The Vampire Diaries Cast Dishes on Favorite Episodes, Dream Guest Stars and More!

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What is Ian Somerhalder's favorite episode of The Vampire Diaries?

Who is Nina Dobrev's favorite designer?

What Breaking Bad guest star would Katerina Graham love to see on this CW smash?

During a recent promotional stop in Great Britain, various Vampire Diaries cast members were asked these questions and more. We've collected the answers in the following videos. Sit back and enjoy:

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Missing in Action


@ d3a_tvd what does MIA mean?


Ohhh now I love Kat Graham even more..please come to Romania!!I'm so waiting for them all.


Wow, the TVD cast loves to talk! Haha.


Matthew Davis gave such a complete, compelling answer, haha. His description of Paris really it sells it.


Loved Kat's suggestion about the Dream Filming Location. TVD cast you are more than welcomed in Transylvania. Our own Dracula is MIA for a few centuries now. Maybe he ran off with Klaus too.


god i miss this show


1) Ian Somerhalder is crazy hawt. 2) Paul Wesley is a cuuuttttttiiiiieeeee 3) Nina is a lucky girl

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