The Vampire Diaries Review: Always and Forever?

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When I was around eight years old, my older brother went to eat some cookies after dinner. I asked him for one. But he told me the box was empty. Later that night, I walked in to the kitchen and, what was my brother doing? That's right, eating more cookies from that same box!

I was really angry that he lied to me. Point being: Man, I really felt for Rebekah following the unfolding of events, past and present, on "Ordinary People."

Rebekah v. Elena

There's truly no worse feeling than betrayal. It can lead even the best of people to make the worst of decisions, and Klaus was never the best of people. He born a werewolf, a naturally aggressive creature who knew from as soon as he could think for himself that he was unlike anyone else. Literally. Anyone else on the planet.

Even those of us who stuttered in third grade could at least take comfort that there were others out there, somewhere, in the same predicament. Not so for Klaus. He was alone from the start and almost every choice he has made since has been to avoid that fate.

How ironic then. Multiple people now want Klaus to return. They desire his company, but only so they can end his miserable existence.

That's where things were left another terrific, flashback-based episode of The Vampire Diaries. How does this show know exactly when to throw these installments into the mix, and exactly how to twist the viewers' previously-held beliefs on their (spinning) heads? Let's go over what we learned, shall we?

Klaus is evil. Yes, we know that already. We just weren't aware of how evil until now. Sure, I understand where his darkness comes from, but the guy pulled his mother's heart out, blamed it on his step-father and lied to his siblings about it. That's just cold. There's no sympathy for the man here.

Rebekah is Elena 1.0. She loves "blindlessly and recklessly," Elena said of her new frenemy, even if it consumes here. She also lost her mother early in life. Remind you of someone else we know? Someone else with a very soft spot in her heart for Stefan Salvatore? Maybe when Klaus is dead, and Stefan isn't in Ripper mode, and ghosts aren't showing up to wreak havoc, and a hybrid army isn't on the horizon, and no witch spells are left to be cast... these two could get some frozen yogurt or something.

Elena has bad taste in dresses. I preferred the purple one.

Damon has a very high tolerance... for alcohol. But for dick-ish brothers? We'll soon find out. Can Stefan really want his freedom? Can he really want to remain such a jerk even when he's no longer compelled? It's worth noting how happy he truly does seem these days. That wasn't part of Klaus' compulsion. His only job is to protect Elena, but he seems legitimately pleased to be free from his humanity. Contrast that with the face Stefan typically made as an all-feeling vampire. You know the one. The Tuesday face.

Might he no longer want the burden of actually caring? It's sort of been a buzzkill for the guy.

Elijah rules! Okay, we didn't really learn that. Most of it have thought if for awhile. But who didn't give a little fist bump at his reappearance? He's the moral one. Rebekah is the stubborn one. Klaus is the vindictive one. Their cute Three Musketeers-esque scene was very well done, adding to the melancholy over all that has gone wrong between them since.

So, one episode remains - previewed HERE - before The Vampire Diaries takes a lengthy hiatus and returns on January 5. Mikael is awake and prepared to hunt. Katherine is probably still alive and will just show up some time in the future. Damon and Elena have slept together (literally!). Stefan is loving life as a dick. Rebekah is heart-broken. Alaric is hopefully hustling as many people as he can at Pictionary. Tyler is still an eager hybrid and, remember, loyal to Klaus.

And I can't even begin to imagine what sort of cliffhanger we'll be left with next Thursday. Meet back here then? I'll bring the goosebumps.


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Allison berry barbieri

Oh, and Vikings in Virginia? How did mom know the Witch Anaya? And who did those cave drawings??

