The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Ordinary People"

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Poor Rebekah. And darn you, Klaus!

The Vampire Diaries took fans way, way back on "Ordinary People," giving viewers a new reason to sympathize with one Original and despise another. Come along with Matt Richenthal, Steve Marsi, Dan Forcella and Eric Hochberger now as they conduct a new version of the TV Fanatic Round Table...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The bond formed between Elijah, Klaus and Rebekah. Considering what we had just witnessed in the flashback, and all we know happened between these siblings since then, it was a seminal series moment, one played very well by all involved.

Steve: The Salvatore brothers at the Grill. It's been awhile since these two really caught up.

Dan: Mikael showing up at the bar and putting the hurt on Damon was pretty awesome. He seems to be the next in a long line of Vampire Diaries bad asses.

Eric: How lame would if I followed Dan and Steve's lead and went with the Salvatore brothers and Mikael at the bar? Very? Okay, well then call me lame 'cause... wow.  Intense.

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There was no major cliffhanger: Refreshing or irritating?
Matt: Wait, there was no major cliffhanger. Aren't we supposed to be wondering if Damon and Elena got it on later that night? No? What if they did?!?

Steve: Refreshing. As the saying goes, if everyone's special, no one is. If there's a major cliffhanger every week, it deprives the really big ones of the same impact. There's only so many events a show can come up with - even TVD - that don't feel forced or done for the sake of it. I'm glad the writers recognize that.

Dan: Refreshing. It will only make next week's super duper cliffhanger that much more exciting.

Eric: Just fine. Next week is a midseason finale (when did the CW start doing those?!?), and I'm pretty sure the king of cliffhangers will give us a crazy one then. And besides, were they really worried I wasn't going to tune in next week anyway? Kevin should probably worry more about losing me from The Secret Circle. (And yes, Kevin Williamson and I are on a first name basis.)

What is your favorite Vampire Diaries flashback episode?
Matt: "Blood Brothers." My favorite Vampire Diaries episode of all-time.

Steve: This one by a mile. In Matt's interviews with them, Joseph Morgan and Claire Holt both promised major reveals regarding the mythology of the Originals, and boy did they deliver. It's the epitome of what a TV flashback episode should be but often is not, an extrapolation of past events that directly shape the present narrative. Plus, how great was the almost overlooked return of Daniel Gillies, and how effing badass is Sebastian Roche?!?

Dan: "Klaus." This was the first time we met a Klaus who did not look like Ric Saltzman. The flashbacks to the late 1400s revealed that Elijah and Klaus were brothers, that Klaus was indeed a hybrid and everything about his curse. Fascinating stuff by all accounts.

Eric: While I thought this one was phenomenal, with some nice shocking reveals, I guess I'm just a sappy guy and there's nothing like my first time. That entire first season was unreal, as we were introduced to Katherine and the Salvatore boys before they turned. It's what hooked me on TVD.

Bigger sin: Klaus killing his own mother, Stefan preying on a beautiful bar tender, or the writers keeping Caroline off the screen for an entire hour?
Matt: Klaus killing his own mother. Dude pulled her heart out of her chest. There's really no coming back from that. As for the other two: as if a majority of bartenders wouldn't want Paul Wesley feeding on them, come on! And it's okay for Caroline to take a week off. Absence. Heart. Fonder. All that.

Steve: Obviously Klaus killing his mom, because at least Caroline will be back. This brings up an interesting point about last night. Depriving us of Ms. Forbes for an entire week was pretty brutal for a group of guys who adore Candice Accola, but did we miss the other MIA characters played by actors we aren't in love with? Without naming names (Matty, Bon-Bon, Kat, any and all ghosts), there are some extraneous characters on this show that need to be done away with or given something more interesting to do. "Ordinary People" proved this more than ever.

Dan: There is no bigger sin than depriving us from seeing Candice Accola on a weekly basis. Fine! Killing your own mother might come close, but I'm not as mad at Klaus for that. He's still my boy.

Eric: I think we all know my answer to this one. Where the heck was Caroline Forbes?!? Was she busy petitioning people to vote for her for as sexiest sidekick? If so, step up your game girl. We're losing to Sarah Walker!!! #teamcaroline

Next week is the 2011 finale. Make one bold prediction about what's to come on it.
Matt: Tyler will be named Homecoming King. Caroline will not be named Homecoming Queen. in protest, Eric Hochberger will claim he's done with The Vampire Diaries forever.

Steve: My wife will call it the greatest episode of any show ever... a rare title she has bestowed upon only 15-20 Vampire Diaries episodes so far.

Dan: They will finally make the (outstanding) decision to kill off Katherine. She will return... only to get staked by Mikael in a fit of rage after Klaus escapes his grasps yet again.

Eric: Mikael will seemingly kill Klaus as the cliffhanger. But, don't worry, Joseph Morgan will return in 2012 because Klaus is way too bad ass. Of course, I say this with no prior knowledge because I'm an avid Vampire Diaries spoilers evader.


