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Mr. and Mrs. Awesome, as I affectionately refer to Devon and Ellie Woodcomb, were responsible for a majority of what worked so well for "Chuck Versus the Curse."

The episode was good on the whole, but if you were to take out everything dealing with the Awesomes, most of the hour would have felt either lacking or repetitive.

Rebecca Romijn on Chuck

Nothing Chuck, Sarah, Casey or Morgan did ever materialized into something interesting or even all that entertaining. Each one had its moments, of course, like Beckman drinking straight from the bottle, or Casey and Sarah killing every bad guy in the place once they got the power off for good, but none of it ever came together for a moment that was worth pulling the camera off of Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Lancaster.

As for the new antagonist, I just have to shake my head. I thought it was awesome that Chuck was willing to kill off what I figured to be the big bad of the final season in episode five. If I had known Decker was just going to be replaced in the next episode by a female version of himself doing the exact same job, I would have thought it better to just keep Decker around.

What's the point of such a big power move in the story if it doesn't change anything for our main characters?

Although it had its shortcomings, "Chuck vs. the Curse" was still a very enjoyable hour of television, so let's take a look at what Chuck does best. Once again, it's the Chuck Triple Threat...


  • "You live with your girlfriend's father?"
  • Chuck claiming that "the toy" shouldn't be involved with children in any way, shape, or form.
  • The fact that Chuck cries during sports movies.
  • P.A.N.T.S. - of course Chuck and Morgan went through an acronym phase.
  • Awesome's flapping motion, and every single thing Mr. and Mrs. Awesome did when they thought the real spy mission was a fake one.

A lot of action from the Awesomes, including a brilliant tuck and roll, Ellie knocking out the guard, Awesome punching the big dude in the face and then both of them failing miserably in the end. Which was worse, Awesome's power outage immediately leading to a generator turning the lights back on? Or Ellie sneaking up behind a bad guy only to hit her weapon on the ceiling and getting caught?

Then again, Casey and Sarah had the best action of the night as they took out the entire building Jack Bauer style.

There weren’t a lot of heartfelt moments here, as most of the stuff dealing with Chuck and his curse missed, but there was that scene with Morgan and Alex. When he gave her his P.A.N.T.S. box, I loved it, but then when she opened it to see a picture of the two of them, it got a bit dusty. I just want to see those two crazy kids make it. Don't you?

Moving Forward
Like Robin Cunnings said, Chuck HAS pissed off a lot of people, and I'm glad the writers are bringing that to the forefront for the final season. Everything this team has done over the course of the first for seasons has had consequences, and they're starting to see those in human form.

With how seemingly famous he and the intersect became over the years, it makes it seem almost impossible that the series ends without him getting out of the game. It's one thing to get him out of this alive, it's a whole other thing if he survives and continues to be a spy when you know the bad guys are going to continue to come after him time and time again.

He's going to need to get out, but he's going to need to make sure all of his family is safe as well. It's a tricky situation, but I'm sure he will figure out how to pull it off.

I can't wait to see how it happens.

For now, we just have to worry about what the Omen did to every single system operating on the planet, and what it's going to do next.

What about all you, TV Fanatics? What did you think of "Chuck vs. the Curse?" How awesome were the Awesomes? And what do you think is going to happen with the Omen?


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Watching the preview of Season 5 episode 7 gave me chills regarding the possession of the intersect. Currently i believe Agent Shaw still has the intersect due to the trailer were he fights Sarah in a close range combat fight leading to Sarah being captured. However it may be that after Shaw was put in custody the Ring intersect was removed. Also being addressed is whether Chuck gains the intersect and if so how and which version e.g Sunglasses intersect developed by Mashoos (or whatever) , Laptop Intersect or maybe a completely new version. Reasons for believing Chuck has the intersect is due to his remark during the fight between Shaw and Chuck, where he tries to taunt Chuck by mentioning the fact that Chuck no longer possesses the intersect.In which Chuck replies back "Don't be so sure". This shred of the information as well as Chuck mentioning he has a 'plan' suggests he somehow attained an intersect. On the other hand Chuck may be trying to Stall for the plan he mentions. Or he maybe trying to pull a bluff. Whatever the reason this is so far the biggest twist in season 5-so far.


1. I really wish people would stop mentioning the previews in their comments for current episodes. Some of us actively avoid them (NBC is noted for terrible spoilers). 2. As a die hard fan of Chuck, I feel justified in saying that this was one of the worst episodes of the show. I can usually forgive plot holes, but this was just nuts. WHY would Ellie and Awesome not think first to call the actual spies, Chuck or Sarah, when they realized this wasn't their spy game? Chuck should be past being a whiny desperate scaredy cat, and his tech savvy brain should have come up with a better alternative than just giving away the virus. I understand that helps move the plot forward, but we didn't need that. In any case, watching Ellie and Awesome try to save the day was a lot of fun,and Yvonne's acting was superb. The look of pure ice she gives Chuck after their rescue was positively chilling.


I liked the ep but it needed to be a little darker after decker being blown up but it is chuck so I know that's not happening. I love beckman and the awesomes as well as Alex in this episode it just shows you that the main 3 can take a back seat and it will still be an 'awesome' episode I love a show that recognises the ensemble and none do that better than chuck. I think the omen device will be chuck's way out he can stop it or manipulate it so that it will wipe out any information about him and his family off any database so he can start a new life without worrying someone may find him in the future plus could also b a handy info collector for a new intersect thou I don't believe chuck needs it except to maybe beat shaw to death Urgh the promo made me very angry but it there was anything that could reawaken chucks suppressed intersect it would be 'fear of Sarah's death' which they never tried in season 4 "fear of death". Sad there is only a few left they are really trying to pack as much as they can into each ep which sometimes makes it feel like the consequences aren't being allowed time to settle in before the show fixes or changes them


Shaw is back. I am not sure he is the ultimate big bad either because he really needed a virus to infect the whole world just so he could escape from a cell???? Really hope that isnt the case but I am super excited for next week and I really enjoyed the episode and the season as a whole so far and I disagree with your statement about the female decker. Decker was killed by Verbanski, its not like his own people took him out so it isnt hard to believe they would have more ruthless people like Decker at his disposal and she was a pretty funny villainess too.

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