Hawaii Five-0 Return Promo: The Fix

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Hawaii Five-0 returns on Monday with its first episode of the new year.

Titled "Ka Ho'oponopono" ("The Fix"), fans can look forward to the murder of a teenage girl and an important question for the team to ponder: why was she targeted in the first place? And what role might Joe White play in the tragedy?

The latter topic is specifically addressed in the following CBS promo for the installment. Watch now and look forward to a winter trip to Hawaii:

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@jschoi...LOL! Unitil we can find something official in writing we dont have to accept anything. But that is just my opinion.


@jeffrey...I looked at your link and I saw nothing saying she was staying. They only extended her four epis so that sounds far from permanent to me. In fact it sounds as though they are writing an exit story for her. Is it possible I am missing something?? Cause I still dont know what on that twitter account says she is here to stay. People dont like being told what we have to accept,cause in reality we dont have to accept her, we all have channel changers and can turn it off. That may start happening.


I didn't imply anyone was an idiot, or step on anyone's toes I am just stating what I believe to be true, I believe she is here to stay if they have extended her then they obviously have designs on keeping her, They would have pulled her already if responding to viewer complaints or disastifaction, they may or msy not be listening to you guys. I did not mean to hurt anybody's feelings, and has far as the post I sited, words like offical sound permanent to me and the date of the aticule was December 28, 2011,just reporting.


I'm so happy that someone finally told me I have to deal with Lori being on the show. I feel like a complete idiot not knowing that, thank you so much.


@jeffrey..unless you are part of the show and the casting then you are just as much in the dark as we are. No one knows what is going on. We are saying we want her to go not that we know she is going. If you want to post a link showing she is staying and she is a permanent part of the show from an actual source involved in the show then that is different. The link you posted said nothing of her staying or going so I dont know what you are talking about. It is just a random twitter account.


Sorry guys Lori Weston is staying,I have given you the link in a prior post,and just because they don't show her in every promo doesn't mean anything, they don't show every character in every promo all the time! You guys are just going to have to deal with it!


@Teresa..I love the way you think. Really looking forward to a new epi tonight. I have missed it!!


I like the running storyline arcs. I find them more interesting than the crime of the week. I really think they are going to write out the Lori character. If you watch any of the CBS promos, they hardly show Lori. I think CBS is listening and they signed Lauren for a few more episodes, so they can produce a good story to get her off. I will remain hopeful and optimistic until I see her in the main credits.


Wishing Happy New Year to all H50 fans.


Maybe Grace Park and Lauren German should pose for Maxim or Playboy together, and Alex, Daniel Dae and Scott for Playgirl, that would be hot, just kidding, Lol! Happy New Year, New Hawaii Five-O everybody tommorrow, Yea!

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