Pretty Little Liars Scoop: Who is Jason Related To?

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Pretty Little Liars has a secret, and the show won't be able to keep it this winter.

At TV Guide Magazine's Hot List party this weekend, Drew Van Acker made it very clear in a chat with William Keck, teasing a major storyline to come when PLL returns with new episodes in January:

"Jason comes back to town looking for answers as to who his real father is. We'll learn my character is related to one of the four little liars, which shakes things up a lot. The four of them have always seen Jason as this mysterious creep, but once they find out whom I'm related to, it changes the trust issue."

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So, who is Jason's half-sister? The obvious answer would be Spencer, considering the shady hints dropped by her father. But might the show be preparing fans for a twist? Pretty Little Liars comes back on January 2 - watch the return promo HERE - and you can vote on this spoiler below.



His father is Spencers father in the books but, Spencer isn't related to Jason. Spencer and Alison's fathers switched there places so, Spencer is related to Alison and Courtney and Jason is related to Melissa. I hope that makes sense and helps!


God....please don't be Aria, in books it is Spencer but I think they changed it like they changed A. I think it's Emily's dad who cheated

Alex and izzie for ever

It's definitley spencer cuz it's written in the book spencer,and it seems right bcuz of all that story of her dad,so it's obvious that it's spencer


I think it's spencer because she's the most obvious choice but she's the only one that would actually make sense of Jason's sister no one else really makes sense because aria would be weird because of the whole kiss thing,Emily's dad is in the military and he wasn't even in town cause he was stationed some where else and her dad is the type of guy that wouldn't cheat and Hannah I just can't see her and Jason being related and even though her parents split up her dad doesn't seem like the type to cheat.


If it is Spencer it's a good explanation for the behaviour of her dad. But it also would be way too bovious. I don't think it's Emily, her parents already freaked out when she told that she likes girls... Her dad can't have cheated. It can be hanna, she has bold hair, Jason has bold hair. Aria would be too weird, because of that kiss.


@ tati She is just going to play in a couple of episodes, I thought 3 episodes or something. I think that she can combine those two shows.


I doubt it's Aria. I don't think they'd make blood relatives kiss. Someone commented it's like GG, but noone in GG who was blood related kissed.
My guess is Spencer. I know they made that seem obvious which makes us think twice about guessing her, but I'm going to say it's her. As long as Aria stays with Ezra, I'm good.


I hope it's not aria because that will be super weird I mean weird the best guess is spencer I knew something was up with her father.


I just read that the actress that plays Melissa is going to be on TVD--is she going to stay on PLL, as well, I wonder?


I think Aria, which would add the twistedness to him like he found out that hes related to Aria and so began to stalk her and fell in love with her in the process. Byron does have a history of cheating, after all.

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