Hart of Dixie Review: Teenagers & Tiaras

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For the record, all beauty pageants should feature at least one contestant who uses sock puppets as her talent. Come on, no offense to clogging, but who out there would not tune in for a serious sock puppet-off?!?

Sorry, Rose. But that's what lost you the title of Miss Cinnamon Cider.

A Sad Slow Dance

Sparkly dresses, Scarlett O'Hara-based monologues and a showdown between the pale and the short aside, "Hairdos and Holidays" was really all about Lemon and Hart of Dixie's attempt to make her more savory in the eyes of viewers. Did it succeed? In a word: Eh.

George's fiancee has major mother issues. I get that. It definitely serves to humanize her and to explain why she can get so crazed around town. Because her mom abandoned Bluebell, Lemon is intent on doing the exact opposite, on growing into the woman she always thought her mom had wanted to be. It's a sweet idea and it adds a layer to the character, no doubt.

But the details of Lemon's backstory were a bit sloppy and most definitely unoriginal. We've seen the storyline of a parent leaving one child and starting a new family somewhere else a million times before (Meredith's dad on Grey's Anatomy comes immediately to mind). It's also unclear exactly what George and Lemon's status was during the flashback. Lemon apologized for calling because George apparently told her not to when he was in New York... but he ended the chat by saying he loved her and would call her later.

Were they full-on together at the time? And, if so, I understand Lavon being the one in the immediate proximity... but why wouldn't Lemon open up to George about her mother soon after that? I know long distance can be difficult and I can maybe see Lemon having the misguided notion that she'd be burdening George while he's up north on business - but I keep going back to one fact: this is George Tucker! He's been presented as the kindest, most understanding character on television.

Does she really never talk to him about her mother? That seems hard to believe.

The entire arc felt a bit too obvious, like the writers slamming viewers on the head with the message: We will make you sympathize with Lemon Breeland this week and see why she has a connection to Lavon. I prefer my storytelling a bit more subtle, a bit less manipulative. I'm aware you're pulling those strings, producers, but the less I see of them the better.

Elsewhere, Rose and Zoe continued to make for an adorable paring, even when the latter was doing her best impression of Dina Lohan, stage-mothering Rose to death. The girl just wants to don her natural hairstyle and clog until her Frederick-loving heart is content! Give her a break! Zoe finally did, of course, as the episode ended with her letting go in more ways than one.

Have we finally seen the last of her inappropriate flirtations with George? Can Team Wade members really start to cheer? I have no idea why Zoe turned down a drink at the Rammer Jammer, except to continue to tease this relationship into 2012 when the show returns, but, hey, it's a start! Seriously, Z. You've gotta go out with a guy who makes a hilarious Shawshank Redemption joke ("Wade was here") after spending one night in jail.

What did everyone else think of the episode? And remember: we now update our Hart of Dixie music section on a weekly basis. Visit it now!


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I'm not home right now so I can't verify it, but she called her little angel outside then just as the door was about to close behind everybody going inside, I could have sworn she called her Lemon. I want Zoe and Wade together soooo much. I just want the writers to make sure it's not another hot, heavy, and done romance. I want more background on Wade. In my HoD fantasies, he's some genius engineer or something that got disillusioned by his work being used for evil instead of good and comes back to Bluebell so he can never be used that way again. Yeah, I know. I need to check my dosage ;-) I think George is gay and left his lover behind in New York. He's crushing on Zoe because she reminds George of "him." (which I would love btw) Back to Lemon though - I think she dresses the way she does because she's trying to BE her mother. Seeing how her mother dresses makes me think that when she left, Lemon started wearing the clothes she left behind in her closet. Lemon talked about how she pretended to play house with her little sister as her walking doll. Female Oedipus. When I get home I'm going to turn the close captioning on...


@C Joon -> XD That would be awesome!! Lemon and Zoe bonding over Lavon's new girlfriend! If only... I also find George a bit boring, I think his best scenes are with Wade. Love their bromance! @Kim -> I also heard "little Angel", but I'll go back to see if she calls her Lemon too. Her mother having a mental issue would bring an interesting twist to the story. I at least hope we'll see her again. And yes, all there is now between Zoe and Wade is sexual tension, but I think it's because she didn't give him a real chance untill now, and he hid behind his sexy douchyness his real attraction (which I don't think is purely physical). His "You made her amazing" and his look was totally swoonworthy and had some depth. I hope we'll see in the second part of the season that NY and dixie thing aside, they have in fact more in common that they suspect. I'm sure they'll see that past their mutual attraction, there could be genuine affection between them.


@ Kim again: Lemon's mom calls her youngest daughter "little angel", just rewatched the scene.


@ Kim: I agree that Zoe and Wade don't seem to have a lot in common, but to be honest, I'd love to see a couple like that work it out. Getting to know each other, layer by layer and realizing there is more than sexual attraction.
Why would it always have to be Doctors with Lawyers and Bartenders with Strippers? It's fiction and so there's a chance to make this work. Plus, apart from sleeping with a lot of girls, we really don't know all that much about Wade, except that he's head over heels for Zoe and that he can be as sweet as sugar (anyone remember the Gumbo Contest?).
He is funny and caring and has enough confidence to not be offended by her sometimes snobby comments or her questioning his intelligence. I'd say Wade is definitely street smart and he trusts his guts. After all, something Zoe also came to find in Blue Bell.
To sum it up: I think there is hope here!


