The Secret Circle Review: Double the Darkness

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That was sort of a lame cliffhanger, wasn't it?

To conclude its opening nine-episode run, The Secret Circle didn't leave viewers anxious with how a storyline would be resolved, it simply dropped a major plot point on us in order to set the stage for 2012.

A Dance with Jake

Another member of the coven hails from the "Balcoin" bloodline and is the child of John Blackwell. That's interesting to ponder, but two points:

  1. It's clearly Faye, right? A spellbound Jane admitted earlier in the episode that Dawn had a thing for JB.
  2. It's difficult to get too excited or anxious about what a second, dark magic-filled circle member might mean... because we're not even clear on what it means for the first one. We've been given flashes on Cassie's power, but there's a great deal more to learn about her first, making it difficult to care much about a half-sister.

I was hoping for more. Couldn't the episode have concluded with Cassie getting kidnapped? Wouldn't such an action have made for a better cliffhanger than a simple reveal and a wide shot of the group on the pier, all safe for now?

But let's focus on the positive, starting with the next generation: there's a riff between Charles and Dawn, and there's something seriously wrong with Jane. I hope we learn the former duo's end game soon, as it can get a bit tiresome to hear them constantly talking around the question of why they want their powers back. Still, these two are fascinating to watch, especially Charles. He seemed like an all-knowing, all-powerful villain at the outset.

Now, though, we've seen him struggle with killing Nick, pine romantically after Dawn and act unsure over what he has done to Jane. A layered, flawed bad guy is an interesting one to follow.

So is the concept of a witch hunter's "counsel." Isaac referred to this higher authority on more than one occasion. It wants Cassie alive? For what purpose? Who comprises the counsel? Where is it located? What is its end game? All questions to ponder over the next six weeks.

Yes, like The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle is off until January 5. That gives us a long time to wonder why Melissa disapproves of Diana dating Holden (just a protective family thing? Or is there something more about the seemingly very nice guy?) and to brace ourselves for just how dark life is about to get for Cassie. We've only been teased about her dangerous gift so far, but this return promo promises a far more in-depth look in 2012.

And forget Dawn's agenda or Chris Zylka's stiff acting... if Faye really is Cassie's half-sister, and if someone such as her can conduct dark magic on her own, that would be scary.


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Pointing to the obvious answer that Faye is the coven member related to Blackwell, Miller notes that she will begin to explore ways to obtain her own magic. "Faye has wanted her own individual magic from the get-go," he says. "The idea that Cassie is the one who has this opportunity is infuriating. ... It will drive her more to seek out alternative ways to separate herself from the group and find power on her own, which will probably have terrible consequences on other people." It says that Faye is the half-sibling.


1) I think that the reason that Chris Zlyka acts the way he does is beacuse he's suppose to be playing a non caring character.
2) Dawn was part of the circle with Charles and the other parents.
3) Jake can do magic on his own because he never bonded to the circle, it's just his bloodline that is bonded to the circle.
4) All of the children are full blooded witches. In the episode where Cassie kept getting attacked by Jake Melissa states that all of the circle members lost a parent in the fire, but Nick and Jake lost both of theirs.
5) Even with the Blackwell/Balcoin dark magic in them one of the other members of the circle would not be able to practice magic outside the circle like Cassie because they would not have as strong a bloodline. On both sides Cassie's bloodline goes back to the begining of magic, so she is naturally the strongest witch of the group.

Saad khan

P.S the show has become tedious, i'm already bored!

Saad khan

Zack Aka. Jake is a horrendous actor, he had the same expression when he was angry, emotional, sad or sorry. C'mon they should have a got a better actor atleast.


This show is amazing. I love cassie and jake and i'm so disqusted that the writers are going for adam and cassie he doesn't get her dark side like jake.
Does anyone has spoilers about jake and cassie ?


I definitely enjoy Cassie with Jake. I miss Nick though, I wish there was a way to have both brothers back. I prefer Cassie with Jake over Adam. I like Adam pining for Diana.
It would seem to me that Jake would somehow be the other Blackwell child but they wouldn't have let Jake and Cassie kiss if that was the case, right? I would like to think not.
I didn't think it was a lame cliffhanger.
I have since deleted the episode but is it said that John Blackwell is definitely the father of someone else or was it said that there's someone else coming from the Blackwell line but not a direct descendant of John.


Jake and Cake are the best things that happend to this show so far :D


I agree, lame cliffhanger. I did like the episode though as it was filled with Cake and jealous Adam. Cassie's grandmother going crazy was also interesting. I wonder how long it will take before Cassie actually notices something is wrong.
I think (and hope) that Faye is the other child of Blackwell. If it's Jake (which was my first thought) it would suck because Jake and Cassie are the only characters on this show with chemistry.
I hope that last scene doesn't mean Jake's gone. The actor might be a bit stiff but apart from the whole Blackwell and "what happened 16 years ago?" storyline he is the only interesting thing about this show. BTW Am I the only one who hope "the dead parents" aren't actually dead? Or if they are, that they will come back in some (non ghost) way.


Seriously, the most exciting new element added in this show was JAKE and hiw complicated self, hiw struggling feelings for Cassie...! i loved this show from the beginning beacause of all that supernatural stuff, but i must say it's beem way better with Jake's performance! God...the way he looks at Cassie.....the way he is fighting his emotions and then letting then show....i LOVE JAKE! he should definately become a permanent member of this show....and be with Cassie...or just he did so far...cause, to be honest, Adam has all sudden become so unimportant as a possible love interest for Cassie....he barely exists!


Jake is the first person I though of when I heard that there was another child of Blackwell in the circle. One of the reasons is that he can practice magic on his own. I just can't understand how he does it. So I guess it's because he also has dark magic. Another reason is his book of shadows. It has pages about the Balcoin family so it's really possible that he is a child of Blackwell. Lastly, he lost both parents in the fire which means that his father could have been John Blackwell who Cassie also lost

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