The Big Bang Theory Review: Sheldon's Going to be a Mommy!

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Even though Leonard and Penny are no longer a couple, we got to see them hang out in "The Ornithophobia Diffusion ."

Their non-date was comedic gold because the little things they secretly did while dating came out and were discussed. the biggest of which was Leonard's submissiveness to Penny. He would do whatever she wanted in order to make sure he got sex.

Just the Two of Us

Looking back on their relationship, he was so happy to be dating her that he did what she wanted for fear that she would realize she was too good for him and break it off. It was an unequal partnership that was doomed from the beginning.

For the first time, Leonard was himself with Penny. Given her continual mooching off the guys, the look on her face when he demanded $11 for her own movie ticket was hilarious. That was the moment that they began their path back to each other.

During their non-date, they were actually honest about their feelings because they had nothing to lose. It came across as two exes outing the other's quirks, especially at the bar, but really it was setting up the framework for a healthy and equal relationship. Whether that ends up being a friendship or a romance, we will have to wait and see.

While Penny and Leonard were working out their dirty laundry, Sheldon was getting over his fear of birds. The combination of these two stories made this one of my favorite episodes this season.

Unlike some of Sheldon's quirks, this fear was based on real traumas growing up. Though, in Sheldon-style, he handled the situation in all the wrong ways. It was nice to see he enlisted Amy's help instead of 911 when the bird got in the house. Bernadette and Amy's kind but forceful method with Sheldon surprisingly worked.

I didn't think it would at first, but as is Sheldon's nature, he lives in the extremes: from hating and being fearful of the blue bird to falling in love with his lovey-dovey animal. It was too good to last. The question is: will the egg be back next week or is that a storyline that will just disappear like so many others on this show?

I'd like to see the egg return. The bird brought out Sheldon's humanity and, for Amy's sake, perhaps a baby bird is what he needs to help him mature regarding their relationship. I don't see her sticking around indefinitely waiting for him to advance beyond the cuddle stages.

Do you want to see Penny and Leonard back together? How about Sheldon and his baby bird egg? Ponder those questions and then check out the best Big Bang Theory quotes from this week!

Concluding side note: For those of you interested in the bird, Bill Prady tweeted that Sheldon's blue jay was really a black-throated magpie jay. So there you go.


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Great episode.


Loved the episode. Sheldon was hilarious talking to a bird all night. Amy was funny for the 1 line she got, and that's all she has to be. I do miss the penny Sheldon interactions though.... I thought penny and leonard were great. Hope this puts them over the hurdle towards getting back together, and in a more equal relationship no less.


I thought the episode was very funny, Sheldon can grow. Everyone can grow alittle. Amy has been good for him. I love her. She is perfect for Sheldon and Penny helps HER grow. I wonder if Howard will really get married. Poorn Raj. What to do about him?

Sue ann

If Sheldon does indeed suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, which has been posited by many (including health care professionals) but never confirmed by the show's creators, then no matter how many steps he takes towards normalcy, he is never going to get all the way there. The early seasons were very funny; I have the DVD's, and re-watch them often. I also watch the reruns now that they are syndicated in the USA. But to watch a bunch of characters stuck in a time bubble while the actors who portray them age is unsatisfying, eventually. Change happens. I think that the writers on this show are doing a good job of exploring the ramifications engendered by the relationship of these characters to Penny, and thence to their other girls, by extrapolation. Sheldon has been changed by his interactions with Penny, as have all of the guys, a little or a lot. These folks are heading into their thirties, and as funny as a group of science fiction fan/science geeks are, such folks do get into relationships, and they do get married. I know quite a few of them personally. Where do you think the next crop of science fiction fan/science geeks is going to come from, anyway? They breed just like everyone else does. I do not mean to sound argumentative. I just believe that the writers of this show are striving to make their story lines and their characters open to a lot of possibilities, which should increase the longevity of the show. Because while characters in a time bubble are funny, when it is explored, there is nowhere else to go. And the show dies. I do disagree that Mayim Bialik cannot act. I have been watching her since she played the young Bette Midler character in Beaches. I think she is very good. She is not Elizabeth Taylor; that is not her skill. I believe her as a frustrated female scientist, and counterpart to Sheldon Cooper. They go well together. I think casting her was an inspired choice. The whole show is well-cast.


The episode was boring. The whole Amy Sheldon relationship is really stupid and adds nothing to the show. As viewers we basically have 1 of 2 choices. Amy and Sheldon or Penny and Sheldon. I for one will take the latter over the former everytime! This whole show was built around Penny and Sheldon and don't even talk anymore. It's pointless now.


Has anyone else noticed (and juding by the comments below i'm gonna say they HAVE!!) that Sheldon doesn't act, talk or even sound (I seriously think his voice has changed since season 3) like he used to? No one his age just changes their personality on a dime like that, TV show or not, especially someone like Sheldon. I can hoestly say that after 5 seasons of loving the Penny Sheldon interactions, I'm done with the show! Those interactions don't even happen anymore. Amy is the new Penny but sadly she isn't funny, can't act and more importantly... ISN'T PENNY!


This episode was terrible. Sheldon is becoming someone he's not. Can we get rid of Amy all ready? She's the worst thing to ever happen to the show (with the exception of Prya... lol). Maybe once she's gone we will get back the Sheldon we love :)


This episode... I mean SEASON, is terrible. I think Chuck Lorre has forgotten why people watched it in the first place... it was unique and original... key word here is unique! Chuck is slowly morphing it into every other comedy out there. I might as well put on a old season of Friends. P.S. Please Chuck... bring back the nerdy scientists who can't get women. That's when there was still laughter to be had. Now they're all mack daddy's with gfs... even Sheldon... which is basically the dumbest thing ever to happen in TV history. Is that the legacy you want to leave behind?


I agree with @spinder.... this episode sucked and it was because Sheldon continued personal growth. I know people are saying that this is neccessary for the show to continue and grow and change, but if Sheldon keeps it up there won't be anything left of his character in a season or two. Who will watch it then? I would love to see an episode with Sheldon behaving like... you know... Sheldon! This episode was terrible. I give it 1 star and I give this series 1 more season. After that they might as well call it "Friends!"


@Sue Ann
I agree to disagree. The reason you gave for it not being Raja nd Howard are EXACTLY why it should have been them i.e. comedy. There was nothing funny about the entire scene with Amy and Bernadette there. On top that, the last thing anyone wants to see is Sheldom take more steps toward "normalcy" The show might as well end when that happens. The only reason people watch it is because Sheldon isn't normal and that makes it funny. That's why we all love Sheldon. If he becomes any more "normal" they might as well close down the studio... he isn't Sheldon anymore.... there are "normal" people on every other comedy, watch one of them!

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The Big Bang Theory Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Penny: And,remember he's more afraid of you than you are of him.
Sheldon: That doesn't help.
Penny: No, I was talking to the bird.

Leonard: Star Wars on Blu-ray.
Penny: Haven't you seen that movie like a thousand times?
Leonard: Not on Blu-ray. Only twice on Blu-ray.
Penny: Oh, Leonard.
Leonard: I know, it's high resolution sadness.