The Walking Dead Review: What's in the Barn?

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I'll control my people, you control yours.

As much as the "leaders" Rick and Hershel might agree to keep their respective groups in line, neither of them are doing a very good job. Everyone seems eager to create their own agenda, refusing to listen to others. Remember that saying there is no "I" in team? Someone better figure it out and quick.

Daryl hunted for Sophia on his own, which unfortunately meant that he had to fall a tremendous height and get stabbed by an arrow. He needs to work on his buddy system and that doesn't include using long lost brother Merle.

Making a Discovery

The return of Merle was certainly a tease, as it was merely a hallucination, but it did show further insight about Daryl. If anything, Daryl has managed to prove himself capable and caring, but living under his brother's shadow had originally squashed any level of concern for others. I disagree that the group won't support or would disregard Daryl in the future, and Merle's speech was merely the underlying subconscious poking through.

Carol's reassurance to Daryl that he's every bit as good as Rick or Shane was perfect because it was the truth. He's proven himself countless times. Sure, he can be a bit of an ass, filled with smart alec comments, but he has a heart. The only problem is that Merle's controlling and overbearing demeanor has negatively affected his self-confidence.

And how many times are Carol and Daryl going to have these quiet moments? Are these set ups for a possible relationship between the two?

Of course, I did love that he managed to get himself up and back to the group, but what was up with the zombie ears? I hope Daryl isn't going to revert himself back to his old racist, selfish ways after nearly getting killed. Oh, and then getting shot by Andrea? It was not his day.

I'm so pleased that Daryl managed to only get grazed by Andrea because on this show, anyone can be killed off. On the other hand, I'm tired of Andrea and her whiny, independent attitude. She needs to get over herself and stop moaning to everyone about not getting to take charge or carry a gun. Clearly, this should be the wake up call that shooting first and refusing to listen to Rick or Dale was not the right answer. If she doesn't change? A fatal zombie attack wouldn't have me shedding a tear because shooting Daryl was the last straw for me.

Even Shane isn't on the same thought process as Rick. He's already set to count his losses and move on. Rick refuses to do so, but when will that time come when he has to accept the fact that Sophia might not be alive? I mean, come on, it's been more than just days. At least their conversation managed to hit a few lighthearted moments about past hookups, mixing up bases and getting it on with a gym teacher. Too bad the "good old days" are over.

Hershel's people aren't off the hook, as they have been rather disobedient as well and Hershel is slowly watching everything unravel. Not only did Jimmy lie to Rick and join in Sophia's search, but he also failed to mention it to Hershel. Plus, Maggie refuses to follow her father's orders to stay away from Glenn. I'm simply waiting for Hershel to forget his kind manner and force the new group off his land. It's obvious he's losing control.

And that should become evident next episode now that Glenn has finally discovered the farm's secret. Hershel has been keeping a group of zombies penned up inside the barn. Why? It remains to be seen, but it's a dangerous choice considering what would happen if the lock on the barn door ever broke. He better have a good explanation.

"Chupacabra" continued to feel like a calm before the storm. I'm looking forward to returning back to those high tension and exciting moments that existed throughout the first few episodes. And while it doesn't always have to be gratuitous zombie scenes, I'm glad it appears the group will have more to discuss and deal with than just missing Sophia.

And let's just hope everyone comes up with some good ideas because I'm starting to agree with Hershel: after some of the choices they've made, it's a wonder the group has survived this long.

Is it time to give up on the search? What's Hershel's reasons for keeping zombies locked up? Will the group ever leave the farm? As always, sound off below!


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Just watched the abortion pills and gun training episode still the doors of the barn are shut. Want to see it open


This season tends to be bit "monocolored" or whatever i should call it. Now, after a total of 5 episodes, all there's been about is the search for that annoying girl. They haven't moved their asses away from the farm or highway since the first episode. Compared to the first season, where there was a hole lot going on, over just 8 episodes. The second season on the other hand, are much slower. Com'on, they even made a hole episode about Dale's search for the girl, and accidently fell on his arrow. End of story.


If Hershel does truly believe that there is a cure, then I think that the zombies in the barn are probably walkers that have come up to the farm that Hershel thinks he can save when the 'cure' is found. So he keeps them locked up till then. I don't think it was his family as there looked like there was far too many to be them.


