Final Dexter Episodes to Set Up Series End Game

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To some, including yours truly, this has been a disappointing season of Dexter. There's been a lack of urgency, a lack of suspense and a horribly-written, obvious twist that was finally revealed last Sunday.

But Showtime has already renewed for drama for two more seasons, a fact network President David Nevins says should excite viewers.

“There’s things that are going to happen [this season] that will set up a very clear end game that will take two seasons to tell. You have got to be there for the last two episodes," Nevis said at a Showtime party in Los Angeles last night.

To what might Nevins be referring? The best guess is Deb finally discovering her brother's Dark Passenger, a development fans have been hoping for and one possibly teased over the last few weeks via the new lieutenant's therapy revelations.

The executive added that everyone is "operating under the assumption" that Dexter will end after eight seasons.

It airs a new episode on Sunday, which is previewed above, and we must ask again: What was your reaction to the Gellar reveal?

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Trinity did - He said "Then you don't know? Its already over"


trinity killed rita. he did it before dexter got to him. There is no reason to doubt that trinity killer her, they made it very clear that he was the killer from the moment they showed her dead. And im pretty sure he said something to hint what he did right before dexter killed him.


Here's a theory out in left-field: what if Louis killed Rita?


After last week's episode, I answered the poll with "Predictable and pathetic". But after this week's episode (Episode 6x10), I changed my response to "It was obvious, but I'm still intrigued". I am now much more interested in watching the rest of this season (and the next two seasons). I agree with many, this has been a poor season for Dexter, but I think there may be hope for redemption...


The miguel prado season was just awful, so in comparison, this one is quite good. Surprised the reviewer hasn't said anything about louis, he and Ryan both sound like they might turn out to be Dexter Devotees (which would neatly mirror the reality of all those dexter-inspired killings). Seems pretty obvious anyway that Louis is only using Batista's sister as camouflage/to get close to Dexter, just like the ice truck killer used Deb. The Jeff Lindsay books that the show's based off revealed Dex's ID to Deb at the end of the first book (Deb is awake on the table when Dex and Brian are talking), and as a result the series got to be painfully contrived since Deb knew all about Dex but decided to keep a lid on it anyway. The show is handling it much better so that Deb's character has sufficiently developed to the point where we know just how tricky it would be for her to go to work knowing what her brother does. should be very interesting next season. Finally, I'm really hopeful that these last few episodes pave the way for Dex discovering who really killed Rita; it's been ignored for two seasons, but it's obvious that trinity didn't kill her. Really hoping for some payoff there.


Why do you keep hating on this season so much?? I mean alright it's not the best season yet and it's definitely nothing like season 1-2-3, but it's not so shitty as your reviews claim..


My thoughts exactly. I think it will pick up in the last 2-3 episodes.
I'm excited to see that Dexter seasons 7 and 8! I'm just not sure how they'll do it.


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Deb: (excitedly) A baby? a motherfucking rolly-poly, chubby cheeked shit machine? Are you kidding me?
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