The Secret Circle Producer Warns: More Deaths to Come!

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When you start playing with this stuff, you're going to get burned. There are deaths coming.

There you go, Secret Circle fans. Consider yourselves warned by executive producer Andrew Miller.

In an interview with TV Line, Miller teased tonight's 2011 finale and also looked ahead to the second half of season one. Among developments fans can expect:

  • Charles' mother will NOT be pleased about his scheming.
  • The character to be played by Grey Damon will get involved with someone in the coven in a way that "could prove dire."
  • Melissa's cousin will debut this week and take an interest in Diana... driving Adam toward Cassie?
  • Ethan Conant will "become a player" in the power struggle between Charles and Dawn.

Visit TV Line for more scoop and hit up TV Fanatic soon after "Balcoin" concludes this evening for a full rundown!


they better not kill sandra bennet.. i mean jane blake.. that actress is awesome


They should NOT kill Melissa OFF, Jessica Parker Kennedy is such a good actress and Melissa's character need to have more screentime and a good storyline they can't killed her off. (If they kill Adam I couldn't care less, even Cassie but I know that's not going to happen) I Only love Faye/Diana/Melissa and loved Nick.


The death is part of the show! And after some time U get used to not seeing that character! I really hated when they killed Andy Trudo in Charmed but it was a way to move the show on a higher level! So killing Jake was a way to make them move on and show more emotions! I hated the Haloween party cause that was rude and didn't respect Nick at all!
I think Ethan or Charles could go down by the end of the season! For the circle current I wouldn't want anyone to die except of Adam(truly dislike Thomas Dekker, they could've cast a spell to change his appereance cause he killed someone! :) )
The truly problem is that there are to many main characters for the moment! 6 kids plus 3 adults! No go!


They shouldn't kill Jane because she's the only family Cassie has left and if they kill her then nobody will be able to help the circle.they should kill Melissa's cousin or Melissa and have him become part of the circle the jake did when nick died.i also don't want them to kill jake cause I think they can go far with his character and he's pretty important right now I also don't want them to kill Diana Adam or Cassie because then there wouldn't be a love triangle and it wouldn't be as exciting then and they can't kill Faye cause she is the only one that wants to use magic and is the bad girl of the group and if you take her out there woulnt be as many funny parts and the rest of the characters would be using magic safe and not wild which would be boring.


They had better NOT kill Jane!!!!!!!! Cassie needs her grandmother for guidance, the whole circle does!!!! If they take it away, who's left? Dawn and Charles want their power more than anything and they will kill anyone for it including Nick who should really come back and haunt those sonsa withces!!!! They can kill this Grey Damon character and kill Melissa's cousin heck Kill Dawn and Charles but they most NOT NOT NOT kill Jane yet. Ethan Conant can't help anyone being a drunk he is, so Jane has to help. They can't be left alone. They proved that when they released the demon.

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