The Vampire Diaries Return Preview: Coming in 2012...

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Revenge. It's more than just a fun drama on ABC. It will also serve as the basis for the Stefan vs. Klaus feud, which is teased in the following promo for The Vampire Diaries' return.

Yes, we need to wait until January 5 to see if Forwood reconciles... and to find out whether or not Elena and Damon will do more than comfort each other over the loss of Stefan... and to learn more about Katherine's Original-corpse-stealing motivations.

But at least we have the following promo to whet our appetite, and at least there's always our Vampire Diaries forum, where fans can predict, debate and celebrate with each other 24/7. Enjoy this preview for what's ahead and then meet us over there.

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the move is so nace speialy i aprtait neclous he is very best acter in addition to that pleace conform me


i think stelena and elaina should stay together


Delena all the way.He's hotter,deeper and he really loves Enena,she brings out his soft human side.


I love Delena not Stelena because they have a passion for love and life and bring out the best in each other. Then there's the suffocating chemistry. I thibk Damons fine but Stefans finer.


I do not like Delena better because I think Damon is hotter. I like them better together because they have much more chemistry and buildup that Stelena has EVER had.


So tired of stelena fans whining that we like delena becaude Damon is hotter. I've always loved stefan more because he is hotter but delena is the better couple. Stefan is better with Becca or Kat. Stop whining because your outnumbered on merit

David and sabrina 2014

I still want to see the Stelena couple stay for 2012. I disagree all Delena fans and I probably think that they only like them together because of Damon being somehow more hotter than Stefan. I support all the Stelena fans and I know that when the show returns, it will just get better and better. XD =) 3) =D =P


I NEED Delena for 2012. They are meant to be


I may be OLD but there is just something about Damon eye's that keeps me watching and so I am definitely loving seeing Damon and Elaina getting closer and closer and hoping they will get together very soon. ~ There just seems to be better chemistry between those two. ~ No offense to anyone, I also personally feel like "Stefan" plays a much better bad-arse!! ~~ God Bless!! ;)


Mr producer lol, "Jack" the 12 year old thug is stelenas core fanbase. Point made ;)

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