Who is Returning to 90210?

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A familiar face will make her way back to Beverly Hills in early 2012.

As first reported by Entertainment Weekly, Sara Foster will reprise the role of Naomi's snooty sister, Jen, for three episodes after this show returns from winter break. To what end?

Naomi and Jen Clark

With son Jacques by her side, Jen will reportedly first appear near the end of this season's 16th episode. She'll arrive with a singular mission in mind: finding a rich bachelor to make her man. But an awkward problem will arrive when all the suitors Naomi helps her sibling find... will fall for her instead!

90210 airs a new episode this Tuesday. Watch the official preview for it NOW.


I honestly don't care so much if he dies or not, I mean, a male model in LA??? Oh, that's a such a good storyline!!!! If it weren't for Annie he would be hella boring. The only reason why they made the model storyline is cause he has a six pack (indeed hot). I mean, he might as well act naked by now _:)


Great that Jane is back, but such a lame storyline. I mean, didn't Naomi already "went through" that with that nerdy zeta ro phi girl?? And why is everyone talking about Ethan?? Is he coming back??


All the hot girls must return. At the top of that list: Naomi, Adriana, and Silver. I didn't see the last four years of Beverly Hills due to a shortage of lovely ladies.


I completely agree with Dexter Idolizer


How did she steal the baby from Ryan!? Wierd... poor child beeing tossed from parent to parent like that...


but isn't baby jacques in france with deb and ryan?


hey when is ethan back?

Claire mac

i hate jen!


so is it another 'you-stole-my-bf' storyline?


This is fantastic news! I love Jen so much! Too bad she never ended up with Ryan in the end. It made more sense than him and Deb.

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.