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Hawaii Five-0 Return Promo: The Fix

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Hawaii Five-0 returns on Monday with its first episode of the new year.

Titled "Ka Ho'oponopono" ("The Fix"), fans can look forward to the murder of a teenage girl and an important question for the team to ponder: why was she targeted in the first place? And what role might Joe White play in the tragedy?

The latter topic is specifically addressed in the following CBS promo for the installment. Watch now and look forward to a winter trip to Hawaii:

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First, thanks for your kind words. Hopefully we can continue to enjoy this fabulous show! I agree Lori. I find that Rachel is much more toxic for Danny than Lori for Steve, my friends.
Happy New Year and is a pleasure to read to you!


I would like to add but if she is here to stay, we may just might have to accept it like it or not, my guess is she will be added to the opening credits if not by Spring, but by next season in the Fall, just like Max from last year to this one.


I wasn't trying to offend anyone, I was just trying offer other romantic possibilities, and ways to improve Lori's character. It just seems that there is more hate for this one character then any other in TV history, I mean it's like she stole your sunshine, or killed your beloved kitten/puppy, There have been other Tv shows that have added female characters, Castle the new female lead captian to replace the old one and Jeri Ryan on Leverage to replace the actress who went on maternity leave and has worked a couple of cases since. There doesn't seem as much resistence or hate for those characters. I mean how can Lauren German go anywhere with out nasty comments like you are the nasty bitch who has stolen Kono's airtime, we don't want her with anyone. Or she can't act, she's emotionless, or we want her gone. She just has to feel so good and so welcome. I feel sorry for her.


@jeffreyseankeith...First no relationships between any team members and certainly not between Lori and Kono. I do not oppose such relationships, in fact I come from a country where same sex marriage has been legal nationwide since 2005 and if I could vote I would vote yes. Second Grace Park has already played a gay teenager for 5 season on another show, I Think it's time for something else. Third, and most important I just want her off the show. I have nothing against Lauren German, I had never heard of her before and she may do very well in another role.


@jeffreyseankeith - I hate to tell you this but Lori is not popular on Twitter either. She has some fans, that's true but she has more enemies than fans. There is a fan club under her name but that doesn't mean much. Following that fun club on twitter does not mean she is welcomed or liked. Regarding your last post: we don't want her at all, not with Steve, not with Danno, not with Max and especially not with Kono. We want her gone.


Since you guys don't want Lori with Steve Or Danny, and Chin is married, why not a Lori-Kono hookup, maybe their is some untold story of lesbian feelings with both characters, it would be interesting and bring life to Lori's character, or they could put her with Maxi!


@amazingalex - Thank you. I will do my best ... @jschoi.. - Yes, that's 82%, that's huge.


@jschoi..yeah we could use more snow as well. It has been a strange winter so far. I agree with you that they have changed directions with lori. They did bring her on for that purpose but I have seen very little evidence they are still going there. @martinelli...pretty obvious majority do not like her. I love your blog!


@jeffreyseankeith...then that will be the end of H50. If you go to any H50 fan forum it is full of complaints about lori. If they choose to ignore us then the show will lose viewers. We are being patient for now but most will tune out. SHe is not just an annoyance, she has ruined the show for many of us. I am still watching giving them a chance to get rid of her. If they dont then I am done. I want the show back the way it was, if they want to put their heads in the sand then that is up to them. We fans can make or break a show. They seem to forget that.


@Martinelli..no I dont think they are gonna put them together either. That is what I meant, maybe I wrote it wrong. If they did that would be it for me. I draw the line when it comes to that. It would be off my dvr faster then you can say whats her name!!

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Steve McGarrett: I'm giving you a chance to save a little boy's life.
Wo Fat: And what's in it for me?
Steve McGarrett: The exercise yard. 15 minutes a day, you can see the sun.
Wo Fat: I burn easily.

Steve: Hey Fryer [punches him when he looks over] Nobody messes with my team.
Fryer: [dabs blood from lip] Duly noted Commander.

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