Gossip Girl Spoiler Pic: Does Blair Actually Get Married?

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Blair Waldorf's wedding takes place January 30 on Gossip Girl, but will she actually be a married woman by the end of the episode? Until now, our guess would have been a resounding no ... but now we're not sure.

The reason: A very intriguing photo from the set that surfaced online.

See below: Leighton Meester wears what appears to be a wedding ring on the set of Gossip Girl Tuesday, December 13. There are plenty of plausible explanations, of course, but this has to make you think ...

Blair Set Pic - Ring?

Does Blair really marry Louis, after everything that's gone down? Or is there a twist?

Asked about the episode, TV Line's Michael Ausiello said "Intel continues to trickle in and, if what I'm hearing about the episode's final act is true, it has the potential to be the single greatest hour of my life television ever."

So ... there's that. Doesn't sound like a reaction to a Blouis marriage, does it?

Michael also confirmed that Serena will be channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe, as revealed in the Gossip Girl dream sequence that was briefly leaked online Friday, only to be removed on copyright grounds.

Whatever happens, the 100th episode event is shaping up to be one for the ages.

Share your theories, observations and comments on this set photo really a wedding ring? Does she marry Louis? Does she marry someone else? Is it all a dream? - and the wedding in general below!

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What do people see with dair!




If Blair marry Loies or Dan ill never watch Gossip Girl again. Beacuse its ment to be Blair and Chuck. Hope its Chuck's baby!!!


I have watched this show from the beginning. I am ready for a new story line. The writer's need to let Chuck and Blair get married!


I love this show , just because their having a hard time writing, (wouldnt you if you have to make up crazy sences and love?) I think their their geniuses , i mean who can have the amazing first season, an i loved how chuck got so jealous when blair was getting married. i bet money if they end the show those too belong together, im just saying dont go hatting bc there trying to kepp you crazin mines in check and mix it up, for all we know this could be a stunt to keep our instrest going , what if they read this page an quit, bc your telling them to, and next season might be the best of all bc they planned this , chill if you r a gossip girl lover, trust the that the wrighters who first started this know what their doing , and dont give bad press o r hatting comments please. have respect fo the tv show an wrighters.


Their is no way that Blair could end up with anyone else but Chuck. It would completely contradict her character if she ended up with Dan or Louis after all of her pronouncements of loving only Chuck.


Sorry, I just find it so hard to appreciate this wedding when the bride is a psychotic pale version of the person she was and the groom is like Matt from TVD. A useless boring object with no concrete purpose. I wouldn't even want this to be Chair's or Dair's wedding. B needs to get her priorities straight first before she can be making any legal decisions. Here's to hoping all her bad decisions this season were caused by "pregnancy brain" (HIMYM).


I extremely dislike Blair this season. She told Chuck in S2 she wouldn't be what GG said she was:a coward. Um, she still is! She told Chuck she loves and wants to be with him.Fine. It could have been her and Dan, same thing. I just want Blair to TAKE CHARGE for her decisions. To stop wimping out of everything she decides, and to PLEASE drop this convoluted fantasy she has of fulfilling her "fairytale!" They're fairytales for a reason, they're something you dream of, not a reality! I don't even consider how her marrying a man she does not want to be with a fairytale and I'm so sick of the writers ruining her character. I might actually start liking SERENA (miss I date random hobos on the street I don't know) more than her.


Imagine if the limo scene was chuck's dream sequence..... still are dair believer. bring on DUCK.


It's all a part of the dream sequence. Chuck's a part of the wedding in the dream but there is no word of him in the acutal "reality" so is it possible he died from the accident? Yes he's in the dream sequence which is why we see blair in a wedding dress and a ring. But on the invites it clearly says it's to be held in france. All the images of the wedding in new york is the dream. I wanna know if chuck lives because all we know is he's in the dream but what about in life? and is all this dream sequence chuck dreaming it in his coma? his worst fear of blair marrying another?

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