Kate Burton to Check Into Grey's Anatomy Again

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It might not be the name many Grey's Anatomy fans were hoping for, but it will have to suffice for now:

Kate Burton, who recurred for years as Meredith's mother, Ellis, will return to this ABC hit in February for a special Sweeps episode that takes place in an alternative reality. The installment will give fans a look at how Meredith's life would have been different if her mom never suffered from Alzheimer's.

Ellis is Overcome

Kate Walsh is also booked for the episode (which will be titled "If/Then"), as it examines Derek's universe had he never split with Addison.

Many readers have been expressing their desire for either Katherine Heigl or Isaiah Washington to appear again, but there's no reason at the moment to expect either actor will show up. We'll be the first to tell you if that changes.

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aside from saving derek sheperd`s life, what has cristina yang `done` to deserve meredith grey`s friendship? i have been following the show up to season 7 and i was hoping that something really bad will happen to christina yang and her doctor will be like her or worse. or she will need a heart transplant of her own which will make her ponder the years when she was selfish, heartless,cuthroat,inhuman and robotic(then die anyway!). i hate her character and really believe that george o`malley, isobel stevens and preston burke should be brought back. everybody else are medical gods, seriously! except for cristina yang.seriously!


@lolmommy: It's not unusual for Grey's Anatomy, but it's unusual for a television show. Every other show I know that takes a hiatus announces that they will take a hiatus and advertises the next night they'll return with a new episode. Every other show, but Grey's Anatomy. Even if other shows do that too, it's just terrible to fans. Go ahead and take a hiatus, but announce that you're doing so and when you'll return. Not doing so makes me feel very rejected as a fan of the show, which isn't the way to treat your fans.


i would like george or izzie to return. Im not settling for Meredith's mom or Addison. i want George and Izzie. What a waste of an 'what if' episode if george or izzie won't be back.


I think you will find that Racheal Taylor politely declined to come back onto GA after Charlie's was cancelled. Unless she is going to be part of the UA episode and be with Alex that is the only epi i can think of that would suit her role currently.


So flipping excited for this episode. It'll just be fun for the actors to try out different dynamics. Although Der and Addison are still together, I hope that there's some tension between him and Mer (I'm a sucker for the "meant to be" kind of story line). Also, smileyglen, so agreed! I've been watching favorite episodes of old seasons on netflix streaming. So good!!


Isaiah Washington will never return, and i dont think he should and dont want him to. He basically threw a hissyfit when they used his picture in an episode it think sometime in season 4 or maybe 5 saying that Burke had earned the Harper Avery i believe. He got all mad that they even used his picture. He went out on bad terms so he'll never come back, and George won't come back either because TR Knight went out on bad terms. If anyone comes back it would be Katherine Heigl, and even that is so slim with all the movies she is probably signed up to do, finding time would be hard. We are lucky we even get Kate Walsh back, but we were lucky she went on to do Private Practice.
I for one can not WAIT to see Kate Burton. She is so amazing as Elise and I loved seeing Elise lucid in that one episode back in season 3. So getting to see the true Elise i think is a super real treat for us.


@ Humbugged??? Which actor are you talking about with the bad behaviour


Here is a spoiler for those who love Alex, now that Charlie's Angels has been cancelled Rachel Taylor will be back on Grey's Anatomy as Dr Lucy Fields, just like Jason George when 'Off the Map' got cancelled.


Next episode is called "Suddenly" and it will air on January 5th.


No Grey's Anatomy is on Hiatus/Holiday until the 5th of January, when it will start airing brand new episodes one of the 5th will be 8.10 'Suddenly', then the 12th 8.11 will be 'This Magic Moment', the maybe another 2 or 3 before this dreamscape episode title 'If/Then'. If you miss Grey's so much, you should grab it on DVD and re-watch it, I never tired from watching Grey's over and over again, I have all seven season's on DVD.

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