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@Anon, maybe they both had different tones. If you heard two similar voices in the same room, but one was responding to the other, you might assume it were two different people.

We've seen that, at least in Dexter's case, Dexter himself can be doing what his brother did (killed the Farmer) when Dexter was going to meet Jonah.


I also was very disappointed and uncomfortable with Deb's confession of love and feel it was not only unnecssary but inconsistent and contrived. Here's where I'm confused... In an earlier season, didn't the writers lead up to the possibility that Dexter is really Harry's biological son??? Didn't Harry and Dexter's mom, Laura(?) have an affair?


@DexDementor - right on the money - they took things to a farcical level here


Dexter really did lose the plot entirely this season, I agree with the reviewer. It was devoid of suspense, intrigue and basically all that came before in previous seasons. A real disappointment. I actually wasn't bothered if I missed episodes of it - quite in contrast to plugging it to all I knew about it being the best thing ever a few years back. The actor playing Travis was terribly casted, although with the character so weak I'm not sure others could have saved him. Debra and her psychology sessions were the height of boredom and her new-found 'love' for Dexter just bizarre in a way I cannot imagine being credible in any shape or form. Instead of pulling me in, this season pushed me away with its sloppyness. Mos Def however was great, always enjoy watching him on-screen. In the next season Dexter should be hunted down with the wrap-up taking place over the electric chair as the season finale. Best kill it off soon, I don't think any show can sustain more than 7 seasons anyway.


Just saw the season finale which I think was pretty good. But after watching it I got an itch to check out the details surrounding the Gellar/Sixth Sense plot twist. Check out episode 7 right around the 20 minutes and 30 seconds mark and listen to the witness testimony of the girl that Travis/Gellar let go during episode 6. The girl talks as if she heard two different voices and even references Travis as the 'younger' one, which makes it sound as if she heard the voice of an older person in the room. If Travis was imagining Gellar all along why did she hear two different voices? Looks like they f***ed up on that one. Still liked the season though.


I think Dexter is going to tell her he got kidnapped by Travis and that's why he fell off his boat and then he kidnapped his son and tried to kill him so that is why he killed him because he was looking out for her and his son so that he could never harm them again. Deb is so stupid she will fall for it. She was going to let the chief of Police off for leaving the hooker dead in the hotel so why not her brother. She didn't even try to let him know that bitch of a Captain threw her under the bus by making it seem like Deb ratted him out. This season was a let down. Very sloppy. Also her falling for her brother just dumb!


The season was uncomfortable because Dexter was uncomfortable. He was given two chances to be 'normal' and happy (Rita then Lumen) and he lost them both. He was dealing with the thought that maybe Harry didn't even try to find his light. That Dexter was first at the house with the painting. OK, that didn't feel right, but let's go with Deb being in charge and saying, "No one go in there until Dexter gets here."
That they are divorced in real life makes this uncomfortable for me. There is no blood (snicker) between them. Parents are dead. Why the ick factor? Dexter has always said if he could feel anything for anyone it would be Deb. His love for Harrison is unconditional, natural bond. His feelings for Deb? Well, we will find out won't we? If this turns out to be a "Dallas" shower scene I'm gonna be very disappointed.


I bet when the next season starts Deb seeing Dexter kill will be a dream


The whole Deb/Dexter thing is gross but come on, they always leaving you wanting more, now that she knows he is a killer. I'll keep watching. I didn't care for the whole religion thing this season but the storyline was still good. Michael C. Hall is a hell of a actor. I would like for Quinn and Deb to get back together and forget the brotherly love. I still prefer Dexter over Homeland, I only started to watch that cause it came on after Dexter and I loved Damian Lewis in the show Life. I don't think this is the worst season of Dexter at all, not the strongest but still kept me interested.


Just watched the Dexter 6 finale. I agree with almost all that has been written in the original post. Up front, I have to say this is my favorite show - that's why I am so immeasurably disappointed in this whole season 6 mess.

In a phrase," Holy Franknf&*ks", this was a boatload of very ROBOTIC WRITING this season. They tried to do too many things and tackled too many larger issues which were ultimately handled very superficially.

I think we will look back on Season 6 as a casualty on the way to ending the whole show. Forget about Harrison being sacrificed - Season 6 was. They needed to set up some "mechanical" things to push the plot forward and that's just what they did. Sad.

Memo to the writers - this ain't no Wuthering Heights. They did not establish this romantic thing between these adoptive siblings in any previous seasons. Therefore - we are not only turned off by the inappropriateness of the relationship - there is no reason for us to want to accept this as something that we might have seen coming. Bad story telling.

I remember seeing video of a Comicon Panel a couple years ago and Sarah Colleton, an Exec. Producer, said they hadn't ruled out a Dexter/Deb romance, I thought it was the worst idea I had ever heard and can't believe they actually "went there".

I love this show for it's subversive humor and I have laughed along with the show as Dexter's dry, sarcastic narration has made me feel like and insider. This is the first time I actually laughed at the show - when I saw the painting of the Beast with Dexter's face on it. Again, Holy Frankenf&*ks, what were they thinking?

And, there have been far too many things this season where Dexter has miraculously found clues, survived death, etc. This isn't just about concentration on "character" stories by the writers - this is also a suspense show. Even with the fantasy element here, this is just lazy writing.

Overall, they have used the technique of dumbing down characters when they are on their way out. Rita was dumbed down terribly leading up to her death in Season 4. So much so, that we couldn't wait for her to die. If they have dumbed you down (Quinn) or made you heinous (LaGuerta), you are most likely on your way out.

Overtime, they have made Deb much smarter than she was originally. So much so, that we have had a hard time believing such a great detective wouldn't have suspected her brother may be up to no good. So, they now have to "dumb her down" with the current story line. So tedious that they use this rubric over and over again.

Deb is not being treated like Doakes - whose dogged detective work did him in. The sparring between Doakes and Dexter was wonderful stuff. Not that they could have done this with Deb but she is smarter than to be "in love" with Dexter at this point.

When I watched the first season of Dexter, I thought it was probably the best execution of a new series I had ever seen. All things were explained and you could make leaps of faith for the fiction of the show. Now it's so unbelievable that it's hard to take it seriously.

So, Producers and Writers of Dexter - take some time to rediscover what made this show great so that the last two seasons are a worthy ending to this once stellar show.

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