The Good Wife Round Table: "Death Row Trip"

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A jerk on death row. A possible new, young couple. A photo of a guy pretending to go down on Santa Claus.

This week's episode of The Good Wife was chock full of developments for our Round Table crew of Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando and Carissa Pavlica to discuss. Won't you join them as they do so now?


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: Alicia and Will's admission that there's no point in trying to pause their relationship. First, it showed just how strong the feelings and attractions are. Second, it was just a mature conversation. I really enjoy these two together.

Christine: I think it was Jackie going through Alicia's things, pawing through her lingerie. It was just so infuriating that I wanted to smack her. I kept waiting for one of the kids to walk in. Then, they ended it on a comical note when she didn't even know how to turn on the laptop, nevermind even having a clue where to look.

Carissa: When Jackie opened the door and saw Grace's tutor standing there if full face makeup. She is without a doubt the most bizarre inclusion on The Good Wife and to see Jackie experience it first hand was priceless.

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Should Zach and Marissa date?
Matt: Absolutely. They pass my couple nickname test: Mach? I like it!

Christine: I think Marissa is out of Zach's league, but perhaps the problem is that I really don't like Zach. I'm sure she could teach him a few things.

Carissa: Yes! I don't think it would be easy for either of them to date a "regular" kid (we saw what straying from the pack did for Zach - and Peter - last year) and they share a unique historical viewpoint thanks to their fathers being in the spotlight. They would be able to keep each other in check, and have an outlet when things get crazy.

Choose a woman for Cary: Kalinda or Dana?
Matt: Dana. I don't really get what the show is doing with Kalinda sometimes. Must there be sexual chemistry between her and every character?!? Or was Dana simply playing along and doing her own bit of manipulating? Either way, Kalinda is too cagey. Cary and Dana already make quite a professional team. I see no reason it shouldn't get personal.

Christine: I'll choose Dana because I don't think Cary can handle Kalinda. I find their odd, tentative friendship appealing. I'm afraid if they take it to the next level they'll crash and burn and Cary will end up more jaded than he already is.

Carissa: Kalinda. I don't know enough about Dana to want her with Cary, and what I do know I don't like. Cary and Kalinda have always had a spark, and even though they may try to brush it off and pretend it's nothing, it always creeps back in. Even when they try to "use" each other, it never works out exactly as they plan due to their attraction. I say give them a green light.

What newspaper headline would you run for a scandal involving a candidate fellating an inflatable Santa Claus?
Matt: No, No, No: Politician's Election Chances Go Down.

Christine: When they played the news story, they had "Santa's Little Helper" scrolled across the bottom of the screen. I thought that was perfect. And how did they come up with that expression for Santa? Priceless.

Carissa: Sorry, kids, Santa may be a little late this year.


Oh, the sweetness is klliing me all over again. When I glanced up and saw you taking that top picture, I knew it was going to be good, but wow, I didn't realize how beautiful it was going to turn out. Thanks for letting me tag along on your shoot. And to the J family, thanks for letting me snuggle E. She's delicious!


Should Zach and Marissa date? The 'Marissa/Zach' story line could actually be interesting. She would definitely wear the pants in that relationship, but I think it would be good for Zach to be with someone who is strong and clever, but not necessarily conniving (think: Becka). Now, what about Nesa? Best scene(s): 1) Will and Alicia's 'should we pause' conversation. I'm so glad this chat happened and equally thrilled they decided it's pointless to stop. Let's keep fueling this fire, Team Gardner! 2) Will's conversation with Kalinda. She has huge loyalty to Will and he is going to need her in the coming weeks. I love their friendship. 3) Jackie seeing Jennifer in full body paint. Her look was priceless. Dana or Kalinda? Definitely Dana. She's new on the scene and has infinitely less baggage than Kalinda. She could be a true girlfriend for Cary where Kalinda never could be...


Favorite scene: Jackie going through Alicia's things. She's so clueless. And it was fitting that she wouldn't even know how to turn on the laptop. But she's supicious, so Alica needs to be careful. If I have to choose a woman it would be Kalinda. Dana's pretty cocky and I think she would walk right over Carey's face for his job. I think she's trying to make a name for herself by going after Will. Carey and Kalinda knows there is something between them and I think it scares them both to death. Melissa is just messing with her Dad by being with Zach. Isn't she too old for him? I don't know, but I thought she was college age and Zach is like a Junior in high school. Maybe, I'm wrong. I agree the "Santa's Little Helper" line was priceless. Where do they get this stuff?


Oh come on! Will and Alicia don't have "a connection". They are just two incredibly stupid and selfish people. I can't wait for that "relationship" to crash and burn.


I want to see more of Kalinda and Cary...Not that I dont like Dana,I can see them together too but Ive grown to know Kalinda and Dana's new on the scene..I just love seeing Matt Czuchry on my screen as much as possible!!


ah Carissa, I'm fans of your words!


I don't like Dana. Whenever she's on screen I feel as though she's trying too hard. And I'm still not so sure of Will and Alicia. Their conversation this week was certainly mature, but I wouldn't chalk too much of it up to feelings. It just seems to me like sexual tension and a mutual respect.


....mmmmm..... don't want that writers blow everything that we got. Thats all.


Ok. Cary and Kalinda together. What the next? I cant even imagine how to continue this story. really. A mean, Yes maybe they are good but I agree with Christine that she don't think that Cary can handle Kalinda. Its true. Just Kalinda's character was write in special way. She to strong for Carry. She can kick ass to anyone. He out of her league.
I like them both just don't see them as a couple.
Don't want that writers to


Carissa, you're my hero. I'll go for Kalinda too, because he's probably the only one who can handle her and resist her even if she's "in his head". That's a big thing in Kalinda's world and it could open the door for more interesting storylines and a more provocative relationship. I give them the green light too. That short scene was just explosive and they just kissed.

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The Good Wife Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

You fellating Santa. I have to be blunt, sir, because that's how TMZ is gonna report it, Fox is gonna repeat it, and Jon Stewart is gonna finish it. 'Here. Comes. Santa.'


Dana: I am not a lesbian.
Cary: I know a lot of people who weren't anything until they met Kalinda.