Glee Casting Rumors: Pitbull to Play...

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So much for a lack of stunt casting on season three.

With Ricky Martin on board as a Spanish teacher in early 2012, and Gloria Estefan close to signing on as Santana's mother, EW now reports that Pitbull is in negotiations to appear on Glee as Santana's brother.

In other casting news, Glee is also on the lookout for two actors to play Rachel's gay dads. It's safe to assume they'll show up for their daughter's graduation... but who should take on these vital roles?

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I like the idea, the difference this time is that they actually are involved with the original plot, not like Holly Holiday, she did nothing for the show, unlike Gloria Estefan who is Santana's mother and Pitbull (WTF) being santanas brother.


I think Taye Digs should be one of Rachel dads.


Well given that this weeks show hit a ratings series low, which was proceeded by a continue steady decline I can't say I am surprised they are going back on their word and resorting stunting cast. They have to find some way to bring the ratings up.


haha, Pitbull as Santana's brother, oh my, would be interesting. or kind of odd actually..

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