Allison berry barbieri

I actually think this is one of those episodes to re-watch, as there was so much information. Now, last week, the scene with Elena and Stefan where she states she will not wait forever was brilliant...Stefan's face was filled with so emotion...planted me right on "Team Stelena" (a place I haven't been since the relationship got boring towards the end of Season 2. Then, last night, the final scene in the bed...wham! Right back on "Team Delena"...TVD writers sure know how to write an emotional yet simple scene, huh? I am also digging the parallels between characters: Elena/Rebekah, Jeremy/Alaric.. The one thing I am struggling with is that Klaus is much more evil and manipulative that I thought...yet, there is still something that makes me feel bad for him. Finally, bravo to the reviewer for pointing out that Stefan is MUCH happier this way...I actually didn't even think of it like that... I have to say, the TVD writers can really create characters with multiple layers...good for them! This episode did leave me with questions: Does Mikael really want to go after ALL vampires in his family, or just Klaus....I mean, it's plausible that Klaus could have instilled fear into the his siblings to keep them on the run with him, no? What led to Mikael becoming a Vampire Hunter? He seemed to be a big proponent behind the original change. Where did the Original Witch come up with this particular curse, and why was it able to be spread...and what did blood really have to do with it/why did they end up drinking blood? Who saved the ash from the white oak (as we saw a huge pile of it in the "three muskateers" scene, and would it really last a 1000 years? And, finally, tell me more about the Petrova doppleganger and how the OW (Original Witch) used her in the curse she put on Klaus... And do witches always need to create a way to break curses??


That episode...was awesome! I mean it was awesome just by seeing Elijah again but I love how Klaus is just the Original Damon, rejected and kicked about by the people he cared about and shuts off all feelings just to deal. He's bad...and sad and pathetic at the same time, and kind of lonely even though he'd never admit it.. Rebekah is the original Elena, she loves w/o limits to her detriment and she just wants to have friends and be happy.She's actually surprisingly sweet. Elijah has and always will be the Awesome one. Stefan is more like Damon then most fans of the show (myself excluded not to toot my own horn) ever realized. For the record I liked Damon's plan and he worded it perfectly, there is nothing wrong with going to the edge just don't bloody go over it! I thought they had like seven siblings or something so what gives with the numbers? And the Original Witch stuff was interesting as well though I'd still like some confirmation and more info on that.


What I'm wondering, is if Klaus transitioned into werewolf mode bites Mikael could it kill him?


what about tyler and caroline? and jeremy and bonnie?


I agree with Christina Tran :: SOOO Naley :)


the begging of the end started! Excellent!
I love the way they introduced the whole story! So 5 out of 9 Originals, nice! So does Henrick count in one of 9 or ?
Becca! Claire Holt is an amazing actress and I like her! I see her struggeling between brother and father! but there is one mistake how could she enter the mansion when elena didn't invite her! But I can see her stick around and torture Caroline a little more! I really enjoyed her breakdown really sincere!
Elena! She being in training to learn to protect herself is really good and I love they stick to it! I hope they say us why the curse was tied to a Petrova doppelganger soon! And there should be an other, the original doppelganger! She is probably alive just as a Katarina Vampire.
By the way this FAMILY has Issues!
Converting them for protection! That is a nice way to make the flow!
Papa and Mom Vamp did a nice Job! I love the way they showed of their dad and the way has no mercy!
Making Klaus the ultimate BadBoy is just a confirmation of what he truly is and he is a monster!


I can't. I just can't with this show anymore. This episode was complete and utter suck. There was just so much pointless crap that made no sense. I thought the point of this episode was to let us know all about the Original family but all it basically did was confirm things that fans had predicted weeks ago. Also, I can't get over the fact that there were Vikings in freaking Virginia. I mean, really, TVD writers, reallyyy?


so lemme get this straight: what I heard before was right: mikael is not klaus's father, not blood-related to him. but mikael is in fact rebekah's, elijah's and henrick's father!
which makes mikael as klaus's step-father because klaus's mother is still esther. and esther is rebekah's, elijah's and henrick's mother. which makes klaus as rebekah's/elijah's/henrick's step-brother! wow the original family is quite complex. and esther is THE original witch, to top it all off! that's why I


so lemme get this straight: what I heard before was right: mikael is not klaus's father, not blood-related to him. but mikael is in fact rebekah's, elijah's and henrick's father!
which makes mikael as klaus's step-father because klaus's mother is still esther. and esther is rebekah's, elijah's and henrick's mother. which makes klaus as rebekah's/elijah's/henrick's step-brother! wow the original family is quite complex. and esther is THE original witch, to top it all

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