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As we all sadly know, "Regional Holiday Music" marked the last episode of Community before it goes on an indefinite hiatus. Do you feel the wrath yet, NBC? While the show definitely went out with a bang, it didn't totally blow my socks off.

I think Community is at its absolute best when it's not trying too hard, and I felt that this is where things took a wrong turn tonight. I get wanting to make your potential final episode a show stopper, but I think combined with a Christmas episode, they just went a little too far. But fear not, there was definitely a lot that I liked.

So let's break it down into the moments that were Gleeful and those I felt were almost as off-key as Britta's voice.

King Abed


Obviously Troy and Abed have great rhyming skills. Spanish rap anyone? When they busted into their little fort, rap-video style, just like Annie, I wanted to join them. They had video hos, Troy's T-Pain sounding voice and Abed even brought a little Slim Shady to the scene. Perfection.

Once Abed got Troy on board, they set out to get the other members by pandering to their specific weaknesses. Of course Pierce would fall for a trip down memory lane and the good ol' days. Shirley obviously fell prey to the choir children singing about the lost meaning of Christmas. And Jeff... well, Jeff fell for Annie's boobs. Which is sort of what brings me to my Cons section...

Off Key

Probably the biggest reason we never saw Jeff and Annie's relationship fully come to fruition is the fact that it's a little creepy and he acts like her dad sometimes. Yes, the Santa baby song is one of the sexier Christmas songs around, but Annie played off of it with way too much "baby" in the scenario. At first, I thought haha they're going to have Annie seduce Jeff with the sexy Mrs. Claus costume, but then things just got... creepy.

Britta's conversion to the dark side wasn't shown, but one minute she was the voice of reason and the next she was doing that stupid "me so hungy" dance on stage like a complete caricature. Pick a side, writers! Is our Britta smart? Or a mockery of herself? 

And hello, right after that hilarious conversation with between her and Shirley? Shirley: My problem with the Glee club is that their conveniently secular music neglects the reason for the season, JC. Britta: Penneys? Shirley: Jesus Britta. Britta: Sorry! Jon Cryer? For more gems like this, hit the quotes section.

At the end of the day, the group brilliantly used Britta to Britta the Christmas Pageant and also catch a criminal. Mr. Rad was responsible for the bus accident? Oh boy! Good thing he was only the captain of your magic carpet in your dream, Dean Pelton.

While there were a few moments that upped the ick factor, overall this episode fell on the positive side. And how could it not? Any episode with more than one Troy/Abed singing number is a slam dunk in my book. Besides, that ending scene of the whole gang surprising Abed just warmed my little Grinch heart right up.

Maybe the episode grew on me, or maybe I'm just really upset that the show is going on hiatus. After all Cougar Town has put Abed through, who else can understand like he can? I will miss you all, my little Human Beings. NBC you're getting a lump of coal in your stocking this year! Save Greendale!


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Annie's Sexy Baby song and dance number was the BEST thing about the entire episode. I've watched the scene a dozen times and still get hysterical. 1) The lyric and music are both well written enough for the song to stand on its own. 2) The progressively more infantile Annie sends up the whole Betty Boop thing which has always been a weird part of female pop-culture sexuality. Yes, it IS creepy if you take it to its logical conclusion. The scene points that out sharply, while still being hilarious, catchy and relevant to the plot (the characters being picked off for Glee, one by one.) Troy and Abed's video: also great. Used Donald Glover's singing/rapping talents well. I don't always love the Shirley character--her cloying speech is like fingernails on a chalkboard, even if it is accurate to the type. But her interjections while the kids group is singing are perfectly written and acted. Hilarious.


I found the show recently and watched all the episodes in a row. I find it odd how the internet analyzes Community like it's non-fiction. It's a funny, silly show with real elements to it. It's a less silly Scrubs. They had Britta do the "Me So" song and dance because it was funny. If you want to make it "real" she did it because on-stage she lost control and that's what came out. I used to do stand-up and half the time I had no control over what I was doing. The only benefit I can see to all this analysis is to come up with ways to make it renewal-worthy while not removing what makes it great.