I think there were some important clues hidden in this episode. Was I the only one who heard Lemon's mother call the little girl Lemon Meringue Pie. Luckily I DVR'd it so I could watch it again because it was hidden under the music some. I think she had a brain injury or has Alzheimer's or schizophrenia. What woman names two of her children the same thing on purpose? I don't think Lemon's mother left of her own volition or maybe she did leave and Brick was treating her without her knowledge so she didn't realize when she lost touch with reality. I'm a little confused about Brick of the "I'll never share this practice" being away from the office all the time. I see that Tim Matheson probably costs a little more to have on screen than the rest of the actors, but if one of the main conflicts of the show is fear of Zoe losing her practice, then were is the antagonist? You never saw The Joker letting one of his underlings keep an eye on Batman for him. Another thing - I am totally in love with Wade and would love to keep him for myself (and am therefore a hardcore Zoe/Wade person), but what do they have in common? What could they sit down to dinner and talk about? Life isn't all sexual tension and witty banter. If they got together and the sex got boring what would they have to fall back on to keep them going? Maybe I'm asking too much of fiction, but the happily ever after has to be "ever after" for me and not just a romantic kiss at the alter. What do a bartender and a doctor have in common? I need more information than Wade is smokin' hot and has an alcoholic father and can get revenge with a helicopter and a tiny monkey (best quote in the history of ever).


I agree with the review. Lemon is too horrible for me to feel bad for her. Does every episode have to be a morality play?


This was a good episode...
i loved seeing the flash backs.... and does that mean Lemon's Mum has a new husband and child ? i thought so and tbh i felt sorry for Lemon in the scenes she was watching them all......
I am team zade all the way but the way Zoe and Goerge said bye to each other near the end was really sad but i am happy about it too because of wade ofc and now ZADE can begin ;)
Ahh i love LOVE love the Rose andZoe friendship and when she was on stage doing her thing it was so sweet how they showed Zoe watching like she was so prond of her :)


I agree with Dexter Idolizer, and I really enjoyed the show. I found Lemon's backstory interesting. I wish Lemon and Levon would get together. It doesn't make any sense she wouldn't talk to George other than the fact it seems that she and George are together more because of their history (since childhood) and because it's the "appropriate" thing to do rather than because they are soul mates, so to speak. Don't get me wrong, there is love there, but I feel like Lemon and Levon are meant to be. I'm not sure about Zoe. I go back and forth between wanting her with Wade and George, but I've been leaning to Wade more and more. But she and George seem to have had a real connection from day one. Although you can feel Wade's feelings for her. As for Rose, there are Jews is small town Alabama. :) I find her character very likable. I was disappointed Daddy Breland wasn't in this episode. I really like Tim Matheson. I thought Levon's analysis of Lemon's mother was generous but good. I hope this show lasts for more than one season.


REALLY loved this show and the only negative I have is Lemon. Maybe its the actress, mybe because she looks like a mannequin and isn't warm like other actors. IDK but her scenes are borderline cringe worthy. I am completely taken with Zade and Zeorge though. I originally thought I was going to want Zeorge but its obvious Lemon or not that Wade was made for her. She makes him a better man, she is literally making him grow up! Hehelps her let loose and have fun. George and her are way to similar and don't have half the romantic chemistry. Once she goes through her transformation, shell realize Wade is her man. Love Rose but why did they make her Jewish? In small town Alabama?! Oh and I looked it up, Rachel Bilson is Italian too. Its a little obvious the powers that be are Jewish. Just my 2cents


I enjoy every single scene of this show!
the winky-girl hilarious!
I really feel the spark between Zeorge! Zoey is a sweet girl and I see her really liking George even if she isn't showing it all the time! I enjoyed all Rose-Zoey scenes! first off Rose is an amazing actress and singer and she is beautiful and really a character which can be promoted to a series regular. I saw ZOEY accepting there is no future with Georgem and that Wade is a guy who she can love and be loved by him!
Lemon! I loved her rubbing into Zoey's nose that she is marrying George soon! And I love the way she worried about Magnolia. At the end I love all about Lemon, the whole character is so well written! In the past George and Lemon were in a relationship, he said he loved her over the phone. LeLavon have chemistry I really see them! And they are having this great emotional scenes. I didn't see the mother with a second family coming at all. Jaime King is doing an amazing job portraying lemon! Acting between confused and doing the right thing and being the girl who does the right think is really conflicting her and makes her loose it sometimes.
Wade and George I love there BROMANCE. It is a really enjoyable combination. the funky boy and the cool-everything doing right guy.
The Zoey-Lemon and Wase-George fight were the best scenes the show had to date. so honest and funny! I didn't know that Lemon knew about Zeorge! The show wasn't showing things so obvious about ZoeyGeorge. I think the whole Zeorge story is put on ice for some time.
A really solid midseason I give a STRONG B for it! Cause it needed a little tim to get in motion but it is really rolling well!

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