Klaus has to die!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Elena's revelation to Rebekah that her own brother had killed her mother and lied about it. I thought it would take something huge to bring R over to the goodies' side. But I can't complain about all the Defan scenes and the Delena bedroom scene at the end either. There was no major cliffhanger: Refreshing or irritating?
Thank God, really. The seven week wait following the next biggest cliffhanger yet is going to be so much worse. I'm thankful for the slack the writers have cut us viewers. What is your favorite Vampire Diaries flashback episode?
Katarina. I'm against all you Kat-haters out there. I think showing her at the beginning was some of Nina's best work and we also got to see the charming and noble Elijah fall in love with her a little bit. But I'm eagerly anticipating the flashback that brings us the original doppelganger. I was hoping to see her in Ordinary People. Bigger sin: Klaus killing his own mother, Stefan preying on a beautiful bar tender, or the writers keeping Caroline off the screen for an entire hour?
Klaus killing his own mother. I get why you're mad, boy, but she's just as human as you are. Your only problem was being the proof of her shameful indiscretion. Next week is the 2011 finale. Make one bold prediction about what's to come on it.
Rebekah changes sides and doesn't go back on her word like Elijah did in The Sacrifice. I dunno. I'm so glad I'm not writing this show. I would definitely kill it for everyone else. Love you Julie and Kevin :)


Next week is the 2011 finale. Make one bold prediction about what's to come on it. Klaus (and his hybrids) overpowers Mikael and stabs him with the stake that was intended to kill Klaus. I'd enjoy this turning of the table. BUT the final scene ends with the staked Mikael opening his eyes and pulling the stake out of his chest. Maybe his cannibalistic diet has something to do with it.

Allison berry barbieri

I want to weigh in on this round table as well! I think I have a bordering-on-unhealthy emotional investment in the show and the characters, so that obviously translates into my need to share my own two cents ;-) What was your favorite scene from the episode? It's totally lame, because there were so many awesome scenes, but the scene in the bed with Delena was so emotional, innocent and made my heart smile. There was no major cliffhanger: Refreshing or irritating? Refreshing. If every episode had a cliff-hanger, then the cliff-hangers wouldn't really be that excited, would they? What is your favorite Vampire Diaries flashback episode? "Blood Brothers". I loved that episode. I loved Stefan's desperation and the revelation that he forced Damon in vampirism. It explained so much about their relationship at the time, as well as Damon's then-love for Katherine. Bigger sin: Klaus killing his own mother, Stefan preying on a beautiful bar tender, or the writers keeping Caroline off the screen for an entire hour? Hmmm, how about skipping past entire doppleganger thing? I mean, who was the original doppleganger, was her name Petrova or has it just been called the "Petrova Doppleganger" because Katherine was a Petrova, are the dopplegangers all in the same family tree and, if so, did the original doppleganger have a child before she was sacrificed. And, really, why would the Original Witch even create a way to break the curse AND turn people into hybrids via doppleganger blood? But, to answer the actual question, obviously Klaus committing matricide is a pretty big sin! Next week is the 2011 finale. Make one bold prediction about what's to come on it. Oh wow. I have a few that I think have the possibility of happening.: the doppleganger is another of the siblings, thereby making Elena related (possibly) to Klaus's family line (I really need answers on this doppleganger thing); Elena and Damon will kiss just as Stefan begins to regain his humanity and goes to tell Elena he loves her; Klaus will take kidnap Elena, resulting in Damon having to go after her; something will happen with Tyler causing him to fully go bad; Rebekah will rescue Elijah from the "dead", tell him what REALLY happened, and they will team up with Papa Original to go after Klaus...the possibilities are endless with the TVD writers! Finally, why is there only male opinions in this roundtable?


1. When Elena told Rebekha that Klaus had killed their mother.
2. A little of both. When there is a BIG cliffhanger, it makes it so hard to wait till the next week to see what happens. But the suspense is ALWAYS GOOD.
3. REALLY, REALLY hard to decide. But this one was good since it showed the actual beginning for them.
4. Without a doubt it was Klaus killing his mother. To make it worse, he blames his dad for it....


Lol @guinea!!! But yea I've noticed that also ;). The epi was awesome esp. After last weeks um "ghost" 'thang. Love the originals and all the delena scenes esp. The last one in bed yay!!

Strawberry fields

The fact that there was no cliffhanger was definitely refreshing. We need a little oxygen break every now and then. Besides, I bet we'll get plenty of cliffhangers next episode… and then we'll have to wait until January which already makes me want to kill someone… I loved every flashback episode so far. They are always packed with key information to understanding what is going on. My favourite is probably "Klaus", just because it was the first time we actually saw Klaus. Klaus killing his mother was a sin, but what kind of a mother doesn't defend her son? Mikael treated him like shit. Btw, we didn't actually see it happening. Maybe there will be another twist in this story. Who did the drawings anyway? Was it Klaus? It's hard to believe that he would put the evidence of his crime on the wall for everyone to see. And if it was anyone else it could just as easily be a lie. It's not that hard, Klaus and Elijah invented the sun and moon curse and did fake drawings all over the globe. My favourite scene was Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah making a pact to "stick together as one". It was beautiful.


The BIGGEST shock of this episode: THERE'S a WHITE WITCH??? I thought TVD made a strict policy for black witches...


1. The bond formed between Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah
2. Refreshing. Yay for Delena too
3. This one by far.
4. I missed Caroline a lot so I'm gonna go with the fact that they kept Forwood off for an entire 60 minutes!
5. Klaus doesn't die.


This episode was awesome And I agree with most everyone. I MUST say something about the fibal scene. I must admit to literally re watching their scenes almost every episode, their chemistry is so overwhelming its fascinating. Damon is def. Not a poker player because his face/eyes/lips speak volumes. His content calm is obvious, this isn't fascination on his part. Damon is IN love, he is ibterestingly the brother that will never be content without her. Interestingly, Stefan IS as content and happy as he's ever been WITHOUcontrast. Major contrast that has become glaringly obcious. The major development. Besides Damons manors in holding back from going after Elena. Elena showed the same content calm, even after admitting her first love would only return because of his love for his BROTHER, not her. She is slowly growing up and realizing she is managing a happy existence without him. Its becoming crystal clear that she is. Falling IN love with the unlucky in love Salvatore. Delena will be a slow build and wont reach its height until the final season, that just became clear.

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