Hawaii Five-0 Return Promo: The Fix

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Hawaii Five-0 returns on Monday with its first episode of the new year.

Titled "Ka Ho'oponopono" ("The Fix"), fans can look forward to the murder of a teenage girl and an important question for the team to ponder: why was she targeted in the first place? And what role might Joe White play in the tragedy?

The latter topic is specifically addressed in the following CBS promo for the installment. Watch now and look forward to a winter trip to Hawaii:

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@martinelli....that's almost 82%. Yeah. I don't believe she is here to stay, could be wrong but I don't think so.
@amazingalex.....Had a great vacation, more snow would have helped. If you look at ep 3 the scene between Danny and Steve in Steves office it was made very clear that she was brought on to be a love interest, once that didn't work I don't believe they had any clue what to do with her. They tried to make her everything and nothing worked. It's to late to fix.


If you go to Hawaii5Oonline on Twitter via link Lori Weston, it proves that Lauren German/Lori Weston character is here to stay,sorry fans.


Lori & Steve togheder?
@amazingalex - sweetheart, never in a million years.


Remain intrigued by the Shelburne mystery, especially as we're seeing it come to resolution (at least some of it). And here's a guess: Noshimura and John McGarret were working together, undercover and Joe is continuing where John left off when killed. Of course that guess is a good as a lottery ticket, but thought I'd throw it in.


@roxanne..I actually do not think they are going to put lori and steve together, I do think they were going to but not anymore. But that is just my opinion. You could be right. I may have to not watch those particular epis if they do go there. Not interested. I see zero chemistry there. I too enjoy when they focus on the seals and the training steve got. To me that is some of the best scenes on the show.


@jschoi...You know we are in complete agreement on the whats her name thing. Ha ha...I dont even want to mention her name anymore it is so annoying to me. So from now on she is nameless, lol!! I too cannot wait for the new epis. I love that we know it is focusing mostly on steve. He is my fave which is no secret here!! We did have a great time. How about you, did you have fun on vaca?????


I would not underestimate the writers.
The joint work between chapters, but the crime of each chapter can be better or worse.
Lori is bound to have an affair with Steve, in the future will be what happens with that. It's just a romance please! They can invent a different per season!
But I think that each chapter is like a puzzle that will fit in the story that runs through the entire series.
I particularly like the episodes in which appears the armed forces, occurrences of the seals or where there are more links with the war or military, because for simple series of police already have enough.


I don't want to talk about whats her name anymore either, just want her gone and soon. I can't see how they can ignore easily 80% of the viewers who want her gone. Looking forward to a new ep on Mon hope it's a good, but more important 1 week closer to an ep free of you know who. Amazingalex, did you have fun skiing.


I cannot wait for the new episode. I really enjoy steve and joe's scenes. I think these two are great in scenes together and joe as a character has a purpose. I am so glad we are gonna get some answers finally. I dont see joe as taking away from steve and danny scenes like some have said, unlike another character who shall remain nameless. I need my new episode and AOL fix and soon. Hopefully the "shall remain nameless" character will not be on much in this epi. I dont even have the energy to complain about her anymore. I wish she would just go away.


@jschoi, forget the joe storyline and think about how long the tiresome lori duration has been going on. Just end her by her betraying 50 and Kono beating her to pulp and be done with it. cant wait for the next 2 episodes though

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