Psych Review: Moment of Zen

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Shawn and Gus found themselves in the middle of a cult on Psych this week, with Gus  head-over-heels in love with another questionably insane woman.

I’m going to enter the barn of truth - because clearly I have the gourd of transparency - and say the show delivered a karma-cleansing hit this week with its latest installment, "The Tao of Gus."

Gus, Enjoying Life

Hats off to Tim Meltreger, who is perhaps the only writer on staff who could get away with such an eccentric installment that was so clearly wrought with his offbeat and always entertaining humor. Psych has really allowed its writers to shine particularly bright this season.

Only thing that disappointed me a little bit was that Tim did not make an appearance in the commune. Part of me expected this for whatever reason; again, probably his particular sense of humor.

As far as the episode... boy, oh, boy... what ON EARTH are we going to do with you Gus?!

Yes, Nicole was very pretty, but, man, if you keep this up, I just don't know what Shawn's going to do. You are his role model in every other possible aspect of life. Alas, student has exceeded teacher. I think I liked it better when he was dating Kim with two "m's" or... was it one?

It was pretty entertaining to watch him completely embrace the cult lifestyle, even down to referring to his lifelong best friend as "Brother Shawn." He really had the blinders on the entire episode, but I love how he immediately found clarity once it was proved that Eli was a fraud. So typical and so Shawn and Gus!

I about died when Nicole divulged that she had a Facebook page. I thought: "Well, that figures!"

Diedrich Bader made for quite the quirky cult leader. I know I loved him. Too bad his character is going to guest star jail. Eli was a perfect placement for him.

Other moments that made this episode epic:

  • The slow-motion shootout in Juliet's apartment, she was such a boss.
  • Juliet's apartment on its own was an epic addition to the episode. Can I have it?
  • Carlton's insistence on using offensive language when referring to the commune members. Among my favorites: "hippies" and "freedom haters." Clearly Carlton leans a little right of center, if you know what I mean.
  • Dot's naughty dream about Shawn, and his "bloomers" defense.
  • Carlton's impression of Nicole, insinuating her as a pot smoker. His facial contortions were unexpected and entertaining.

I'm feeling rather transcendental, and fully welcome the rest of the week, now having consumed my Psych fix.


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Who is the actress who plays Nicole?


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Not one of my favorite episodes. I don't like it when Gus is stupid. What is is problem with women he alswya goes goofy.


I have been a fan of Psych since I can remember! I'm pretty sure I've watched the seasons available on Netflix 5 times EACH! So far this season has delivered great plots and even better guest stars! Gus falling in love with yet another crazy girl is absolute gold! His comment about coming back from the dead as her peach scarf rather than black Michael Jackson was hilarious! Dot was an amazingly creepy cult follower!! I love that she was basically pouring chocolate chip pancake batter on Shawn in her naughty dream! And Juliet's face while Shawn tried to defend himself about washing her underwear. They work so well together!! (I'm glad they're together in real life too :)!!) I think the big reveal at the end was a little lacking in the dramatic flare that I know Shawn possesses, but I think because this episode was more about Gus being ridiculous they toned down Shawn a bit. All I know is if I could have a friend like either of them I would be one lucky girl! :)


This season has been on point every episode. I have watched this show since the beginning, and it is one of those shows which improves every season, pretty rare for any TV show. Burn Notice is the same for me. USA has some very good shows!!


This season is perfect, only complaint is no Woody this episode.


another awesome episode in psych!! I'm really enjoying this season!!

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