Zeeks...he has his faults but he's usually right and he has a way of getting to the point and calling them as he sees them. the new chick in the office dresses inappropriately. Period. I've seen strippers look more decent once they're off the stage for crying out loud.I didn't think Adam acted out of pocket, I think his only fault was probably being too nice and not being as brutally honest as he should have been. I heart Max. He always hits me personally, given experiences. His unawareness that he was being teased both broke my heart and made me smile. I usually loathe Kristina but she offered up the best scene of the night when she told the kid off like that and ran before the teacher could get to her.


I loved the "You're the One that I Want" cover and thought the board game storyline was perfect. Then again, that's because I still love board games and remember acting like Sydney a few times growing up. I was giggling thinking about the days when winning Candyland or Clue was the highlight of my day. This is why I love Parenthood - it brings back the best memories!


This week's episode was really great and easy to relate. Drew- I remembered my grades dropping when I had a gf, so kudos to Drew for accepting his punishment and hitting the books, instead of being all rebellious or angsty. Sarah- Typical of her to complain and asking for help from her mum. Can she for once not depend on somebody? I must say tho, the angle with her and teacher dude getting a little boring, now that her ex, Mr Sex & City(John Corbett), is gone. Adam & Kristina - I used to think Adam is the best husband, but now, Joel wins hands down. What was he thinking? Hiring a White Collar babe (Alexandra Daddario) and not be tempted? Yes she kissed him, but he didn't looked that angry did he? More guilty at the end. What's up with Breaverman and cheating?? Kristina totally rocked this episode when she defended Max! But her world will come crashing down once Adam admits to his "goodnight kiss", not looking forward to that, Kristina(brilliantly acted by Monica Potter) has that vulnerable and sympathetic look to her when she's sad that you just feel for her. Joel & Julia- I loved how they enjoyed picking their spoilt brat to bed! Yes they love her immensely, and they had doubts if they were good parents. I guess it happens if you are the single child. Fret not tho, I am sure the viewers emphatised with them fully, they are probably the most sound family(Graham's) in the show!

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