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TV Fanatics have voted and, in one of the closest polls in site history, have named television's top teen couple. The honor goes to...


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TV Fanatic readers would love to see Elena and Damon no longer dancing around their feelings for each other.

With over 63,000 participants, Delena edged out Kurt and Blaine from Glee by a mere .6 percent. Only two other couples - Blair/Chuck and Elena/Stefan - even broke double digits. View the full results HERE.

Thank you to all who voted and our apologies to Stefan Salvatore. Tough break, buddy. You might wanna keep that humanity turned off.

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I think TVD will end just like Dawson's Creek ended.. unexpected! everyone thought from the beggining Jo and Dawson would end up together. but did they? no! there was little chemistry. same thing for Stelena. sorry. I really like Paul but I would prefer to see him with Caroline (yes I don't really like Tyler). I think they will see how the public reacts to Delena. And then who knows! I'm positive they'll be together. It will be just like DC, Katie and Joshua dated, Nina and Ian are dating. It's perfect it is NOT obvious, and we love it!


Just cause your DE friend don´t think they are endgame doesn´t mean that she is right, there are many DE fans including me who believe that they will be the endgame... We are only season three, Elena will realize that she is in love with Damon, that is when we can argue who Elena loves more... Stetements like that can be made when the show is over and not when it´s still not even in the middle...

L stefan

personally, i love stefan and elena, together. me and my friend(a DELENA fan btw) talked about who would end up together...even she agreed that stelena would end up together, aslong as delena have something first. shes the most dedicated D/E fan, and im the most S/E fan, and this is one of the only tvd things we agree on.. stefan and elena love each other equally so much, but damon loves elena more that she loves him, she loves stefan more.


That's called Power. Being voted best couple, even while technically not being a couple. Delena are powerful, and even though I don't mind either Delena or Stelena being endgame, anyone watching the show since the beginning HAS to admit that Elena and Damon are far, far more powerful together. They're like fire and water versus each other. The fiercest couples usually make the best one, history would vouch for that. Delena forever. ♥


Delena forever!! Non-believers just need to watch the latest episode,,soo much electricity,n chemistry!



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