The Secret Circle Midseason Report Card: B

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The bad news: many shows have already aired their final episodes of 2011.

The good news: this means we can stop and assess them, as we've already done in midseason report cards for Grey's Anatomy (HERE) and The Vampire Diaries (HERE). Next up? The latter's Thursday night companion, The Secret Circle...

The Secret Circle Coven Photo

Best character: Faye. She was your basic bad girl to start the season, and was still a hoot to watch every week. But we're slowly peeling back this young witch's layers, as evidenced by her past with Jake and the fact that she's only slept with two guys. Just how much of this bitchy attitude is an act? Phoebe Tonkin has a blast making it unclear.

Worst character: Jane. I know, I know, she's been brain-washed and that sucks. But she's just sort of boring. She's also placing her granddaughter in danger. Do we really believe Jane doesn't know what went down 16 years ago? Fill Cassie in! Help her protect herself and her friends.

Best episode: "Slither." An easy choice. Creepy and truly shocking, this episode took the unexpected step of killing off a main character. It raised the stakes big time and made it clear no one is safe in Chance Harbor.

Worst episode: "Beneath." Just a bit boring. The game of Truth or Dare was interesting, and that Adam/Diana sex scene was hot... but nothing new was really revealed, as the episode spun its wheels a lot in order to eventually make it known that Faye's grandfather was dead.

Strangest subplot: The need for at least one girl to appear topless every week. Granted, the actresses are of legal age, but it's still been a bit odd. Melissa has been half naked on more than one occasion, Diana took off her shirt during the aforementioned game, Faye appeared in a bathtub. Why so prude, Cassie?!?

Hopes for 2012: First, a new cast photo. Come on, CW! If you're going to kill off a coven member, you must update your posters.

Second, even more from the older generations. Charles and Dawn have faded to the background a bit in recent weeks, which is a shame. I'm fascinated by their history and their plans for the future. Are they simply after power? Do they want to protect their kids? Is Charles just trying to make a private appointment with the principal (if you know what I mean!!!)? Many questions abound.

Finally, an expanded role for the witch hunters. There's tons of potential here. Are there others like Jake, anxious to kill their own kind? Who comprises the council? The Vampire Diaries has been enormously successful establishing recurring villains such as Katherine and Klaus. Would love to see the same thing happen here.

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worst character : Cassie, followed closely by Jake!!
I really hate the whole Cassie jake thing!!! to predictable!! but i am really excieted about grey damon coming to the show. I hope he get promoted to series regular some how!


Coriander, that was spot on!


I don't like the character Faye that much. She does bad things then is sorry. I'd love to see more of a BAD character that's unapologetic until the very end. She's better than 50% of the other characters though! None of those characters are prudes. Have you seen the clothes they chose for Cassie to wear to high school? Skanky!


@anonymous (Posted Dec. 2nd) The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle aren't graded by comparison, they are graded based on their own grading scale. So, neither TVD or TSC needs to be graded down or up.


I have to say I disagree with this rating purely because you gave TVD the same rating. If you go by standards either SC needs a lower rating or TVD a higher one. TVD had better acting as well as an overall better story and to say that it was just as good is wrong. Even by this time around in TVD season 1 had me, while SC is a bit boring to me sometimer, although the whole jake story irritates me because he's a bland character, who will obviously turn good and that has just been done too many times before,it feels like I'm watching a bad remake of the Phoebe/cole story back in school witch show, Charmed


I love this show, but it needs MORE MAGIC!!


1.BestCharacter: Faye!! the beginning of secret circle wasnt great but i kept watching because of Faye. This girl is more than awesome


1. Best character: I'd pick Faye. Unfortunately, out of all the crowd she's the one who actually shows some character. Too bad they made her look so pathetic and desperate with Jake. The older characters seem interesting, too; however, their motives remain extremely unclear.
2. Worst character: Still cannot pick between Adam and Cassie. The former is very confusing with his affections towards one or the other girl (of course, I mean Diana and Cassie). As for Cassie, sorry, Britt Robertson doesn't have what it takes to make a witch to me.I always imagine the most powerful witch to be also the most mysterious one. Cassie has no mystery at all. She's too plain. At the same time, as somebody already mentioned, it's always Cassie who gets the most storylines and action, discovers the new powers, etc.
As for the rest, they are greatly underused. When I tune in to watch a witch show, it better be not a single witch show. So far I am disappointed that the writers don't seem to know what to do with most their characters.
3. Best episode: Actually I liked Beneath. They finally gave somebody other than Cassie something to do, yet even there, Cassie had to go and resolve all the problems. The haunted Faye made me shiver in front of the screen, even though I suspected it must have something to do with her Grandpa being dead.
4. Worst episode: Tough call. I'd go with the first five episodes. It's not that I like Jake; it just seems that with his arrival the leads started developing some sort of storyline - before the storylines for the main characters were inconsistent and confusing (like random throwing in and immediate removal of the demons without much explanation).
5. Strangest sub-plot: all the lead guys falling in love with Cassie (except for Nick, who still liked Cassie to see him shirtless from out of his window). Looks like all the other girls are only there to play scorned women parts trying to hold their boyfriends/ex-boyfriends down by their pants.
6. Expectations for 2012? Seriously, give all the other coven members something to do besides fighting over Cassie or with Cassie. I would be excited to see another kid with dark magic in the circle (as long as it is not Jake - that's going to be too much; he's already a witch-hunter and has got more than enough screen-time). And please, writers, explore witchcraft in depth; there is so much potential. For now the show is just shallow.


Sorry, but the best character is Charles Meade.


This show still hasn't got me hooked. There's just something... wrong. But the last few episode's (the ones with Jake) have been good. And I did love "Heather". Hopes for 2012: Dark magic. Or just more magic in general. Cassie/Adam and Cassie/Jake. Revealing what happened 16 years ago (flashbacks?). No parents - they are BORING. Grade: B- (just because the show has improved a lot after they killed Nick)

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