TV Fanatic Staff Selection, Take 7: Stelena for Best Teen Couple!

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Welcome to the latest opportunity for a TV Fanatic staff member to defend one of our Best Teen Couple nominees. If you missed previous editions, so far...

Now, Kate Moon is here to shine a light on Stelena. Do they have your vote? She'll try to convince you below...

Forget comparisons between The Vampire Diaries and Twilight and True Blood. Elena is no Sookie or Bella, thank goodness. 

In a world as supernatural as Mystic Falls, this young woman manages to remain grounded, portraying believable teenage angst at every turn. Sure, who wouldn't want to be caught between two sexy brothers like Stefan and Damon? But instead of being whiny like Bella or greedy like Sookie, Elena has so far managed to stay true to Stefan, despite his best American Psycho impressions this season.

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I'm not saying Elena isn't tempted by Damon's incredibly sexy body (let's just put that on the record, and then stare at it for awhile) or his dangerous bad boy ways. Carissa made some good points in this defense of Delena.

She's confessed that she's attracted to Damon and that she loves him, but ultimately it's always been. Stefan. It's highly plausible that The Vampire Diaries will tease Delena shippers as much as it can with their thinly veiled banters and sexual chemistry, but will Elena actually give in? And if she does, will it be the pure love that she and Stefan have enjoyed?

I should be honest and admit that I, much like Elena, occasionally fall for Delena. It's tempting, it's fun, and Damon is amazing. I adore Damon. But fleeting temptation and attraction doesn't make a real relationship. And that's the whole dynamic of Stelena. Through thick and thin, Elena has always relied on Stefan to be her lover, best friend and her confidante. And Stefan has proved that nothing, short of Klaus's compulsion, can "fix" Stefan of that love.

And there is a reason why the Stefan-Elena-Damon dynamic works so well. Stefan and Damon are brothers. Damon, despite his love for Elena and all that it represents, knows that Stefan is the one that deserves someone as good and unselfish as Elena. Ultimately, all three involved in the love triangle are aware that Stefan and Elena are right for each other, and when Stefan is dragged back from the edge of the earth, all will be well. 

So, come on! Agree with me now and choose Stelena from the following teen couple options!

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Elena and Stefan (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Finn and Rachel (Glee)

Aria and Ezra (Pretty Little Liars)

Caroline and Tyler (The Vampire Diaries)

Blair and Dan (Gossip Girl)

Spencer and Toby (Pretty Little Liars)

Matty and Jenna (Awkward)

Annie and Liam (90210)

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

Emma and Ethan (The Lying Game)

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

Total Votes: 63262


Sarah...your first point isn't technically correct. He walked away to save his brother. Your second point could be said for Damon also. Your third point should have Damons name not Elenas. Your points are so transparent, like your couple.


this article is just sad....I think about stelena and i can come up with numerous reasons why they should end up together....1)he loves her so much that he walks away from their relationship in 3X03 to keep her safe..2)he actually respects her opinions and treats her as equal 3)"the only thing stronger than his craving for blood is his love for elena 4)he actually cares about her family and friends and i can go on and on..and also to ppl who say he just got attracted to elena because she looks like katherine so damon should be with elena...haha what do you think attracted damon?????he was so in love with katherine that he spent one half of season 1 trying to free her..and in 1st epi of season 2 he actually said he would spend his eternity with katherine if she loves him!!!!like hello and now you say this guy loves elena(who btw is his lil bro's girl)stefan..stefan and elena love each other..its just that simple....being in a relationship doesnt mean throwing those smoldering looks...being in a relationship is to accept each others flaws(like elena accepted stefans flwas), respect each others opinions(like stefan accepted elena's decision of meeting elijah), knowing what your better half is feeling without even talking (like elena knew what stefan was going thru in epi 3X01 and stefan knowing what elena was going through in epi 2X20), finding happiness in each others arm even in times of despair(like stefan and elena always do)...thats what a true relationship is...ya stelena did not have build up but they gradually learnt about each other, discovered more things and loved each other more and more if people think stelena is not true love then i wonder if they know what love even is...


I don't hate Stefan, I kno ALOT of Delena fans LOVE Stefan. They are either Stefan fans that think he is better without her or they just love Delena more. I personally like him but I don't love him. Some of my friends LOVE Stefan even though they are hardcore Delena. Love for Delena issue widespread so fans of them can't be grouped as one


@kelly amen! hallelloujah! stefan gave up everything to save damon and he still does and he's still so much hated! that unbelievable!!! STELENA 4 LIFE!!!


Oh guys really chill out!!! Why all this Stelena hate?? I mean , I know there's this craaazy Delena fanbase but please we all need to see the circumstances realistically! Stelena is a couple that fall for each other from the moment they first saw each other (and don't start with the whole "oh stefan only loved elena because of katherine" 'cause it's not true!! really!! ) they love each other deeply no matter what, he would die for her she would die for him!! all these quoted that they have told to each nother even in this season!! klaus, rebekah, gloria (the witch) all see how elena will always be the one for stefan!!! always!!! and don't get me wrong, i'm not saying elena has no feelings for damon.. she does, it's obvious!!! but that means nothing!!! i don't think (at least for now) that she will ever love him more than stefan.. that's just my opinion though!! and all of you delena fans.. your couple wouldn't exist if it wasn't for stefan! if stefan didn't exist ('cause i read a comment from a de fan saying that they should kill stefan off for crying out loud!) damon wouldn't be this person right now, 'cause i strongly believe that damon has changed due to stefan not elena!! he would have killed caroline, bonnie, jeremy and he would be katherine's toy for ever! so that's what i wanted to say feel free to comment back :)


Sorry Stelena fans, but I just don't get the beauty of Stelena. They are not realistic. Just an obstacle on the way of epic Delena love story.


Boooo to all of these couples.


Quoting a girl with no life experience or relationship experience, especially right after her parents died. Then, quoting a guy who always loses the girl to his brother....yea Manty that makes a lot of sense. Its already changed....


@katia:she doesn't need to make any decision we all knw what's gonna be"IT WILL ALWAYZ BE STEFAN" and its not even coz he saw her first but coz he's the one that deserves her just like damon said"i don't deserve you,but my brother does"


@lol:jst 20yrs old.

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