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What?!? Something is in the barn? I kinda want to know what it is. Whatever it is I hope they get to it soon because I am sick of life on Hershel farm. For real.


For the people who has been following the comic book all this months and years, will have already figure out what is inside the barn and that Lori is pregnant thanks to Shane. Beside that, the episode is just a build up of situation that in the comic we already know. They better move on with more interested situation or will become just another boring show!!!!!


I agree that it was really a bland episode. It moved no story forward. It really shone no new light on any all. Gave Daryl a chance to show that he knew some native lore, I guess, and that he's taken to only carrying one bolt for his crossbow, he's so confident.

It really seems like the show is just waiting around for the mid season break so they can have their Big Reveal of "What's In The Barn?"

Really, the Lost Sophia plotline is played out. What is the use of it? I can't imagine any viewer is all angsty about a little girl we've hardly ever seen on screen, and who has said almost nothing. It's the LEAST eagerly anticipated plot line ever. And it's gone on so long that she's clearly alive, so... what?

I second the peeing thing. We wasted screentime on pottytime?

Good review. Not a very good episode.

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