Parenthood Review: Straddling The Fence

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In transition, in flux, "In-Between."

That's where we find the entire Braverman clan this week, and for some it's better than others. We have great big events and little nuances to discuss, and they are all equally important.

Crosby vs. Dr. Joe

The Luncheonette
The business was taking off and Crosby and Adam threw a grand opening party. Meanwhile, they hired a new receptionist of the ilk that wears backless white shirts and black bras. That happened to be her outfit when Kristina showed up to see Adam, complete with milk on her face and baby spit-up in her hair. Kristina was already feeling underwhelmed, and then overwhelmed with the introduction of hot young Rachel into Adam's life.

The scene between Kristina and Adam during the party, after she started leaking breast milk in her sexy red dress was amazing. Some things are rarely discussed on TV, and leaking breasts, the dissipating afterglow of childbirth as a woman tries to find her sexiness again and just a couple that were touched upon, and in an incredibly natural way.

No, no, no...
It's been building up for some time, and I called it, but it didn't make it any easier for me to witness. Seth got out of rehab, and in a spontaneous moment when Sarah was checking up on him at Amber's apartment, they kissed. It wasn't a kiss that Seth initiated and Sarah pulled from. It was reciprocated.

Poor Mark. His relationship with Sarah has become so strained, and he tries so hard to pretend her assisting Seth through rehab is noble and okay with him. But he knows as much as we do that it isn't okay at all. The kiss proved the only people who weren't seeing the elephant in the room were Sarah and Seth. When Sarah admit to Camille she's picturing them together, Amber overhears from the porch. Her concern for Sarah was heart wrenching.

Crosby finally stands up for himself
Jasmine robbed Crosby of the beginning of Jabbar's life, and by allowing Dr. Joe to be so involved with his life, she's robbing Crosby of even more moments that he should be witnessing. Crosby and Jabbar have been reading the Harry Potter series, which is a really great father/son experience. Then Dr. Joe shows Jabbar the movie that's two books out from their reading. When Crosby found out Jabbar was going to his first football game with the doctor, it was the last straw.

It's a shame that Crosby had to confront Dr. Joe, because Jasmine should have never let it get so far. In a really tough situation, Crosby stepped up to the plate and threw his whole being into fatherhood. The very least she could do is give him the chance to be the good father he wants to be. A very cool ending to the situation was Dr. Joe giving Crosby the football tickets. He's going to be in Jabbar's life, but maybe they'll have a chance to share in those special moments.

More Braverman moments:

  • Amber confronting Seth about Sarah and her happiness was so difficult for her, and so adult.
  • Kristina didn't let her discomfort keep her from getting down, did she?
  • The birthday cards Seth left for Amber and Drew were really cool.
  • Still not a lot of Drew, even though he has a real girlfriend now. Give the kid some airtime!
  • Loved Camille and Zeek dancing to Jefferson Airplane. They are the perfect heads of a fantastic family.

I look forward to see where these new developments take our favorite extended family in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure, the Bravermans are never boring!


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Just watched last week's episode. What a great show. I can't believe it's not higher in the ratings.
It is so realistic and the actors are all so natural and incredibly good. Loved this episode and love
this show.


Parenthood should have never been made into existence and filmed, Lauren Graham should be banned from Hollywood and the Public airwaves and the public eye


I was disappointed how Zeek' self centeredness would cause him to so quickly lie... making up a story, pulling his wife in to the center of his lie, just so he could go to the party. At his age... has he still not learned yet that the truth is the best way?? He needs to be a role model for his family, not telling lies. He got off way too easy when this surfaced. Don't get me wrong, I love this show and how it promotes healthy relationships, shows the work of keeping them healthy and the value of family. But lying ain't acceptable!


Great review! You touched upon all the nuances that make this show natuarl and great at the same time.