Bobby...Shane said that the search would change, statistically, from a search for a girl to a search for a girl's body. They don't abandon the search for a little girl after 72 hours in real life. I am not completely sure, on the show, why the only one who has any stake in finding the girl is staying at home and cooking up a mess o' chitlins, but whatever.
Alex, Carl's recuperation could keep them on the farm. They don't need the girl for that. The girl is being used as a reason to keep them all split up and having goals. It's a filming device more than a plot device, seems to me. It's hard to write interesting scenes when everyone is just hunkering down together waiting for a boy to wake up...and it's not visually interesting. Also, it's damned time consuming to shoot scenes where there are nine people in it. The coverage is a bitch. Keep them divided, you only need to call in one or two actors for a scene, that's easier.
Dramatically, this search blows. There is no known,or even hinted at, motivation for the girl to hide from her own people. The girl contributes not at all, the girl has said maybe two lines. In the comic she's Carl's budding love interest, but vaguely even there. Sissy is correct about the cost issue. My guess is that they want to keep the character for some future story line, but didn't want to pay the a regular. So she's "lost". Well said, Sissy.


@Bobby, A friend of mine read the comments and said that things get really interesting once the barn door is open. Now that its open, apparently there's gonna be bloodshed. I'm guessing that the whole Sophia plot was just a plot device to keep us at the barn, its not the main trama as you assume. The big deal here is Hershel and his barn.


What a disappointment this season has been. The writers have been lazy as hell. Yea, I get the whole philosophical dilemma of ‘how long should we search' regarding Sophia. Shane said it best when he said, ‘in the past we would stopped looking after 72 hours.’ Okay. We get it. However, it appears the writers (and other reviews on this page) think it takes all season to drive this point home. Well, guys- it doesn’t. Better shows can create this mood in two episodes. Sadly, most of this season has been filler. From irrelevant scenes that changed nothing regarding the story line to scenes that zapped whatever common since our protagonists SHOULD have had - It’s just been shamelessly bad. Little do the writers know that when Hershel says, “It’s a wonder you guys have survived this long� that most of us bitterly agreed.


I don't know what all the to-do is over Sophia. After counting back all the episodes, 8 or 9 of them, she's not said but two sentences and one of those was "yes sir". She's probably not coming back as her acting, or lack of, probably wasn't worth the amount of money they were paying her to play the part. If she was a "contributor" in a couple of the episodes, I could see how people would miss her but as a body that walks around with a sad face, holds a doll and say's nothing.? I have never read the comic's but sure wish someone would enlighten me on the Walkers in the barn. That's really freaky...!!!


i assume all the people in the barn are just some workers and walkers that wondered up to the residence. When they see Daryl(injured) Rick yells to Shane that Herschel wants to "deal with" walkers


@Steven, That's the point. You're not supposed to care about her. In fact, no one in the group knows her well or cares about her either. People like Shane and Laurie have already mentioned that they want to move on and abandon the search, while Rick is having an internal struggle to make a decision. Now, if they all knew the girl really well, they probably wouldn't be thinking that. Like Shane said, if it was Carl, it would be different, but because its Sophia, he doesn't care. If we got to know Sophia better through flashbacks, we wouldn't be in the same position as Shane, Rick and the others. We would clearly think that they have to find Sophia. Instead, we have the same internal struggle. Should they save Carol's daughter or should they just move on from this boring and senseless search? Everyone's thinking it, both those on the show and on the couch. It really says something about our need to be familiar with people to feel sympathy for them. Its like the tale of Noah's Ark. Sure, its a cute story where God told Noah to pack his family into a boat and save their lives. However, Noah's salvation seems to overshadow the reality of the mass genocide that occurred in the background. We don't immediately care about all those people who drowned to death, but that's because the book never talks about them. If they were front and center in the story, we'd call the story appalling and inhumane. But because they aren't, it's a touching story of how Noah and his family were saved by God.


Sophia might be a plot device but it's still bad writing in my opinion. If they wanted to keep the group on the farm for a while then they could've just kept them on the farm while Carl recovers and Herschel makes up his mind. Because I'm pretty sure up til now, Sophia or not, Carl is the reason they're still there. If they were going to drag this Sophia thing out then they should've put some effort into her character development. Heck even if they did a few meaningful flashbacks about Sophia that would help. As it is no one cares that she's missing and the whole thing is getting stale.

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