TV Fanatic Staff Selection, Take 7: Stelena for Best Teen Couple!

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Welcome to the latest opportunity for a TV Fanatic staff member to defend one of our Best Teen Couple nominees. If you missed previous editions, so far...

Now, Kate Moon is here to shine a light on Stelena. Do they have your vote? She'll try to convince you below...

Forget comparisons between The Vampire Diaries and Twilight and True Blood. Elena is no Sookie or Bella, thank goodness. 

In a world as supernatural as Mystic Falls, this young woman manages to remain grounded, portraying believable teenage angst at every turn. Sure, who wouldn't want to be caught between two sexy brothers like Stefan and Damon? But instead of being whiny like Bella or greedy like Sookie, Elena has so far managed to stay true to Stefan, despite his best American Psycho impressions this season.

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I'm not saying Elena isn't tempted by Damon's incredibly sexy body (let's just put that on the record, and then stare at it for awhile) or his dangerous bad boy ways. Carissa made some good points in this defense of Delena.

She's confessed that she's attracted to Damon and that she loves him, but ultimately it's always been. Stefan. It's highly plausible that The Vampire Diaries will tease Delena shippers as much as it can with their thinly veiled banters and sexual chemistry, but will Elena actually give in? And if she does, will it be the pure love that she and Stefan have enjoyed?

I should be honest and admit that I, much like Elena, occasionally fall for Delena. It's tempting, it's fun, and Damon is amazing. I adore Damon. But fleeting temptation and attraction doesn't make a real relationship. And that's the whole dynamic of Stelena. Through thick and thin, Elena has always relied on Stefan to be her lover, best friend and her confidante. And Stefan has proved that nothing, short of Klaus's compulsion, can "fix" Stefan of that love.

And there is a reason why the Stefan-Elena-Damon dynamic works so well. Stefan and Damon are brothers. Damon, despite his love for Elena and all that it represents, knows that Stefan is the one that deserves someone as good and unselfish as Elena. Ultimately, all three involved in the love triangle are aware that Stefan and Elena are right for each other, and when Stefan is dragged back from the edge of the earth, all will be well. 

So, come on! Agree with me now and choose Stelena from the following teen couple options!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Finn and Rachel (Glee)

Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

Caroline and Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl)

Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Matty and Jenna (Awkward)

Annie and Liam (90210)

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Emma and Ethan (The Lying Game)

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Total Votes: 63262


Gabi,iti dai seama cat tupeu si ipocrizie din ptaera acestor ciocoi noi ai tranzitiei,si-au adus aminte de electorat,acum cand au loc alegeri locale,sa le fie rusine,o zi buna Tavi:)


@Kavfan DE & SE has done their share of lying. So no, SE isn't just based on lies. No one's saying Stefan's a saint. Fans are just pointing out all the good that Stefan's done. Stefan may have fed on her ancestors, Damon has also fed on her best friend and her mother and countless others. By the way, I hear alot about how SE isn't realistic. If that's the case, DE isn't either. Realistically, I find it hard to believe for someone to fall in love with someone who has done all that Damon's done. But I'm referring that opinion to reality, not on the TV show. So please don't say SE isn't realistic because if that relationship isn't, DE isn't either. I ship SE but I like DE too. Just because DE has been fun and epic doesn't make SE any less epic either. And sorry, this article did a bad job at supporting and explaining SE. Terrible.


The best points have been in the comment section and by early delena commentors. Kinda sad that this is the stelena section. I don't ship but its becoming clear that stelena isn't supported, at the very least because Elena and Stefan are better characters apart romantically.


