Dexter Season Finale Preview: How the World Ends

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It's come down to this on season six of Dexter.  One final episode to see if our murderous hero can stop Travis Marshall before he completes his tableau, takes who-knows-how-many-lives and brings on the End of Days. In his warped mind, at least.

Will Dexter track DDK down in time? Will Harrison become the next loved one to perish as a result of Dexter's Dark Passenger? And how will Deb handle the crazy new feelings she developed this week for her step-brother?

All will be revealed on Sunday's "This is How the World Ends," the season six finale teased below. Watch and get ready now:

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Totally saw that coming! I mean, SHE SENT HIM THERE! But I was still rivetted in that final 5 seconds, Finally a redemption for very bad season!


Predictable episode scene-for-scene, but it was still a good episode.


Big love to all involved with dexter great work by all!!
Anything is possible in dexter, I'm hoping the debs dexter thing is to do with the psychiatrist pushing her so la gwurta (excuse spelling and feel free to correct me)can sack her.
the cliff hanger either Harrison or debs will go or dexters cover will be questioned big time and what about the newish intern/gamer guy who I can not recall?
you just know they have a trick up there sleeves they always do x


A bad season I can handle, as this season has been atrocious, loosing a main character I can deal with, since I really liked Doaks and dealt with that loss pretty well...but Dexter and Deb having a physical relationship? HELL NO! Adopted or not they were stilll raised as siblings. Whether there is blood or not its still incest!
Im not even gonna go into the possibility that Harrison will be injured because we all know that wont happen.


Yeah, he's not her step-brother. He's her (adopted) brother.


Last week I would have said that the show wouldn't go as far as killing off Harrison, but after this Sunday's episode, I wouldn't be surprised.

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