Pretty Little Liars Scoop: Who is Jason Related To?

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Pretty Little Liars has a secret, and the show won't be able to keep it this winter.

At TV Guide Magazine's Hot List party this weekend, Drew Van Acker made it very clear in a chat with William Keck, teasing a major storyline to come when PLL returns with new episodes in January:

"Jason comes back to town looking for answers as to who his real father is. We'll learn my character is related to one of the four little liars, which shakes things up a lot. The four of them have always seen Jason as this mysterious creep, but once they find out whom I'm related to, it changes the trust issue."

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So, who is Jason's half-sister? The obvious answer would be Spencer, considering the shady hints dropped by her father. But might the show be preparing fans for a twist? Pretty Little Liars comes back on January 2 - watch the return promo HERE - and you can vote on this spoiler below.



In the books he is not related to Spencer, the one related to Spencer is actually Ali and Courtney. But if its Spencer its just to simple
Mr. Hasting's just to obvious
Mr. Field's he is just to conservative
Mr. Marin No clue
Mr. Montgomery well he had cheated before so it could be him but Aria kissed him so that well be a little Awkward and Gossip Girl story-line To know ho is hiss real father or if they are kind of related on something we need to know there past background... I have thanked allot about it and I just don't see it working for other girl that is not Spencer or Hanna


its spencer, its spencer in the books, and the season 2 finale made it obvious! xx


Obvious choice Spencer for a number of reasons. Even in the Halloween episode the way Ali acted towards Melissa made me think twice. It would also give the plot of who killed Alison some extra uph especially if Ali knew. Doesn't make sense to make Aria's dad a serial cheater but hey. Emily there is no way. Hanna is a possibility but I think I like the idea of it being Spencer.


Spencer does seem like an obvious choice, but with the way her dad and Jason's mom acted last season - well, it seems too big for it to be a red herring. Why else would her dad have gone to such great lengths to make sure Jason was included in the will if he wasn't trying to look out for his son?


I say it's Hanna! Aria for sure not(incest),Emily(too tale), Spencer to obvious, Hanna correct!

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