Delena won!! Awesome! :D


Im really upset tht i havent checked tv fanatic and i missed this voting thing :( i have read almost all the comments and for the ones who are blind and cannot see most of the comments are stelena fans with long useful points!! Delena fans are not bias here...your supposed to look clearly for the reasons why damon or stefan should be with not a person who would hate Damon just because i love stefan...i absolutely adore damon, why? because no matter how much u sit there and stare at one of his pictures u will never get tired! he is gorgeous and smoking hot and no one not even stelena fans can deny this..i loved damon from the very first episode - his mean/funny character - thts what makes him damon..he's been so boring in season 3...i think he just had 2 or 3 funny quotes in all these recent episodes and thts just imagine how he's going to turn out to be when he's in a relationship with elena-and again im not denying the fact tht they wont be in a serious relationship...there has to be, cuz its a love triangle, they can't fully ignore the book :p I can't rememeber where i read tht damon was never selfish...oh please have u really watched this show? all damon was in the past 2seasons was selfishness! like when he kissed katherine thinking it was elena - at tht moment he didnt even think about the fact tht he was kissing his brother's girlfriend - stefan freakin saved his life 2min before tht scene! Ok maybe when u start kissing someone u dont wanna stop and ur not really thinking about anything at tht time - but then he kept trying to get elena to talk to him about it and when he found out it wasnt elena he got reaaalllyyyy upset! he should've been glad! because in real-life tht's not wat brothers do for each other! even when in the past when stefan was being blood-aholic and bad, damon walked away...he didnt even try to help him and he was too upset about losing his loving katherine! He tried to kiss elena again in season 2 being selfish again! And here in season 3 he tried to be selfless...yes he showed tht...with the whole map on his closet door...and he didnt tell elena about it because he knows tht she would put herself in danger to save stefan's life...damon hurt stefan for god knows how many times-but stefan has always saved his life in return...i do know tht it would hurt him to see stefan in physical pain cuz we've seen tht, but we havent really seen how he actually gets off his lazy butt and saves stefan's ass like how stefan does it for him - im talking about the brothers mostly right now because im trying to tell u guyz tht stefan does these kind of things for damon because he's his brother and elena is not in the middle of all this...when two ppl love each other they want to fight for each other...stefan and elena fight each toher - they've been in with each other through thick and thin...katherine tried to break them up but tht didnt last very long-and they broke up to save each otherz lives! theyve been apart for such a long time in season 3 only because stefan wanted to keep klaus away from mystic falls and elena! (not because he walked away to save his brother!!!!!!!)))) dude!!! u really need to sit down and watch this tv show! because clearly u havent seen a single bit of it! he already had saved damon at the end of season 2 with getting klaus' blood for him there was no need to walk away to save him! stelena's scenes are so intense and loving tht it even brings tears to many delena fans-what was up with the scene when they were lieing down next to each other trying to sleep...why the hell did ppl think tht was so "sweet" did i miss seeing them kiss? did i miss hearing them say to each other tht they love each other? nno! all elena told him was tht she doesnt hate him for releasing stefan-what she's trying to do is to get the brothers to be closer to each other!
Overall, i would say the exact same points as mimi and kelly and all these stelena fans who have made clear and useful not going to waste my time reapeating because delena fans do not want to listen...
and btw this voting was not really fair..why are there couples from different shows? gossip girl and vampire diaries? really? they cannot even be compared with each other other than the fact tht they're not ALLOWED to be i would make separate votings to show the REAL results!


@shai no i guess you have got it seriously????he loves elena and damon both..just because he loves damon does not mean he loves elena less...ahaha and his love for elena is definetly greater than his craving for blood..he walked away in season 3 episode 3 from elena..remember the break up part??????and hello????my second point states he treats elena as equal..where does damon come in between if you disagree with my points then i request you to go back and watch the series again and then comment something sensible..
p.s: i dnt want to be rude but seriously that was just lame


how truely epic can stelena really be if her heart had room in there for her 2 fall 4 damon 2 which we all know she did. there's a difference between love at 1st sight and blind love. facts r they said i love u and slept 2gether by episode 10. that 2 me doesn't scream epic. thats called teenage hormones. if u really believe the writers r spending over 3 seasons 2 develope delena as just a tease or friendship than ur having trouble reading between the lines and it's always been damon there 4 her 2 confide in and help her such as their road trip after finding out about katherine after sleeping 2gether with stefan. slipped ur mind stefan. must have been a reason why u failed 2 mention this little detail. could it be elena thinking she might have been a replacement? bottom line is how epic or 4ever could stelena have been if she also fell in love with damon? and if she says i love u 2 damon and makes love 2 him which we know she will do u really want her 2 risk her relationship with stefan 4 something that is just a fling? and why would u even want them 2 get back 2gether after that?


Wow, you spent more time talking about Delena than Stelena. For me, it's always going to be Stelena. Whenever they're on screen I go asdfghjkl. Yes, at first they were the perfect couple. But people need to stop saying Stefan never showed Elena his bad side. To some extent he did, but why is that so necessary? He fights that side every day (well, aside from right now, but you get the point) and does not want to embrace it. Elena knows he has a dark side and helps him fight it. She's his light. And Stefan would give up everything he has for her. It breaks my heart that Stefan gets so under-appreciated. He has risked his own life time and time again to save almost every one of the characters on the show, and now after he has given himself up to save his brother, everyone just says "oh, he's gone and can't be saved" and go on with their life. Even with his emotions turned off, he still cares enough to save Damon's ass again. This season has just made me that much more of a Stelena shipper. Paul Wesley's performance has been incredible and together with Nina they have ripped my heart out time and time again with all these intense Stelena scenes. Elena not growing with Stefan? Um, how has she not grown in the last 3 seasons? ...Yeah. Delena just doesn't work for me, not just because I'm a Stelena fan. I simply can't get behind what it represents.


@kelly:i completely agree wit u,delena wouldn't exist if not for stefan,he's the reason why they are both still alive,end of story!And i just can't stand stelena hate that's why i'm still commenting,to me their relationship is much more realistic,strong,pure and passionate than delena,and i'll say this over and over again and i'm nt taking it back,damon doesn't respect elena's decisions,he won't even allow her to make it talk more of respecting them.Stelena all the way!


Don't you just love it when all the comments here are DE and in the DE post, there were also SE ones? *sarcasm*
IMO, both ships are pretty messed up and Elena's too boring to have TWO sexy Vampires worship at her altar.
Forwoood xP

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