90210 Winter Premiere Preview: The Return Of...

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Prepare for a dramatic return of 90210 on January 17, fans. (Yes, it's January 17, despite that the promo reads below.)

Following a 2011 finale that left one character's life in the balance, this drama ratchets up the intensity with "Should Old," an episode that features the return of a recurring character especially important to Navid.

Find out who it is at the conclusion of the following CW preview:

What grade would you give 90210 so far this season?

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Why hasn't tvfanatic done the midseason report card for 90210 yet?? I just hope that the rest of the season will be better and mostly that the show will be renewed for a fifth season!


i'd give it a c- , what silly and unbelievable storylines! Silly and unbelievable story line 1: navid going undercover to get his uncle done and hooking up with the police women involved in the investigation , she barley looks 25 for godsakes not old enough to be a experienced under cover cop ! S AND U storyline 2: liam owning a bar , you have to be 21 to serve beer and liam and adrianna are both not 21 they are 18/19 and yet they are working in a bar serving underage drinkers , they would of been shut down within weeks S AND U story line 3: what more can Dixon take first he had a gambling addiction and now a drug problem whats next drinking problem (if he hasn't already) cut the boy a break. the only interesting thing is niamoi and austin getting together and after a week that got boring as well so im giving up watching this show .

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How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.