Leverage Review: Boys Will Be Boys

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Last week on Leverage, we got a chance to see how the girls would handle a case without the guys around. This week we got the flip side of that with "The Boys Night Out Job."

Was there ever any question if the guys could handle a job by themselves? What I didn’t see coming was Hurley making a surprise visit, given that we haven’t seen him since the end of Season One. Okay, I wasn’t expecting a nun with a gun either, so it was an episode of surprises for me all around.  

Hurley and Nate

It’s rare that we get to see much of Nate and gang’s hometown of Boston. I liked the nod to the strong Irish community with the two hit men not wanting to go into the church to kill someone. The discussion that followed about the layers of a church and which might not be holy ground had me rolling. 

We all new Sister Lupe (Sofia Pernas) wasn’t really a nun. Honestly, if more nuns looked like her and went swimming in two-piece bikinis (as shown by Hurley), there would be a line at the confessional. What I couldn’t figure out is how she ended up on Eliot’s knee doing shots. When did she meet Eliot? 

I understand that the story called for Hurley to be left solo so he could bump into the cat loving Peggy for a love connection, it just seemed odd for her to be so cozy so fast.

Longtime fans of the show might also get a giggle remembering that Hurley was introduced in season 1 in “The 12-Step Job,” which aired the week before "The Juror #6 Job" where we met Peggy.

I guess Hurley and Peggy were just meant to be, right? 

Speaking of Hurley, he had one of the best quotes from the episode when he told Nate he wanted to prove he was worth the second chance that Nate had given him. Like Hardison, I think Nate forgets all the good he has done and the number of people the team has helped. 

The part that pushed this episode past the girls had to be Shelly and Bonanno. From their opening dialogue, to Shelly teaching him how to choke-out someone, ending with Shelly helping bust the two hitmen (while eating pizza). It just added that little something extra that made the entire hour that much more fun.

I know we will see Bonanno again, I just hope we get to see more of Shelly. He knew Star Wars like Hardison and fought like Eliot - I might have a little man crush going. 

Over all, this week’s offering was very enjoyable. Maybe next season we will see more returning clients. It would be awesome to see how some of the other clients have done. I’m dying to know how the music career is going for Kaye Lynn from "The Studio Job" from Season 3.

Is there someone from a specific job you would like to know how they are doing now? What did you think of last night's Leverage overall? Discuss below!


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The nun is sitting on Eliot's knee because the actress is Christian's girlfriend, not because her being there actually added anything to the plot other than making Eliot look like a slut.


about Eliot and Sister Lupe.. maybe Eliot is just a "playboy" type of guy thats why he gets close to any girl he meets. just a thought, im thinkin they met in real life..if it counts (a nod to Christian Kane's (Eliot) music video "Let Me Go")


Farsia2010, Latimer is who. Your thinking of, and it's coming around! Just wait and see. Jim


Shelly for the win!


I enjoyed both of the "Girls Night/Boys Night" episodes, but I did like the "Boys Night Out" better. Like others have mentioned, it was fun to see someone from the past return, and I would like to see more of that in the future. And I always love seeing Hardison and Elliot together!


i for one would to see the gang take down that guy that has been making money betting on stock against the firms Nate targeted!! that line kind of was left hanging.


hahaha... i knew this had to be written by a man when you questioned how Elliot got her on his knee so fast..he would have to fight me off!


I thought about people they defeated coming back for revenge, so when that was happening I was intrigued. I didn't however think about the people they helped coming back, and possibly helping them. Paying it forward. They should do that again. There were a few memorable "victims" who I could sit fitting in nicely with the team and maybe helping them with a job. As for Hardison. He's one of my favorite characters (along with Parker and Eliot) and I actually think the Hardison screentime adds a touch of realism to the show. We generally see these people as a family, and Hardison and Parker are the youngest members who kind of needed to learn more than the others...so through the series they are the ones who we see grow and mature a bit more.You can track the team's journey and how close knit they've become through Hardison and Parker's growth. Parker becoming a more well rounded "normal" woman, and Hardison maturing into a well rounded man. I think that's why I don't have a problem with it. Those two characters and the way the come across on the show, and even their relationship is pivotal to the entire series and how it develops. It's huge. Just because they are the younger ones. You can track the changes from season one Parker and Hardison separately and together, to where they are now. Hardison, more confident, assertive,able to actually protect himself, handle himself...because of Eliot, and Nate, and Sophie's impact. Mainly Eliot and Nate. And Parker...able to be vulnerable and open and in touch with herself, and human because of mainly Sophie. That's why I don't have a problem with Hardison centered stuff (there is still an argument that he was due for focus anyways being notoriously the character that everyone relies on but no one truly appreciates...just think about it. An entire job will fall apart if Hardison couldn't hack into whatevever, but at times they take him for granted), or Parker and his relationship taking centerstage at time.It works.


Eliot wouldn't even need two minutes to get me on his knee. Huh...now I sound easy, I'm not for the record! : ) I tend to love the guys more than the girls, so I actually thought the guys episode far exceeded the girl's episode. Hardison and Eliot have one of the funniest dynamics of the series so anytime those two share screentime it's going to be hilarious. I LOVED them.
I also loved Shelley and Bonanno. I like seeing Bonanno here and there, but a little clarification on when it specifically Bonanno became okay with what Nate and the crew were doing and stopped going after them, would have been nice to see. As for Shelley...man, that guy was my new crush. part geek, part badass, all hilarious and hot! Loved him! He shined in each of his scenes and I had a girlish giggle by the end when he took out the two guys whilst eating pizza. He's kind of awesome! They should bring him back again! I loved the idea of bringing back past people whom they've helped. They've done recurring guest stars before, but it is easy to forget about all the people they've helped and how many lives they touched, and how those people feel about the team. I see no reason why they wouldn't have become friends with the team along the way. I thought about


I like the Hardison-Parker dynamic but I prefer to see Hardison the computer genius rather than Hardison the bad cop. What cop would actually say that?? I thought both episodes were good. Jeri Ryan added additional charm to the girls night and Shelly and Bonanno were great additions to the boys night. I think Leverage in general can be hit or miss but these were two of the best episodes this year.

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Leverage Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Eliot: Yeah, he went to jail, then he escaped.
Shelly: [looks at Bonanno] Shouldn't that bug you?
Bonanno: You get used to it.

Bonanno: What kind of work you in Shelly?
Shelly: If I told you I would have to kill ya
Bonanno: [laughs]right.
Eliot: Yeah, he really would