Hart of Dixie Promo, Poll: Team Wade or Team George?

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Hart of Dixie celebrates Halloween a week later on Monday.

During "The Undead and The Unsaid," Zoe hits a man with her car, cannot locate his body... and is then convinced she's hit a ghost. But that isn't the scariest thing that happens to this good doctor: her mother comes to town.

Elsewhere, Lavon causes problems for George and Lemon after they believe they've found their dream home.

Watch the promo above and then vote on a separate issue: When it comes to Zoe's dating life, are you Team Wade or Team George?

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TEAM WADE ALL THE WAY! wade's always considerate of her and she doesn't realize it half the time. George is kinda boring plus I don't know.. wade's exciting! TEAM WADE xx Zoe!


Hmmm, here it is - not much different from real life - a doctor and a bartender? No... that's not the kind of guy Zoe wants - and yet CLEARLY is in love with him, and yes sparks fly! The Kind of Guy she wants is a lawyer or doctor and so she is putting George off for later for her "forever" guy because she doesn't want to give up Wade. We have to hope Wade gets his act together with that bar he wants to own. He's what she needs and wants. Team Wade all the way Zoe!! George just needs some bimbo he can take care of in those geeky preppy outfits. Bleh


Team Wade all the way. George is too 'perfect' at least Wade is 'real' and totally cute!


Of course Wade! I do like George but I don't think there is THAT much chemistry between him and Zoe. She should most definitely be with Wade. He is such a hottie and so sweet. Yes he can be an asshole but inside I think he is really lovely and I really want them to be together. TEAM WADE!!!


George is cute, but with Lemon, hope Lavon find someone cute for him.
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WADE WADE WADE definatly wade love him I hope zoe ends up with him he's hilarious I love their relationship Love the show




Now more than ever. TEAM WADE! Who would not be in love with a guy that looks at you the way he looked at her at the end of last nights episode. Seriously!!!


Team Wade, no contest. And nothing to do with his shirtlessness. He and Zoe have the best banter and chemistry, and he's genuinely a good, funny, and charming guy, even if he is a bit of a player. He stayed up all night to make Zoe gumbo and didn't even take credit, and slept in her house in an uncomfortable chair all night when she was scared of a "ghost". He's a sweetheart all the way.



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