Epic Kiss, Main Character Exit to Come on The Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries returns January 5.

We've already posted the official synopsis for the first episode of 2012, "The New Deal," but a couple of new teasers have emerged that will surely get people talking as we gear up for the show's return this winter.

According to E! Online ...

  • An "epic kiss" (gulp) will be happening very soon. Epic.
  • A main character we know and love is leaving Mystic Falls, thanks (indirectly) to Damon.

Theories on who the kiss involves, and who leaves? Do they leave and come back? What's Damon's role in that plot line? So much to discuss, and so many possible theories for a show where anything's possible.

Share your predictions and comments below!

A Drink with Damon

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i think we need more stefan and caroline scenes i think they tension and chemistry will be bigger and better then delena because of there character for all the fans thats thinking steoline could happen visit my stefan and caroline forum


damon and Elena need to become a couple


I definitely do not want to debate. I honestly think that Delena & Stelena is all based on which Salvatore brother the viewers find more attractive, which is the way it is with any show based around hot boys. My roommate thinks Stefan is much more appealing on the eyes, but she has crossed over to the other side because the chemistry between Damon and Elena is growing so intense. When I first started watching this show, I wanted her to be with Stefan. He was the better choice for her, but as the show moves forward, that line between good boy Stefan and bad boy Damon is blurring. Every vampire has a history... a good period and a bad period. They started the show off with Damon eating young girls in the fancypants living room and now he is asking Stefan to not get any young girl on his carpet. Both of them have their humanity AND a monster inside of them. I think that we have a classic story of the good brother who is always more respected and more loved and then the screw up brother who lashes out and hides his heart because he is softer than we all think. I am not saying that Stefan is not an amazing person/vampire or that he doesn't deserve Elena's love or that he is not sexy with great vampire hair OR that all of his goodness is wiped out by his ripper stage.. I am just saying that I think that Damon may never love someone again like he loves Elena. He is the kind of guy that doesn't let people in. He only thought he loved Katherine, whereas Stefan actually did. Stefan is more willing to give out his heart because he is so kind and good. He has even loved before. That doesn't make him less in love with Elena or less deserving of her, but in the triangle, it just makes him less deserving than Damon, in my opinion. I have no clue what the writers will do, but I am positive that I will be a mistake to build up this kind of deep connection between two characters to have it be swept under the rug. How would we all feel if the show ended and Damon was alone? We would know that he would never and could never love anyone like Elena again.. But, if Stefan graciously bows out and lets Elena be with Damon because of how good he is, there would be a satisfaction in that. Why? Because Stefan could walk away from this alone at the end of the show and we would know that he would love again and could love again. He has a huge heart and would definitely be okay. I am really not hear to argue with Stelena fans.. I really just love talking about this show and no one else in my life does..


Guys Guys relax.it says that the charcter is leaving mystic falls not the show!so i think its gonna be either tyler who will follow klaus or bonnie who will follow her mother in order to have full control of her powers! also i hope that they will bring meredith!oh and maybe meredith will have a little rivarly with caroline...that will be fun!CAREDITH CAT FIGHT...HELL YES!LET'S THROW SOME MUD ON THEM AND PUT THEM IN BIKINIS,MAYBE ELENA/KATHERINE SHOULD JOIN THEM!OOHH YES I'M A DREAMER! either delena or stafan/becca will kiss!maybe since damon will think twice about his fellings for elena as plec said elena will be the one to make the move!


i think the kiss is going to to be between Stefan and Rebekah and the character that should leave is Tyler but it going to be Matt because he bring nothing to the show just taking up screen time for all the Stefan on this site there's no reasoning with these delena stans


@josh:like i said i'm not trying to be rude and it's not that i can't handle opposing opinions its just this bias against stefan and stelena in order to make SE look bad,if you look at it alot of DE fans excuse every wrong damon does but hold onto every wrong stefan does obviously for no good reason.I respect other people opinion and i guess everyone here is entitled to his own.Btw i'm not young.


@Stefelena: Your not trying to rude but you are. You also can't handle opinions other than your own. You definitely can't handle opposing opinions. I hope you're very young, otherwise you will go through life learning the hard way. This is a place where I can express my opinions about the show I love. Nobody is telling you to chill and you've commented 10 times more then anyone else. I don't see anyone making Stelena or Stefan look bad either.


@lauren:i agree with your last post,coz like you said if she was thinking about having kids and at least not considering becoming a vampire,then she knew that stefan will not be the one she'll end up with for the rest of her life and same with damon,great u made a good point here coz she's obviously too young to understand what 'forever' means.But just coz she's in love with damon does not mean she'll understand and realise what it means to be with someone for an eternity,elena is still a teen girl,it would take alot more for her to realise what these all means,what both the brothers mean to her and later she would have to make a choice to be with either one of the brothers for an eternity and also what happens in Dawsons creek doesn't mean it would happen in TVD even if they are written by the same person.


Honestly i'm not trying to be rude to any DE fan,but you guys need to chill youselves,we all know something is definately going to happen between DE,but stefan has always been and will forever be the best for elena,and one day she'll realise that what she said"it's always going to be stefan"is ultimately true and she will never regret it.So please stop looking for your lame excuses to make SE look bad or contrived.


I've always thought the scene on the mountain was a sign of them not being endgame. She kept saying she didn't know what the future held, she loves him but there was always a "but". I to think one day she will not be able to fathom a life without Damon. I thik of it as, she will always love Stefan but will be "in" love with Damon. Stelena was/is innocent and sweet while Delena is all consuming, intensely passionate. I agree that they will give the viewers just enough Delena to guarantee they stick around and slowly but surely Elena will realize its always been Damon. It will be the ultimate opposite of what she "thought" she knew.

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