TV Fanatic Gives Thanks for Caroline Forbes, Homeland and More

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Happy Thanksgiving, TV Fanatics! In honor of America's most ravenous holiday, our staff has gathered to offer our gratitude to various programs, characters and items from the world of television.

Join us now as we raise a glass to the best Thanksgiving-themed scene in TV history (below) and give thanks for...

... the enthusiasm of Caroline Forbes on The Vampire Diaries.
... heat waves on Hart of Dixie.
... Connie Britton making a quick return to the small screen.
... Kurt Sutter's Twitter feed.
... every moment Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are on the screen together

... Castle and Beckett and how they give a cup of coffee a whole new meaning.
... Homeland.
... Eric and Sookie getting it on. Finally.
... this video from Jeff Winger and Dean Pelton.
... ABC and NBC for really Britta-ing their Cougar Town and Community scheduling.
... Every word out of Eli Gold's mouth.
... and Sue Sylvester's mouth.
... and definitely Ron Swanson's mouth.
... the Graysons for setting up David Clarke, enabling his daughter to take Revenge every Wednesday night.
... Jess' theme song.
... Once Upon a Time, which proves fairy tales are not just for children.
... our loyal readers, who frequent our site, leave comments, vote in polls, view videos, populate forums and make it a true pleasure for us to provide all the TV content we can on a daily basis.


@Bored Now: Sorry but I love CarBear. And I love Delena. Don't act like most people do not. TV Fanatic is "different" but Delena is as popular here as the rest of the world. Sowie "Bored" but selling your brand of "know it all" mixed with "I miss Buffy" oh and "I hate life and everyone in it" isn't as mainstream. Giving thanks for all of the above AND DELENA.

Kitanishi h mcdonald

please don't mention the dysfunctional stuff majority of tvfanatic visitors can't stand like Elena pairings in the comments for article about the utter and freaking awesomeness of Caroline Forbes, also known as the best thing about Vampire Diaries. thank you. YAY CAROLINE!


And delena!!!


Happy Thanksgiving from Belgium! :D


I live in a country that doesn't celebrate thanksgiving but am thankful for all the supporting xters who still give their all week after week and make us enjoy the shows we love. Happy thanksgiving


We Canadians have already celebrated our Thanksgiving, but I wish you all in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. And also thankful that Castle and Beckett are on your list - they're Canadian too :-)


Happy thanksgiving,,n am also thankful for mike and his skinny tie an harvey and his movie analogies,,,love tv fanatic.

Strawberry fields

@Carissa - thank you so much! In that case I have to add one thing to my list - I'm also thankful for Carissa who will celebrate Thanksgiving for me :) Btw, it's so cool that there is some Polish blood in the Staff :)

Gaby ee

This list is amazing! Happy Thanksgiving from Ecuador.


Hey Strawberry Fields!! From an American of Polish descent, I'll celebrate for you. Hello to the homeland! ;-)