Parenthood Review: Turning Points

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Every season of every show has to have an episode that isn't your favorite, right? "Missing" was mine. I'm still angry with Adam, and now at Kristina for jumping back into work seemingly only to prove to Adam that she can. When I actually feel sorry for Haddie, you know I'm not happy with her parents!

A Reaction from Adam

Zoe is just annoying
I've completely lost interest in her. She was right: she is a pathetic girl who just listens to what her boyfriend says. Of course, they got into a fight and she went to Julia because she had nowhere else to go.

The best ending is leaving this huge mistake behind because if they're this wishy-washy and entitled before their baby is born, imagine what the future might hold. I feel sorry for the child, but Joel and Julia deserve better. My guess is they will keep Zoe and the baby, always looking over their shoulder for the baby daddy, despite the precarious nature of the relationships.

Adam and Kristina are just annoying
Let's stick with the theme, shall we? I'm still reeling at how horribly Adam handled the kiss. No, I don't want to hear how over the top Kristina reacted. She did overreact. But just thinking of Adam saying he couldn't fire Rachel because he didn't want to hurt her feelings and I'm back where I started. He handled it poorly.

In retaliation, Kristina took a labor intensive job without thinking it through. Max is barely settled in his public school, Nora is still a newborn and Haddie could probably use some extra attention after Alex. But her husband kissed a girl... and everything else blew into the wind.

For once, Haddie wasn't annoying. She finally broke. In light of how great she had dealt with Max in the past, I totally understood where she was coming from. What set her off was that her parents didn't seem to realize the enormity of the situation. By that I mean the enormity of what it could have meant to Haddie if something had happened to Max. They were so concerned with not upsetting him when he got home that she was left to explain to him what his "adventure" meant to the family.

Darn if they didn't win me back with tears and exclamations of love and being each others best friends. Bravermans!

Sarah isn't annoying
Mark helped Sarah babysit Nora, and I thought Sarah's brain was working overtime in her analysis of their age difference. She had already had two children by his age, and he said he was behind. But when he blurted out that he could totally see having a baby with her, she was pleased. They might really have a future, Mark and Sarah. I love it.

Just one more thing...
Crosby and Jasmine ended their era as a couple. When Crosby saw how responsible and caring Dr. Joe was when Jabbar was injured, he knew he was the man for Jasmine, making a great father figure to his son. It was a fitting end to their relationship and will make way for them to have separate lives while sharing parental duties for Jabbar. Because Zeek wasn't there to say it, I will: I'm proud of you, Crosby.


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Hi Bill. I'm not sure if you were talking to me about not punishing Adam enough, but that's not what I said at all. My best case scenario in the situation would be that it happened, he knew it was wrong, he didn't tell his wife, and he let Rachel know it could never happen again because he loves his wife. His biggest mistake was telling his wife something that was unnecessary because no good could possibly have come of him telling it. Others think that he was right to tell her, but if you look at what actually happened and the aftermath because he couldn't bury his guilt, well, he should have listened to Crosby. Crosby is making pretty decent decisions these days.


Maybe you don't want to hear it, but I'm going to make the comment anyway. Yes, I think Adam was doing a little harmless flirting with Rachel in his Adam - like way by telling her she shouldn't think her looks were her only positive attribute. He could have easily taken advantage of the situation and he didn't because, as he told her later, he loves his wife. As for why he didn't fire her, I think it was because deep down, he felt partly to blame for what happened, especially after talking to Crosby. So he chickened out and just let her off with a warning. When Kristina found out, she came unglued. She then preceded for several days to act like she hated his guts and couldn't stand to be around him. When she ignored his phone calls at work, not even considering if it could be a family emergency, she really crossed the line. I would have liked to have seen him tell her that he was going to make it easier for her to have to endure his presence, packed a bag and left. So you may think she didn't punish him enough for not firing Rachel. I think just the opposite. Lord only knows what you would have thought would have been the appropriate punishment if he had actually kissed Rachel back - probably castration using a dull rusty knife.


p.s...regardless of your favorite or not favorite episodes, Parenthood is one of two shows I tape cuz I work nights. Hands down my favorite :-) Even though I can't get past my dislike of Lauren Graham in the Sarah character. Not sure why. "Best Show You're Not Watching." Hopefully enough people are watching to keep it around for a long time to come.


I wonder if a wrench will be thrown into the Jasmine/Crosby/Joe thing and she'll end up pregnant because of their "indiscretion." Is it Crosby's? Is it Joe's? What will Joe do when she tells him it might not be his? I can see it happening :-)


Even though it wasn't my favorite I still enjoyed it. That wasn't the finale for the year, was it? I certainly hope not.
Anyone know?


I agree with almost everything in the review. When Haddie blew up at Max that wasn't about Max. That was about Haddie and how scared she was. Max doesn't understand empathy. He doesn't understand what he did was so wrong. You can't stay mad at a child who simply doesn't understand. Haddie yelled because she is frustrated. She has the difficult job of having a sibling that she can't relate to. She wishes he was different. The parents do to. But the parents know that yelling at Max won't do any good. He simply doesn't understand.


Maternity leave is often only 6 weeks so the timeline seems right to me.


I didn't think Christina was taking a job in retaliation, I think she was just returning from maternity leave. She was working before the baby. It seems like they sort of pushed her into coming in a couple days earlier but she had been planning to go back.

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Parenthood Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Adam: How long are you going to be mad at me?
Kristina: I don't know.

Zoe, what you're asking is never going to happen. We don't need time to think about it, we need time to get over it.