Jasmine has always been an unlikeable character who screwed over Crosby and made him a villin when he wasn't, not to mention refused to be accountable for her own issues in their failed relationship....but I'm glad finally other fans are starting to see what I've seen from the beginning! It NEVER should have gotten to the point where Crosby had to confront Joe himself. Joe's behaving as if he's dating a single woman whose kid has an absentee father. Jabbar's father isn't back off! I hate the fact that Jasmine keeps implying that Crosby's issue is that Joe is dating her. Newsflash's not about you. It's bad enough she did in fact rob him of a good seven year of this kid's life (honestly didn't respect her from that moment) but now she has a new guy in her life and she sits idly by and watches this bond forming that is a disservice to Crosby and Jabbar's relationship. The Harry Potter thing was an honest mistake on Joe's part, but you can't tell me Jasmine was oblivious to that being Crosby and Jabbar's thing. But the football tickets...was a deliberate jab that Joe made in my opinion, and Jasmine should have called him out on that. I'm glad Crosby is standing up for himself for a change. Kudos to him. That entire situation is annoying me...because once again Crosby becomes the puppy to be kicked. Speaking of people having confront things themselves. It should have never gotten to the point where Amber had to confront her dad and tell him to back off. That was a heartwrenching scene. It's kind of say when the kid has to be the rational one in situations like that, but she's watching Mark hurt, she's watching her mother possibly go down ruining her life again, and Seth sucking her mom in....Seth and Sara should have been able to cool things down themselves. But I'm glad that's been resolved for the most part. Zeeks continues to be the most awesome character on this show! He's my favorite, followed by Crosby.


(OK now I feel bad lol)
To be fair, it would have been hard to do such a good episode justice. But if you were to change your rating to at least 4.5 stars in retrospect, I don't think anyone would fault you ;).


Sorry to disappoint you, Tiffany. Thanks for sharing your views via the comments. That's why we have them.


I don't think this review did this impeccably written and acted episode justice. You did mention (thank you :) ) how rare certain things are addressed, like with the leaky boobs and just how unattractive you can feel post-baby. That was SUCH a real scene that every mom out there, and probably every husband out there that loves that mom, was screaming "YES! Thank you for showing that!!" at. Amber - wow, Amber. Such delicate emotions, and I was proud of her like she was my own daughter. This episode grabbed me and pulled me back in better than any episode has in a long time. EVERYONE did their role, and did it superbly. Even the subtlety in Bonnie Bedelia's reactions to Sarah's story. Trying not to judge and scream "NOOOO!!", knowing you're seeing a train wreck about to happen but knowing you can't say anything or you're basically shoving your daughter in front of the train if you do. Even Joe giving the tickets - it couldn't be a perfect warm fuzzy "Full House" moment. Had to still have a little sting. Like, "I'm not fully capitulating. I get it, but I'm also not going anywhere". And yes, Jasmine is being a selfish b****. Always has been. GREAT episode. 4 stars is weak!


Jasmine has really become an unlikable character on this show. I'm convinced that she is trying to remove Crosby from her life as much as possible, which means also finding a new father figure for Jabbar. I also believe that she is at least partially motivated by her desire to see Crosby continue to suffer for cheating on her. While Crosby's act of infidelity was incredibly stupid and thoughtless, Jasmine's complete lack of respect for him at the time didn't exactly help matters, but she will never see it that way. She needs to quit being so vindictive and try to see things more from Crosby's side. He lost the love of his life. He is paying the price for his stupidity. Don't take his son from him too (again). Jasmine is really starting to come across as a very hateful person. And for goodness sake, bring a new love interest into the show for Crosby. I'm getting tired of seeing his ex stomp on his heart in nearly every episode. He's paid enough for what he did. I want to see him find someone who truly loves and respects him and not just putting him down all the time. He deserves that.


I really liked both of Amber's heartbreaking scenes. From confronting Seth about Sarah to sorting through the birthday cards, I had to grab a tissue because both moments got me teary-eyed.

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