Kate Burton to Check Into Grey's Anatomy Again

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It might not be the name many Grey's Anatomy fans were hoping for, but it will have to suffice for now:

Kate Burton, who recurred for years as Meredith's mother, Ellis, will return to this ABC hit in February for a special Sweeps episode that takes place in an alternative reality. The installment will give fans a look at how Meredith's life would have been different if her mom never suffered from Alzheimer's.

Ellis is Overcome

Kate Walsh is also booked for the episode (which will be titled "If/Then"), as it examines Derek's universe had he never split with Addison.

Many readers have been expressing their desire for either Katherine Heigl or Isaiah Washington to appear again, but there's no reason at the moment to expect either actor will show up. We'll be the first to tell you if that changes.

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Almost craizy Ellis Grey was presented in exellent way by Kate Burton s we will watch her play gain with great pleasure.


Certainly there will be no dog and Finn.


If George,Izzie and Burke show in that may be two hour episode that will be the best one in season 8.


BURKE. BURKE. BURKE. BURKE. BURKE! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHONDA!!!!! Yes, his comments were out of line...but c'mon! PLZZZ.


I'm quite excited! I enjoyed her character & her story line. It will be interesting to see what she's like without alzheimers. I'm kind of sad they are putting Ad & Der back together. I think him and Mer are just so cute together. But this should be interesting(:


It's been 5 years - I would love to see Burke visit Seattle Grace again. I'm not hopeful it will happen, but that could be a fantastic storyline.


Ye do know that T.R Knight and Katherine Heigl left on their own accord. That wasn't Shonda's decision. No need to call her a bitch when George and Izzie leaving was not her doing. Issaih Washington was fired because he made homophobic slurs to T.R Knight so there is no way he is coming back. I on the other hand am very excited to see both Kate Burton and Kate Walsh back on Grey's. Very intersted to see how all their would have turned out. Curious to see how Callie's life would have been different. Would she have been with Mark? Where does Arizona fit into all of this? Febuary can't come quick enough.


KATHRINE HEIGHL BACK!I think you (SHONDA) own that to us!


shonda is a bitch so don't hope for izzie or george


I couldn't see the actors playing Burke or Izzie returning because of the way they left GA. To have more former guests of GA turn up would over crowd the episode,.But it would be interesting to see Finn again cos he was a really nice bloke and he predicted correctly that Der would hurt Mer again. I have to say I'm happy that Ellis is making a return. If Der gets Ad back, then Mer should get her mom back from the grave. Ellis must be taking the meds she needed for her heart condition to be in Mer's fantasy world. Would Ellis be doing the diabetes clinical trial that Webber set up?? Will Mer have Adele still suffering from Altzhiemers? Would Der have even have started the Altzhiemers clinical trial without Mer as his inspiration?
Would/could it be that Der too wonders about how simpler his life would be if he stuck with Ad and avoided the complications that Mer has brought into his life?
I do hope this episode doesn't disappoint me the way that the musical episode and the 'Time warp' episode did.

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