It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Review: I Am The Golden God!

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Look everybody! The Aluminum Monster came back!  As did Fatty Magoo, Schmitty, and a good old fashioned choreographed dance routine in "The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang's Revenge".

What can I say about Sunny? Just when I think they've done it all, they go and outdo themselves with an even more ludicrous scenario. Leading off from last week's fiasco, the Gang decided to take revenge upon the "cool kids".

Kinda hard to do when you're hanging from the restroom door.

It's Always Sunny Finale Pic

Even harder to do when no one really even gave a crap you were around in the first place.  A lesson Dennis learned the hard way when even Tim Murphy's wife thought he was gay. Dude was wearing makeup and a girdle after all.

Really Dennis?! I almost choked when he said it was because he wanted to appear thinner. Not to mention how hard I lost it when he had a total meltdown and started screaming "I am the golden God!" and "I am the king of the mountain top!" and "Hungry Eyes" stopped playing and immediately came back up when he stepped off the dance floor.

But nothing could top Charlie's reaction upon Dennis's tool reveal. Hiding "weird" tools in a hidden compartment in his Range Rover? Dennis's fetish tendencies explained a lot about why he's so totally wound up all the time.

Judy Greer playing Fatty Magoo was brilliant casting as was Jason Sudeikis making a surprise appearance as Schmitty. His surprise thievery of the Waitress in the final scene came out of left field and reinforced how fun and abnormal Sunny has always been. Poor Charlie. Just when he thinks he can finally get his girl, BOOM! tragedy strikes again.

But nothing prepared me for the tragedy that was that choreographed dance routine. Plan B was the sort of delusional dream sequence that Sunny has long been known for. It fooled me into thinking, wow, the Gang really pulled it off! The "cool kids" smiling faces and the sheer excitement of seeing everyone's joyous faces seemed too good to be true.

And, alas, it was. Seeing Mac's bulging belly, Dennis's hyperventilation, Dee's spastic conniptions and Frank's vomiting brought me smack dab back into reality.

Frank, Dee, Dennis, Charlie and Mac... yes, stay in the bar. You definitely need to hide from the world. Until next season that is.

Relive old memories and enjoy these Sunny quotes. See ya next year!


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Man I love this show, but I don't get these two episodes. They feel jump the sharkish to me. But everyone seems to love them. I dont know to me something feels off in these two episodes. Even if I didn't like an episode before I always got what they were trying to do. But this is the first time I had this 'huh?!' feeling when i'm whatching sunny. I laughed only once which is rare when watchung this show.


This show is extremely racist. Why belittle non-whites to be funny?


Wow, hilariously I commented during the dance number, imagine what this would look like without all the camera work, sound effects, etc.. and then they cut to reality! I was dying when it ended. But what did everyone think of the awesome reveal about the Golden God? I always had a hunch that Dennis was never the "cool kid" he thought he was. I've loved learning about these guys' past from the last two episodes. I'm not sure if it's possible, but it just makes me like these guys even more.


* Jason Sudeikis' character is Shmitty, not Psycho Pete. Psycho Pete does not make an appearance.


Slight correction, Jason Sudeikis was reprising the role of Schmitty from an earlier episode.

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