Ready to Meet Another Original?

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We still have far too long to wait until The Vampire Diaries returns on January 5 - but at least we now have a juicy nugget to contemplate during this hiatus.

As first reported by Michael Ausiello, the series will flashback yet again on the 13th episode of season three (scheduled for January 26), this time to 1491, where we'll meet another member of the Original family.

Old School Klaus and Rebekah

Miss any episodes this season, such as the most recent flashback installment? Watch The Vampire Diaries online now!

Klaus and Rebekah's brother, his name will be Finn and he'll have gotten very close to Katherine on at least one occasion... if you know what we mean!

Not much else is known about the sibling, but visit our Vampire Diaries forum or sound off in our Comments section with any casting ideas.


@Elena Winchester
@xsxixoxbxe they didnt just make another Original vampire up. In season 2, episode "Klaus", Elijah told Elena there are 7 Original vampires...or 7 Original children? i dont remember which but either way Esther and Mikael had at least 5 children...i dont know if Hendrick counts as one of them since he died before turning into a vampire but there are still a few siblings who havent been introduced


Maybe we will find out why Petrova blood is interwoven with the whole curse. There's got to be a reason, why it's Katherine and/or Elena's blood that has supernatural abilities. This hasn't been explained yet, has it?


finn can't be the father of katherine's baby coz it was in 1490 that she gave birth and the originals were vampires already and she doesn't even knw them by then,i think it was in 1492 that she knew them that was after she left bulgaria.


Oops, I'm wrong. It wouldn't mean she has Original vampire blood in her. Haha, the more I try to argue it, the more I'm thinking this might be a twist.


@Alina Point taken. I still think it's a very big stretch to guess Finn is the father of Katerina's baby. If Finn is somehow the father of Katerina's baby because he was in Bulgaria in 1490 I am going to be livid. That would make Klaus Elena's great-to-the-10th-power-uncle. She would be related to the original Petrova and the Originals, meaning Elena has Original vampire blood in her.


We know normal vamps can't procreate; however, as we have seen thus far, anything goes with an Original. Perhaps they can.


Just because they say he will be an original vampire doesn't actually mean he'll be one. He could still be Katherine's baby daddy


@steena: The brother who died was Henrick.
IMO, a week ago they just thought "Hey, let's make another Original" and that's why he's not mentioned. Which is fucking stupid.


Dude, that guy is called like some guy from Glee. Originals.Don't.Share.A.Name.With.A.Gleek. Period.


I think sometimes we think more logical then the writers are in their story telling. Anything really is possible with this show as they have deviated from the books in several areas thus far.

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