2 Broke Girls Midseason Report Card: C

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Before you unwrap any presents, are you ready to unwrap another Midseason Report Card?

With every show either on hiatus or about to take a very long break for the holidays, our staff has been taking this opportunity to evaluate where a handful of programs stand around their seasonable halfway point.

Among other shows, we've covered Supernatural; Private Practice and Fringe. Now, chief 2 Broke Girls critic Kris Hemki take on this popular new CBS sitcom...

Max and Caroline

Best Character: Max. I’m a huge fan of Kat Dennings’ heart, wrapped in a hard shell of snark. Max also gives us a wonderful backstory to root for, and a love story that really made her vulnerable and lit up the few episodes in which they were highlighted. Max can swagger Brooklyn all she wants, but she’s relatable. At the end of the day, I can’t help but wish her much success.

Worst Character: Han. At the beginning of the season I often referred to the secondary characters in the diner as Larry, Curly and Moe. While Earl and Oleg have elevated themselves a bit, despite the terrible renderings of their characters, Han has not (no pun intended).

Best Episode: “And The Really Petty Cash." How the wonderful chemistry in this episode has not been bottled yet and replicated for subsequent episodes is a travesty and a tragedy. They had a romance for which almost everyone is a sucker. It played with our emotions, it was hilarious and it had unexpected moments that made it stand out from other episodes, such as the whole awkwardness in the art gallery that included yet another stolen kiss with Johnny.

Worst Episode: "And the Reality Check." I actually gave it the same grade as another lower-ranked episode “And The Pop Up Sale." But while “Sale” had heart and Max/ Caroline dynamic to balance out the not so funny parts, “Check” has none of those. It’s an episode about a horse, with horse humor. Much as I love Chestnut, nothing about horses is inherently funny, and this episode didn’t convince me otherwise.

Most Interesting Development: Johnny having a girlfriend and kissing Max anyway. Max having to work for her at an art show. Johnny kissing her again. What big, messy fun! That’s called tension. The good kind.

Biggest Surprise: That the show has taken so long to course-correct itself from the low-comedy return of the secondary male characters in the diner. Plot wise, the biggest surprise was that second kiss in “And the Really Petty Cash."

Hopes for 2012: It’s often repeated in my reviews: drop the secondary male characters that aren’t working or minimize their involvement, much like Gunther in Friends. Bring in more people that don’t just deliver quips around the girls, but also contributes juicy storylines. They’ve had only one character do that – Johnny – and he’s only been in a handful of installments. Without those things happening, I can’t see it gaining traction with fans or critics. Since Johnny disappeared, we’ve had readers talk about giving it one more chance before they quit. It’s something the creators should correct quickly because those chances may not come again.

Overall Grade: C.

Agree? Disagree? Weigh in with your midseason grade for 2 Broke Girls now!


i completely agree with Nictana!! I give it a big fat A! My stomach hurts from laughing so hard! no other show (except the big bang theory) has that effect on me


I give this show a big A. I love this show, everything about it. Ok Han, Oleg and Earl are not the most interesting characters but they're fun anyway. And Max and Caroline aure just perfect. My favourite episode is The Petty Cash as well, I laughed the whole time. I also loved the first scenes of the seventh and the first episode. When I heard Max say "That's the sound that dries up my vagina", I knew that this show would be amazing. I really hope that Johnny comes back, as well as Chestnut, when the weather will be nicer. And I wanna see them earning big money!


I give it a b. I like it alot but I think they should get rid of all the supporting characters cause there lame and bring back Johnny


This is one of my 3 fave new fall shows.


Totaly dissagree: max, caroline,peach, & han are the only good/funny characters.Earl, Oleg are awful and Johnny I only care about a little cause I want to see Max happy and I can tell she really likes him but otherwise his charcter isnt good or intersting and I think another guy could fill maxs love interest role.I dont watch comedies/sitcoms but hardly ever, but this show is hilarious and has touching moments, max &caroline have great girl buddy chemistry.I also dont usually like/find funny rauchy humor but lmao during this show, I like girl buddy shows and liked satc so im glad this ones by one of the satc guys.In these hard economic times, people ,myself included, can relate to the girls being broke ect.

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