The Closer Review: For the Greater Good

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This federal lawsuit on The Closer is a pain in the neck. It requires the "Necessary Evil" of Captain Raydor documenting, ensuring and logging every blasted minute of the crimes Brenda's team is investigating. We have Raydor walking behind the unit, wasting time and taking members' minds off their jobs to jot down their movements and then lambasting them with questions that seem irrelevant.

At the very least, Raydor hates the position she's in, feeling like a hall monitor and not thinking she;s adding anything to the federal investigation. We are officially on the path of Raydor's redemption.

Welcome Back, Brenda

Raydor Drops a Bomb
After she let Pope and Taylor know what she thought of the constant pursuit of Chief Johnson's investigations, she let loose the bombshell: She's been made an offer she cannot refuse. Even after Pope promised her a promotion to commander if she stayed and helped with the lawsuit, she resisted. It was at that moment that I determined either Pope or Taylor is the leak. They are both incredibly shady and have never had the full trust of the viewers.

Mary McDonnell has had some extraordinary performances in her career, but her job in The Closer is very nuanced. She walks a tight line between being loved and loathed, and she pulls it off very well. Even when you want to dislike her, something draws you near.

Raydor had an ace up her sleeve. With no intention of retiring or taking a new job, she was leading the lamb to slaughter. By the end of the episode, opposing counsel Peter Goldman knew all about her little talk with Pope and Taylor. Most likely even before Brenda. This should get very interesting.

Particularly enjoyable was the scene when Brenda took the long way around to thanking Raydor for having her back, and for how hard she is working to make things right. It's very important that their relationship continue to look hostile in order for Raydor to catch her prey.

The Convoluted Case
I had no idea what was going on with the case of the week. So many suspects, some right out of the woodwork. It was all about a bunch of athletic students, a coach and principal. That schools focus so much more on sports rather than education has always been an enigma to me, and this case didn't shed any light on my ability to understand.

It did make me think about how many kids get the shaft from their parents, and how messed up our society has become that helping someone without government "permission" immediately makes you suspect of horrific acts like pedophilia. Where does that leave us and the children who have no one else to protect them? Very sad.

The first of the last 11 episodes didn't have the regular tension or humor found in many of The Closer airings, but it took us one step closer toward the reveal of the leak, what will most likely be the ultimate implosion of Major Crimes as it stands now and Brenda's eventual leave. Call me silly, but that makes me a bit melancholy.


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I believe there are listening devices in Pope's office and several other places put there by Goldman working as Stroh's henchman.


It could be Gabriel. The actor has announced that he turned down an offer to return when the show morphs into Major Crimes. This allows the writers to make him the mole/leak and have a plot reason for his not being in the new show. Note that I am just pointing out the actor not being in the new show and not that I have any leaning towards his character having any reason for the action. I think that there are other characters who have more motivation than Gabriel but this does tie in with the character being written out of the sequel.


There are two too obvious leaks: Pope & Taylor, so it is easy to disqualify them. The person that really would like to get Brenda Leigh Johnson is none other than Sharon Raydor...why is she all of a sudden so nice to Brenda...because she is going to take her down. Raydor has plenty of inside connections she can use to get the leak out. She checked in with Goldman to make sure her inside person got to him with the "leak". Raydor is the mole...


LisaAnne, I have always thought that the Goldman/Stroh connection is a strong one and that understanding it is key to the resolution of both this lawsuit and the identity of the leak. Re the identity of the leak... I don't know that it's Pope but I can't dismiss him. He would like nothing better than to pin 100% of the responsibility for these lawsuits on Brenda thereby (in his mind) assuring that he gets to keep his fourth star. And leaking selected information to Goldman could help him in that regard. On several occasions Fritz has tried to make Brenda see that Pope is willing to throw her under the bus to advance his own interests but she can't see it. I have the feeling that within the remaining winter shows she will come face to face with the truth about Pope. But I'm not looking forward to it. It's going to be very traumatic for her.


No one seems to be onboard with my theory of Goldman & Philip Stroh being in this lawsuit together. Goldman mentions his colleage in his little speech to ruining Brenda.


Glad to see The Closer is back. I'm not sure it makes any sense, but it's not the show itself that I've missed, it's the characters.


I think the "leak" is someone the "lawyer" has his hooks into from something in the past. Someone said earlier in this thread...Pope hooked his wagon to Brenda, he created all her power, she goes -- he goes. But Taylor did a lot of shady things when we first were introduced to him. He went behind Pope's back a few seasons ago, got Brenda brought up for "review" with one of the DAs and the FBI. He tried to get rid of her... I think when he lost his buddy Delk he had to think of a new way to "get ahead" -- just saying.


I think Mary McDonnell has done a heck lot better than the part she's been given on the Closer. It saddens me everytime the Closer is mentioned, that such an amazing actress has tied herself to a show like this.


Really it could be anyone. I don't think it's Taylor, first of all too obvious and 2nd he seems to respect Brenda's work in recent seasons. I think it's Pope though he has some to lose, he wants to make sure that Brenda can't get in his way for the open Chief job- afterall he's still only "Acting Chief." I do think that Taylor is a blabber-mouth, so he told Provenza and I guess Fritz too. Once he told one on the squad they all willl know. So really all Raydor did was confirm there's a leak and not who it is. I don't think they're any closer to figuring out the who...but I still don't trust Pope.


last night wasnt even like watching the closer. Brendas part was terrible. She even didnt have her normal accent. whats going on Hope they dont ruin the whole thing before its over. it was always my fav and now im worried i wont watch till the end.

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The Closer Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Just keep your eye on the ball everyone and ignore me like you usually do.


But if I may be frank, sir. Continuing to audit every investigation Chief Johnson undertakes is embarrassing to everyone involved. It's an insult to her, demeaning to my rank; not to mention a waste of money.