90210 Winter Premiere Preview: The Return Of...

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Prepare for a dramatic return of 90210 on January 17, fans. (Yes, it's January 17, despite that the promo reads below.)

Following a 2011 finale that left one character's life in the balance, this drama ratchets up the intensity with "Should Old," an episode that features the return of a recurring character especially important to Navid.

Find out who it is at the conclusion of the following CW preview:

What grade would you give 90210 so far this season?

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@mhgreen3000 thanx but that was just an assumption not actual spoilers, speculations if you want to call them


@rita, I completely back your statement up, but I don't like Silver being together with Navid, just because I see no chemistry between the two, and because Navid is Dixon's best friend, and Dixon is Silver's ex, whom she had her biggest love for. If you've watched the whole first season you would know what I'm talking about. But yes she is never in a stable relationship anymore, like she was in Dixon's. Now her relationships last like less than half a season, half a season tops....


Oh let's not even start when she tried to hook her other friend annie to the teacher she is hooked up now, without even asking annie was ok with it. And when she found out about Navid being in the hospital, she didn't even mind visiting and asking him if he was really with the cop pr at least be there for him as a friend. She left tjhe poor guy to go kiss a married guy.. She is as slutty as her sister! I used to like her but now I am sick and tired of her hypocrtical ass and rightous personnality.


I hope I am not the only one who is sick and tired of "higher than thou" silver. The way she treated Navid the whole season when he was trying to help his family ( how could she understand it anyway with an alcoholic of a mother and never been there father ). She never tried to understand his posititon and once again she jumped to conclusions. I cannot believe she lost her best friend ( adriana) for a guy she didn't even fight for! If it was adrianna she would have trusted Navid without a doubt!


@sixonfanatic. You're awesome!


at the end of the season Navid might come back when things in Beverly Hills are chill, Naomi resigns from the internship like a good gal and becomes friends with Holly, creates an industry and battles Holly's mother, at the same time Liam is recovering and so on. Navid comes back and realizes he still has feelings for Silver and tries to tell her but she's now with Dixon, sooner or later Silver finds to have some feelings for Navid and cheats on Dixon, which causes Dixon to go into drugs yet again. Navid and Silver break up as they dont want their best friend to abuse, and everythings ends, badam the rest of season 4. That was just an assumption...


Liam will be in the hospital, then he will have a huge debt to pay to his company for breaking the contract yet again, Annie will pay it with her inheritence money, Navid's dad probably comes to take Navid and his sister to switzerland because his father like hunch tells him to, later the cop busts navid's uncle and closes the whole industry, later dixon and adrianna fall apart due to Ade's absorbtion to the spotlight, silver and the just-to-be-divorced-guy-with-daughter will break up and Silver will be back with Dixon before we know it...


@yoyoma : know austin has the license and purchase stock but liam and adrianna still serve and they doesnt have a clue its silly really , he wont know anything about kegs, spirit measures lol all the basics of working in bar/pub


@Leanne: It was made clear before that Austin is the bar's legal owner but Liam runs the bar as if it's his own. Austin is there to oversee how the Off-Shore is doing, helping out with transactions and inventory as seen in one episode (seen in "Benefit of the Doubt"). Let's just pretend they're actually serving non-alcoholic drinks to minors. :D


This season is defiantly an A. Majority of the characters have matured and are going through the same troubles young adults do when entering college. I'm proud of these new showrunners, however, getting rid of Teddy was a mistake.

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I'm gonna kill Dixon.