Song Artist Heard On
Silversun-pickups-skin-graph Skin Graph Silversun Pickups iTunes
Sharon-van-etten-we-are-fine We Are Fine Sharon Van Etten iTunes
Zola-jesus-vessel Vessel Zola Jesus iTunes
Tanlines-nonesuch Nonesuch Tanlines iTunes
Valida-mine-to-take Mine To Take Valida iTunes
Garbage-only-happy-when-it-rains Only Happy When It Rains Garbage iTunes
Song What We're Doing The Danks
Tanlines-rain-delay Rain Delay Tanlines iTunes
Adam-oliver-get-it-right Get It Right Adam Oliver iTunes
Garbage-blood-for-poppies Blood For Poppies Garbage
Season 1 Episode 20: "Traitor"
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Secret Circle Quotes

Oh for God's sake, spit it out! You're a witch. You're a full-blooded, hundred percent witch. We all are. There, done.


Cassie: Are you doing this?
Adam: We are.