Wasn't the point of Annie's song to illustrate that their relationship is a little weird? Like you said, as soon as Annie actually begins to act overtly sexy towards Jeff she plays up the 'baby' aspect and it gets decidedly creepy. It's certainly intentional. I'm pretty sure this was also done with a bit of a wink towards Allison Brie's fanbase, by putting the audience in Jeff's position; we kindof want to see where Annie's going with this, but it ends up at kindof an uncomfortable place when desires are made more explicit (as in, 'Boopie Doopie Doop Doop SEX' explicit), just as it does for Jeff. It also works by poking fun at the more exploitative elements of Glee, of which the whole episode is an obvious satire.


Actually, @ChildishGambino, I found Annie's scene to be absolutely hilarious...and everytime I watch it I laugh more. "what's a dimininuwahhh?" Gets me every time LOL


I, for one, have no objection of any kind to Allison Brie's singing number in this episode. If that were played on an endless loop on one channel for three years straight, I would accomplish nothing for three years.


Two things: The Annie-Baby bit was a pretty clear warped version of when she actually sung Santa Baby in this way back in 2007. The Britta conversion was a reference to this scene Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Childish gambino

with the whole annie/baby thing, i still dont really like it. i got that the point was to be creepy but the joke still fell flat to me.
(not to be the "Simpsons-did-it" guy but...)the whole girl baby talk thing has been done before. And i didnt think this take on it was that funny. And to all those that enjoyed it i'd like to pose a question, did you find it funny? Not did you find it an interesting/clever commentary on male-female relationships or the over sexualization of women in media but point blank did you find it funny?
B/c i feel like ppl are giving some of the comedy on community a pass simply because it makes a pop culture reference. (something i read somewhere that i think applies, cant remember the source)"[Community] stop patting yourself on the back every-time you make a clever pop culture reference; yeah its cool and clever and all BUT there needs to be more to it than that."
Dont get me wrong one of the reason i originally fell in love with this show was b/c it was a clever comedy, that had hilarious comedy even(especially?) in the subtleties, but i feel like this days its using the "clever" pop culture references as a crutch and letting the actual comedy become secondary
Given that this is a COMEDY show, if the bit isnt funny and/or plot/character developing then whats the point? (sorry to keep rehashing the same thing but i gotta get the most of it, last time i'll be able to comment on community until.....)


Y'know, after doing some more thinking, I've concluded I'm totally okay with the Sexy Stupid Annie bit. You know why? It over-exagerrated not the problem with "that" sort of Christmas crap, but it actually exposed what icks me most about the all of the Jeff/Annie business. He's old. She's young and naive. It's creepy. He's like her dad. She dresses like a catholic school girl with cleavage, etc etc.


Sorry but the reviewer seems to have simply missed the whole point of this episode and its various parts. For instance, the Annie song was clearly a parody of the entire history of women singing and acting dumb and like little girls to be sexy. It took it to its absurd end. It was a brilliant commentary. I suggest you re-watch it because you seemed to have missed a lot of what I think is one of the greatest TV comedy episodes ever. Surely I am exaggerating but our perception is so far apart I have to believe some of the fault lies with you.


I thought it was a fun episode, although it wasn't a classic one on the level of last season's 'Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas.' I felt, though, that they were a year too late in slamming 'Glee.' That show was at its height during its first and second seasons, so it would have been a more perfect time to parody it back then. Now 'Glee' is quickly dropping in ratings, and I don't even know if people beyond the Gleeks really care about it. It was fun to see a Childish Gambino performance from Troy and Abed. If you looked past the creepiness of Annie's performance it had its funny moments. Shirley got another chance to showcase her singing voice. And Britta got to add to her growing list of awkward silliness with her 'me so Christmas, me so merry!' mouse king performance. Getting more 'Inspector Spacetime' and capping the episode with our favorite study group together was heartwarming too. Now the wait begins for NBC to bring the show back. NBC, don't make our 2012 a bad one!

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