TV Fanatic Staff Selection, Take 3: Kensi and Deeks for Most Dynamic Duo!

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TV Fanatic is asking readers to vote on the Most Dynamic TV Duo. But as you do, over the next week and a half, we're making the case for various tandems our staff members believe deserve the designation.

One staff writer argued for Revenge's Emily and Nolan yesterday. Another lobbied hard for Mike and Harvey from Suits. Now it's time for my personal favorites in this category: Kensi Blye and Marty Deeks.

Why should these NCIS: Los Angeles agents win? I'll tell you.

Deeks and Kensi Picture

Plenty of TV pairings have palpable chemistry, but Kensi and Deeks may be unique among our contenders because theirs is more bromantic than romantic ... and they're straight members of the opposite sex.

Both are easy on the eyes (or so I've been told, in Deeks' case, by certain people I'm married to), and there's sexual tension there. But there's also almost a sibling-like rivalry and camaraderie between them.

I think the reason I like Deeks and Kensi so much is just that - they're hard to put your finger on.

G. Callen and Sam Hanna (Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J) form quite a duo themselves, one worthy of this contest. You'd probably call them first if you were about to die. But they don't match Densi to me.

Tomboyish Kensi is more masculine in some respects than Deeks, who highlights his hair (come on, it's obvious) and is definitely not the alpha male of the group. That makes for an interesting juxtaposition.

She's also the more highly trained of the two. Deeks' detective skills are superb, and he's LAPD's finest on his worst day. But compared to his own partner, he's often struggling to keep up. Which is awesome.

Point being, they don't fit a stereotype. He frequently flirts with her, then use her as a wingman in the same breath. He denies that he has "a thing" for Kensi, but his body language often says otherwise.

She'll ridicule him endlessly, but turn on a dime and get jealous if she doesn't have his full attention. How deep do their feelings go? It's as if the characters themselves couldn't answer that conclusively.

This much is undeniable, though: On a show predicated on partnerships, there's none better. Trading barbs with each other or trading shots at terrorists, they have each other's backs come what may.

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah both do a terrific job of portraying their characters individually and collectively with an authenticity that extends beyond dialogue. Every scene they're in feels so real.

Both alternate between dramatic and comedic moments seamlessly, with even the slightest facial expressions conveying the depth of their relationship - underrated talents for a so-called procedural.

So pull the virtual lever for Shaggy and Kens below if you know what's good for you. If you're still not convinced, these modern day ninjas could off you and make sure no one notices. Just saying.

Who's TV's most dynamic duo?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Castle and Beckett - Castle

Brennan and Booth - Bones

Harvey and Mike - Suits

Shawn and Gus - Psych

Troy and Abed - Community

Tony and Ziva - NCIS

Emily and Nolan - Revenge

Reese and Finch - Person of Interest

Sam and Dean - Supernatural

Dan and Chuck - Gossip Girl

Rizzoli and Isles - Rizzoli & Isles

Alaric and Damon - The Vampire Diaries

Kensi and Deeks - NCIS: Los Angeles

Max and Caroline - 2 Broke Girls

Chuck and Sarah - Chuck

Total Votes: 55799

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@lee - I totally agree and I think they love each other, but none of them wants to admit it.


kenzi and deek are interesting-fun and at the same time serious. you never really know what's with them-but you do know they care and when the hammer falls, they will be there for each other


@Jenna couldnt have said it better. @Steve Awesome write up.You probably had the best argument thus far.Very strong and convincing, especially since Im fond of about six of the duos in this category.I liked your argument best.


@Washington, The characters have grown in their short time together, but remember that they need more time to evolve. These two have only been a pair for one full season and a handful of episodes beyond that. That's not much time, logically speaking. Give them a chance to get somewhere. They already HAVE evolved in small bits along the way...Kensi has become less serious since being around Deeks; Deeks has found a "home" of sorts at NCIS; they have evolved in their trust towards each other and also other people since being paired together. They fit together fantastically as characters. But they do need more time. Give them a chance to keep growing as partners and as characters.


No, there is nothing refreshing or new about the bitchy, touch girl and the dopey, dumb guy characters together. Look it up on TVTropes. It's overused to the point of exhaustion. It's never funny to me when the tough girl constantly emasculates the goofy guy and insults/assaults him. How is that cute? The woman being more masculine than the guy is pathetic for the guy, not funny or original or sweet. Hell, a tough girl with more to her than that cliche and an easygoing guy who isn't the dumb Butt Monkey would be just fine. But, sadly, Deeks is the Butt Monkey of the show and is rarely shown to be otherwise (a shame because I think Olsen one of the better actors in this show, along with Ruah). I actually used to like these two together, but this show and its writers rely too heavily on cheap, lazy writing gimmicks (these two characters are a prime example of that, as neither character grows or evolves, individually or together) and insist instead on using stupid cliches for the both of them, which Deeks and Kensi rarely go beyond as characters. That's a big no-no for a writer! Yes, on the rare occasion that Deeks and Kensi hit the nail on the head, I'm more inclined to believe it's because of the actors and their awesome chemistry (which they have in spades! These two should do a dark, gritty movie together or something), rather than the stale, lazy writers. The writers disappoint me in regards to these two. Deeks and Kensi could be so damned awesome if the writers made them more than the typical archetypes and evolved them beyond the stereotypical box! What a shame. Also, saying Deeks gets his hair highlighted is like saying that Sam and Callen wear makeup. It's the actors/makeup artists who do this, not the character in the TV show universe.

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